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Sea of thieves damage anylasis

Hello everyone! figured its about time someone hard crunched the numbers and got exact estimates of percent damage all the weapons can do so yeah here it is. Thanks to the crews that were super cool in helping me get this done, their names are in the images provided so credit to where its due

  1. Sword: This one people are likely to already know, But I tested it anyway just to be sure, A regular sword attack does exactly 20% of your health. This was calculated by counting the pixels lost and dividing it by the total pixels in the health bar. (banana for scale) Sword Damage Now because I'm dumb, I forgot to save the picture of the lunge damage, however, considering the fact that the general consensus on the damage swords do was exactly correct, I'm gonna assume that 50% is correct for the sword lunge.

  2. Pistol: Next up we have what is clearly the best weapon in the game with absolutely no personal bias. Bearing in mind that I didn't think about considering damage values at a distance cause once again i am an idiot (If i find another nice crew I'll edit this post with whether or not there is a difference biased on distance) the pistol has good range with a respectable amount of damage. (banana for scale) Pistol damage Clocking in at just over half of your health, the pistol does 53.8% meaning that if you're quick two-shotting someone at mid range is not only possible, it might be easy.

  3. Eye of reach: The eye of reach is one of the worst weapons in the game in terms of PVP combat capabilities, that is not to say that someone couldn't get good use out of it, but the scope is slow and clunky, so aiming feels like a chore, and due to the pistol doing over half health, both weapons take the same amount of shots to kill someone. That being said it does to the most single pellet damage in the game (banana for scale) Eye of Reach damage At exactly 63.8% damage, one shot from the eye of reach followed by two swings of your sword will down any pirate that couldn't chomp a banana, saving you a whole sword swing in comparison to the pistol. The Eye of reach does have its uses, but mid to close range should not be one of them.

  4. Blunderbuss: Now time for the one that took the most math, the blunderbuss. First, we need to see how many pellets come out in a single shot the answer is 10. Then we need to see how much each single pellet does. (banana for scale) Blunderbuss Damage Because I was the one being shot for science, I cannot guarantee that I was only hit with one, however I was assured that this was the case, and I'm sure we can trust the crew, I mean, they are pirates after all. However, due to the "single shot" only taking 14.76% of my health, we can definitely assume it was only a single pellet, as if it were two or more, the damage wouldn't add up correctly to kill a pirate in a single shot. So assuming one pellet does about 15% of your health, only 7 out of the 10 pellets fired need to connect with the intended target in order to kill them. Which explains why the blunderbuss is a great option for boarding.

tl;dr: Sword: 20% Lunge: 50% Pistol: 53.8% Eye of reach: 63.8% Blunderbuss: 14.76% per pellet, at ten pellets per shot.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know.

Edit: Grammar and fixing links

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342 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

This is the most relevant post I've seen in using bananas for scale

*Edit: My highest ranked comment is about bananas for scale. I love reddit.

Are fat pirates easier to hit than skinny pirates?

I'm pretty sure the hit boxes are the same size. Skinny pirates are better at hiding though

Skinny-pirates can't cosplay as barrels.

Exactly 😆

But you’ll never see me in the crows nest or behind the captains cabin since I’m skinny

but you'll be called a coward, while i'll be called brilliant.

No, all hit boxes are the same size. Devs said it's somewhere between the heaviest and the smallest to average out all characters. This means you can "miss" a skinny character and still hit. But it also means you can "hit" a big character but technically miss.

Everybody have the hitbox of a fat pirate. You can test this with a friend. Even though your friend will not take damage, the bullet will disappear when hitting his hitbox.

Fat pirates are harder to shanghai.

Fat pirates are harder to hit because their hotbox is the same as a skinny pirate. Making a part of the model unhittable

On the other hand, skinny pirates can get hit even when you "miss" them, so it evens out.

How is that even? Seems the advantage goes to the bigger models.

Yes. One of the best pvp boarders has confirmed this.

Just because the devs have said otherwise means nothing, devs in other games have been wrong about hitboxes.

Comment deleted1 month ago(1 child)


16 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Edit: More importantly great work and thank you!

Hate to ask, can you check damage whilst in water at differing ranges as well. Account for shooting into/out of/on the surface of water as well as distance

Yesterday I've killed pirate underwater with exactly two pistol bullets, hence I would assume that the damage doesn't change while in water

4 points·1 month ago

Was this pirate swimming ashore to a Outpost? Just curious because I'm pretty sure I was two shootted on a beach under water yesterday :p

Nope. It was in a water near Dagertooth Outpost. That pirate was from a galleon crew that sank my sloop

At least the pirate wasn’t about to cash in a crate of exquisite spices and got killed at the ladder :(

He was definitely low health or distance does in fact play a part. I've shot a pirate 4 times while staring at him watching for bananas and they still didn't die while underwater.

Great post, also it would be great to know if headshot makes a difference or not.

Seen it stated multiple times by many people that there is no multiplier for headshots in this game. Go for center of mass, always.

Have personally tested on people, not skeletons. Can confirm no headshot modifier.

while I agree on that, I am also fairly sure there IS a headshot modifier for skeletons.

That is also correct.

So is there a headshot modifier for skeletons then? I have one shot them before with the Flintlock (shot in the head) but not been able to one shot with the body

I believe they have variable health values, rather than headshot modifiers.

I've had some take 3 headshots, some take one, some take 3 body shots, others take only one.

Or there's other variables in play. I don't believe headshots matter though. It is not a practical difference, and I believe it is set that way for balance with Xbox (otherwise, we would be more than 4.5% more efficient than them).

Skeletons do take increased damage from headshots, it takes me either 4 body shots or 2 headshots to drop a gold skeleton when they are wet.

Edit: this is with a pistol.

Being wet is a multiplier?

The golden encrusted skeletons are weakened and slowed (even slower than usual) when they are wet, so either lead them into water or throw a bucketful at them.

Huh. Handy.

Also if you're unaware the skeletons covered in plants take reduced damage from guns and constantly recover health (also feels like they get damage resistance but I'm not 100% sure) when they are wet.

Just for gold ones, water is their weakness.

On the other hand, I don't think I've ever had a skele take more or less than 3 sword swings.

I have had many skeletons take more than 3 swings

Do you mean non-standard skeles, because I'm obviously talking about the regular ones.

Oh maybe, I haven't taken note of which ones TBH so you may be right

From my experience a standard skeleton takes 3 swings, shadow, plant and blue boys (what I call the ones with blue cloth on them) take 5 and don't even bother trying to kill a gold skeleton with a sword just find the nearest ammo box and gun them down after wetting them.

Considering the amount of swings needed I'd say standard ones have 50 hp while all other variants (not including captains) have 100 hp.

That actually makes a lot of sense (no sarcasm intended)

Would really love to see some video source for this.

Had my crew come into port yesterday, two people standing on the docks when we were trying to cash in. I had my pistol, crewmate had his blunderbuss.

I walked up to the first guy, headshot point blank with a pistol was a one-shot kill. It is possible but unlikely a guy standing in an outpost was at half health.

Nope, no headshot damage. He must have been at half health.

yeh, head shots?

Makes no difference, apparently. Aim for the torso.

Comment deleted1 month ago
29 points·1 month ago

Unfortunately ( at least if you are on PC) bludenrbuss is too good not to take it. Pistols are amazing , but there is no reason to use it over blunderbuss in close range and most fights on the ship end up on close range. For me the most inconsisten is the sword. I swing it, it looks like i hit the pirat, but i actually dont. Then it slows me down, then i try to block and it doesnt work. Sword is freaking weird and clunku. Most of the times i still take it though combined with pisto/blunder.

11 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Using a Blunderbuss I always would board a ship and it's 50/50 who wins because they also always use a blunderbuss. I now always use a sword and pistol for everything, and it's so much better once you get good at using the pistol accurately - it's extremely easy to stay away from blunderbuss users, and I've realised the only reason I died to them at all was because I was also running in with one.

Using a pistol and being able to hit a player with it consistently is excellent. I highly recommend trying it a little more!

Regarding swords - if you hit em and they weren't affected, it must have been desync. I also use these often when boarding Sloops and it works wonders against blunderbuss users if you keep moving around them while hitting them, they can't keep up, getting slightly stunned each hit, and die before they can fire a shot.

Often I'll shoot a player, back away and he tries to get me with a Blunderbuss, but I'm so far by then that it barely hurts. He's then reloading so I charge in with a sword. If he swaps to a sword I've already got the health advantage. Usually they hold onto the reloading Blunderbuss, hoping for the one hit kill, but the stun from the sword hits really makes it hard for them to follow me as I circle them.

What works for me may not work for you though, so you do you - both guns have their advantages, but I personally feel much more equipped for a few different scenarios this way!

I use pistol regularly. Its especially excellent under water. Hovewer problem with pistol is that enemy can easily banana up really fast between your shots. Also on ship one pistol shot is not enough from stopping them and running in your face with blunderbuss. Pistol is excellent but not in the limited space.

Unless you have 2 pirates shooting at you, I find it pretty easy to stay at range. Take your shot then walk/strafe away. If they try walking towards you sprint away and grab ammo/bananas or find cover and reload.

Its their burden to get close, otherwise you win. If you can bait them into the water its basically a win because they still can't close the gap, but its much easier to pistol snipe with no cover ajd a slower target.

All this assumes you can aim decently, though.

It's not perfect, true. If you move and dodge between your shots however it does become really difficult to get killed by a Blunderbuss.

For example I'll be on the bowsprit, shoot them with the flintlock, immediately sprint and jump past em (it's very unlikely to be killed in this pass unless you run right through em), up to the poop deck, jump over the balcony again and reload during that jump. When I land I'm ready to shoot again. If they've banana'd up so be it but they're usually chasing you with the blunderbuss.

It's not unbeatable and a savvy player can take you down, but I believe that a good player with a pistol has a great chance of beating a good player with a blunderbuss in most scenarios - Not always when in the bottom deck or something as extremely limited as that, of course, but most scenarios.

Anyway I'm just offering an alternative perspective to your own! Use what you find best, everything has a counter - but for me the pistol-sword combo is the best all-rounder setup. Swords are extremely good in PvP, more than I originally thought, and I also often beat blunderbuss users with just a sword.

That said, I've definitely been killed by a Blunderbuss whilst using both a pistol and a sword. It all depends.

It really is situational. I argue with you specifically because long fight i had yesterday. We were outplayed by the other team. They had one very aggresive blunderbuss fella who was also good with it. Long story short. Only after i switched from pistol/ sword to blunderbuss/pistol i was able to stop this guy. With all thats happening in galleon combat you have people literally flying on your face from the other ship. I dont really how swords work in pvp. Whenever i swing it at people i stagger myself and they barely seem to be getting any damage. Charge also is useless because any damage is interrupted. 1 blunderbuss pellet is enough to stop it charging.

Thanks ill try this

If you're close enough to use a sword then you're close enough to devastate someone with a blunderbuss.

What... No. Use pistol and blunderbuss. Sword is trash in pvp, great in pve, how can you look at 5 hits to kill someone and say bring a sword. The only time I bring a sword is if I have to lunge to board then I do blunderbuss, sword.

I agree, pistol and blunder kill so quickly, it’s my go-to.

Sword is absolutely not trash in PvP.

I use pistol/blunderbuss as long as I won't be in a situation where I could run out of ammo--which isn't often.

-20 points·1 month ago(4 children)
Comment deleted1 month ago
-9 points·1 month ago(0 children)

You’re definitely the only person saying weird shit here

Your the one being weird dude

20 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

*Edit - hipfire has been nerfed and is now only reliable at close range, have amended details below with current information.

Great post! One thing to clarify though:

The Eye of reach does have its uses, but mid to close range should not be one of them

Eye of reach can still be highly useful close to mid range using the following tip:

Carrying pistol & rifle together allows you to perform the quick-swap two-tap.

With pistol aimed - fire your shot, and with aim still held down, swap to rifle and immediately fire as it's still scoping in. This technique allows you to fire twice on-target without any reload, and allows you to quickly down blunderbuss users before they can get into effective range. The disadvantage is you're left with two empty guns to reload.. Don't miss lol.

From range you can do the opposite - aim with rifle scoped, then swap to pistol to quickly send a second shot to the same place. Useful for bringing down skellies from range, you can two-tap them before they have time to sneak a banana in between shots.

One more thing on eye of reach vs pistol - both have bullet drop, but pistol's is much more severe. Bear that in mind when two-tapping at long range.

If you put a banana in the refrigerator, the peel will turn dark brown or black, but it won’t affect the fruit inside.

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Lol bot

Went out there to test it ,as I had feeling you are wrong. And you are. Hip fire is not consistent. It is not same as if you are aiming and it have rng element to it. Its not THAT bad though. Another problem with sniper is that on hip fire its very not intuitive where exactly is middle of your screen. Sure, not a problem point blank but might aswell use blunderbuss then.

Hip is consistent unless they changed it very recently.

I logged in to check it out after reading your comment. Its not consistent.

Same here, you're right! There's been a sneaky stealth fix :)

The quickswap two-tap still works though, you just have to hold down the aim button while you do it. I'll edit my post to reflect current status.

I dont know what is quickswap two tap.

Shoot, swap weapon, shoot again. As long as you keep the aim button held down, the second bullet goes to the same place. You don't have to wait for the aim down sight animation to finish on the second shot, it only needs to start.

It has never been consistent. Close range it isn't too noticeable, but once the range increases, you can tell that the shots do not hit the same place everytime.

Definitely used to be in alpha & beta, either that or possibly glitched to sometimes be too accurate. Like when I was testing for example :)

Have edited post to reflect.

I don't know if you meant overall hip fire is as accurate, or just with pistol and sniper, but ADS with blunderbuss reduces the spread massively.

Shhh, I agree with you, but let's keep this a secret and let everyone else keep thinking the sniper is garbage so I can continue to smash them in PvP...

Are there headshots with eye of reach? I'm going to practice pistol with sniper all night

I believe it was proven that there is only headshots against skeles and no headshots against other players. I may be wrong though.

I mean, I usually just try to quickscope if I'm in mid-range. If you're right, though, I might not need to at all!

It sometimes feel like weapon values are a bit random, as i have shot a guy twice with the flintlock pistol, then slashed him twice with my sword, and still not killed him.

Range possibly? Or it could be the hit box... A fat character has a smaller hit box than his actual size on screen. So you can appear to hit him sometimes but it's actually a miss

Was a thin character that was quite close, far within the range i've had half my health taken off by a flintlock before.

Finally some useful information.

Strange. Pistols have always been 3 shot kills for me.

Could be an indication that range saps damage


This kind of situations i attribute to lag. More than once my crew had encounters with what it looked like.. immortal pirat.

I've definitely come across players who seem to have an unlimited pool of health, when I used to use a blunderbuss, me and my friend were on the mid-deck of a galleon and we got 3 total close range hits with a blunderbuss on one fella before he killed us. Must have been lag. Got it recorded also. He didn't eat any bananas

I think hit detection in this game is server side, and with everyone getting 100+ ping it makes combat pretty hit or miss. The hit-marker seems to be client side too, so it can get really confusing.

That would make sense. The hit marker shouldn't be client side if the actual hit itself isn't. Technology has it's limits and I understand that we can't always be synced perfectly but I wanna know when that's happening so I can abandon the fight haha

It's not just other players, but skeletons acting real weird as well. Sometimes you get a regular white skeleton taking five hit-confirmed pistol shots and still live.

That may be a cannon firing skeleton. They actually DO take 5 pistol shots.

yeah usually blunderbuss takes 1 hit while pistols takes a lot more

Either they're scarfing down bananas or you sometimes get hit markers when you haven't hit them.

Lol I frequently shoot ppl 4x in the face just to have them one-shot me at full health

Would be nice to get some more data points to see if range is affecting anything. I'm trying to infer what the underlying representation of the damage numbers is based on rational fractions. The closest I've got is for a health bar of 500 hit points;

Blunderbuss: 74 hit points (x1-10)
Sword: 100 hit points
Lunge: 250 hit points
Pistol: 269 hit points
Eye: 319 hit points

For a rougher approximation, a health bar of 20 hp gives

Blunderbuss: 3 hit points (x1-10)
Sword: 4 hit points
Lunge: 10 hit points
Pistol: 11 hit points
Eye: 13 hit points

And how much do bananas heal?

I believe bananas heal for 30

I checked. Bananas heal 1/3rd of your lifebar.

I use Pistol/Blunderbuss combo wombo for boarding. Shoot them with the blunderbuss when they’re caught off guard and then quickly switch to the pistol and finish them off while backing away from them. Swords really serve no purpose while boarding if you know how to keep distance between you and the enemy pirates. Just my two cents.

Thanks for doing this. On the side note. Since i know the numbers now, it its even more frustrating when i hit a pirate with pistol 3 times in a row then he gets shot in the face with blunderbuss ,and he still walks away seemingly unharmed. Lag ,cheats the hell i know. It happens way too often unfortunately.

How about cannon damage?

I had the misfortune of being hit in the face with a cannonball while at full health. Died instantly.

Does distance matter?

Original Poster2 points·1 month ago

I’ll be checking that soon

sometimes I hit twice with a pistol and they die. sometimes I hit twice with the pistol and they don't die, without banana eating. so idk

Great post.

Thanks for compiling this. Very useful.

Thanks for doing this. Great info.

Thank you for putting this together. Checks out with our personal observations.

Just 2 more things I'd like to know:

How much damage do you take from a blocked charge attack?

At what range exactly is the break even point of doing more or less than 50% damage with a pistol and how much damage is lost per distance. Measurements for distance could be the gap between 2 masts or 2 cannons.

Original Poster3 points·1 month ago

I was gonna use paces next time I put together a damage sheet, I’m already compiling a list of all the things I need to try

This is great, thanks OP! 🙏🏼

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

I feel you

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago


I’d love for some dev confirmation on this , testing is so difficult in this game. Great work .

Thanks for all this information. Sadly the dmg is is still confusing. Getting a pistol shoot on boats while just sitting there and doing nothing hurt for 75%. I dont know if range or rng or emotes mather in this term. Also sniper shoots are stronger to me (~75% too, red health baar always). Maybe they really did some tweaks about hitboxes and player health. Overall I prefer Pistol+Sniper combo, because of all this blunderbuss players. U can keep them on distance with easy and underwater nearly everyone fails because they wear a sword + blunderbuss. Somehow I love the fakt blunderbuss can oneshoot, because all this newbies wearing them - making those really vulnerabel on range. Pistol knockback is really bad or sometimes not even existing... sniper knockback should be the same like blunderbuss. Shooting from the hip pistol and sniper have nearly the same spray. Scoping isn't relevant on boarding situations.

I got the feeling from a huge twitch compilation and my own testing that headshots did not do more damage, but with the amount you've tested, I assume you can confirm this?

What's weird is, headshots seem to do damage to skeletons, but not to players.

There are definitely hacks that give players more/unlimited health as I've shot (got the hit marker) with 2 pistol shots, a teammate with a blunderbuss then 2 sword strikes from me on a single pirate, he proceeded to one shot both of us and take all our stuff.

1 point·1 month ago

“Exact estimates”

Original Poster2 points·1 month ago

Yeah I thought that would be funny

1 point·1 month ago

I had a statistics professor who used the term “stationary articulates” all the time and made me smile.

Apparently any damage done to me is x 1000, considering how easily people seem to be able to kill me.

The reach's damage must drop off with range, because I tried to snipe a gunpowder barrel at a fort with one once, and it started to smoke. By the time I got reloaded and reaimed, it had stopped. This repeated for several more shots before I realized it was never going to explode. So I shot it with a cannon :P

1 point·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

I did some experimenting with Powder Kegs. Damage seems linear with distance, doing a full lifebar at approximately 3 paces away, and not hurting you at all at 10 paces away.

Supremely helpful. Thank you!

About the damage. From what I have noticed a point blank bunderbus not ADS will kill in 2 hits. While ADS will kill in 1 hit.

So it miggt me that either with ADSing the bunderbus does more damage or the grouping of the shots are closer. Which if the ADSing causes more damage, is it the same as the other weapons. Meaning ADSing causes more damage.

Original Poster2 points·1 month ago

It groups the shot closer, and I’ll be checking the damage of ADSing vs hip-firing next time

Eye of reach damage: approximately 60 percent.

Yeah, tell that to the PC hacking crew that was 1 shotting me while I was at full health.

Please rare, please perma ban cheaters. And to all you guys saying "get gud," its not being good dealing more damage than what the game was supposed to allow. Its cheating.

Cool. What about sword lunge? Or each strike of the sword combo?

Does the damage differ from a headshot and a body shot?

What about headshots?

I’m confused, what’s he bananas role in this?

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

It’s for scale

need new data for the changes today!

i will bet a captain's chest there's a headshot multiplier for eye of reach in PVP, i've been one shotted by it at least twice now, and have one shotted people using cannons and those manning the helm.

Original Poster2 points·1 month ago

Interesting.... I’ll add that to the list of things to test

Agreed, I absolutely head shot guys off cannons with the Sniper before

Were these tests performed while ADSing or hip-firing?

Just a quick observation, there is an achievement for shooting someone in the back with a Blunderbuss.

There might be no headshot multiplier, but there could very well be a back-stab one.

Not that any of this information is particularly useful for this game.

The netcode for this game is utter garbage. The biggest piece of shit I ever had the joy of playing.

If you are above 100 ping, aiming is useless. Shoot people straight in the chest with the blunderbuss from very short range, still need four shots to kill them. Because they move around and the shots didn't register.

Last night I was chasing a very fat pirate on my boat with my cutlass. He was out of ammo and only brought a flintlock and blunderbuss, so he could not fight back. I used the sprint feature to get up so close to him that I could press my nose into his chest, then I started swinging. Guess what? None of my sword swings got registered as hits by the server, since the guy was running away from me. Didn't matter that I was directly up close behind him on my screen. 150 ping was enough for the server to believe, that he was out of reach for sword hits.

Just "above 100" is not bad for SoT, even with best server lag spikes are common, and as far as I know, server you get on is completely random, so you can easily find yourself playing on 400+ms if you don't pay attention to ping.

I expect much more hackusations once damage numbers will be common knowledge.

Had a similar encounter with a fat pirate yesterday. Sword lunges him, then hit twice with blunderbuss at mid-range then another right on his face. The game gave me hit markers every time but of course not only did he not die but after the last shot he didn’t even get stunned/blown back and so shot me back immediately.

ok buddy

I think sword lunge is 100% health. I have 1-hit spawn-killed a player using lunge.

Nah, its def 50%

Probably didn't spawn with full health.

You should learn how to clean up posts like this and present the information more clear. without your own bias and include things like "reload time" ect

Original Poster2 points·1 month ago

Yeah but I was trying to be funny and informative I can see how professionalism would probably make it better tho

Not a very good test, but definitely appreciated.

However, I remember being brought down to very low health in just one shot from the eye of reach. I feel like range matters with it, but at the same time that may not be the case.

Also, hip firing and Aiming down need to be compared (damage wise) to see if we are not missing anything.

One more thing, I have a sneaking suspicion that being drunk may have an effect on being more resistant. Totally aware that it probably is not the case, but because it is a consumable like the fruit that has a whole deck of downsides, there might as well be a combat mechanic use for it.

Next time, if you will, try to write down all the things we mentioned or not you need to test if you ever going to test again. And when testing, go through them point by point to not miss anything.

Original Poster3 points·1 month ago

Yeah it was very spur of the moment for me, but those are some good ideas and I’ll definitely try them out if/when I run into someone willing to help!

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