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Sea of Thieves website forums has a poll going asking what type of content you want to see next. Get over there and make your voices heard. Rare has already commented on the poll and stated they are interested in the results.

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Hopefully theres another poll with the top 5 or 10 ones listed here kinda hard to narrow it down from a list this big

44 points·1 month ago

It's also hard to read. Who decided bright cyan on a bright cream background in extremely tiny font was a good idea?

Yeah I just stopped worrying about the colors and just looked at the letters.

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People apparently really want to fish more than they want cosmetic variety, ship customization, mini games, in game lore, or unique rewards.

What do you even want to fish for then?

Plot twist: fishing was the next thing they were going to release, so they made a chart looking like everybody wanted it

There was no fish and now there are fish. Fishing confirmed

Another type of voyage/thing to do, and I've always enjoyed fishing be it real life or games. Also, I'm imagining fishing could eventually include whaling or kraken hunting or other stuff.

It would be cool if at higher levels you could hook treasure chests, skulls, or messages in a bottle.

Or barrels! Drive by equipment grab!

27 points·1 month ago

This right here, fishing in games is just a great way to kill time in a game you love to play but don't necessarily want to "try" super hard or pay 100% attention to. If they added another rep faction where everything was fishing/whaling/sea monster hunting that would just be amazing. I mean fishing in WoW is the most simple thing, but I know many people who have 100h+.

I spent about 2 hours last week fishing in Far Cry 5. I had about an hour to kill, and then one turned to two before I knew it

Yeah and while yer fishing ima blast your ass to the ferry

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Another type of voyage/thing to do, and I've always enjoyed fishing be it real life or games.

If Sea of Thieves was already full to the brim with content, fishing might be worth adding. But right now it's pretty empty. Wouldn't you agree it should be towards the bottom of the priority list, rather than near the top? Like, maybe a pirate game should primarily about.... I don't know.... piracy?

I mean, if they're going to add content I'd hope it's more piracy stuff. My other votes were for more quests and a player bounty system. Fishing is just something to do, rather than just getting more cosmetics or things that don't really give more gameplay.

And as far as a player bounty system goes, there was a post around release about being able to salvage the bell from another ship after they sunk and sell that, and as you sunk more ships your bell upgraded/changed color so if someone sunk you it'd be worth a lot.

Fishing is the kind of content I want. I want content that I can do, like fishing, new quest types, new weapons to use against new enemies. Making the world bigger, adding new cosmetics, creating lore, etc, won't give me something to do (they do make for a better overall package, though).

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11 points·1 month ago

i'd like to eat fish for health. it just adds flavor to the game

And chickens. Literally on the banana barrel.

The only way to eat chicken would be to have it stuck by lightning, perfect way to keep the banana market the same.

I really don’t know why people want fishing so much. Glad it wasn’t top 5 though.

As I find the other content more important.

cosmetic variety

Not gameplay.

ship customization

A significant portion of the playerbase hates having options

mini games

fishing is a mini game

in game lore

Also not gameplay

SoT needs stuff to do more than anything else. Fishing is, at the very least, a thing to do. And it doesn't require sweeping changes to any aspect of the game, nor is it at all controversial.

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I wouldn't want fishing as much as whaling. That's give us a new ship type potentially and new mission types plus new sea life. Then hopefully also some damn rowboats.

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I just love fishing in videogames.

Fish could be a resource, fish for food rather than just find bananas. Fishing could then also be a merchant item, different types of fish for different values. Perhaps some fish when eaten make you ill so you get something between drunk and snake bite effect.

Here's a few arguments for fishing just in a rush

1: A different, chill activity. Fishing is fun for it's own sake, you get to chill in a few different places and get some loot for taking your time and relaxing. It's a different kind of play altogether, that could bring more people into the game.

2: Variation among world regions. By making it so that you can only catch certain fish at certain parts of the world you make going to places feel different and more worthwhile. For example, if you had a voyage to shipwreck bay now, you'd think about resources, chests and the voyage objective itself. It's not really too different from going to Lone Cove or Thieves Haven except from ambiance. But if there was some specific fish only available around the Wilds for example, then you have something else you can loot unique to that region. You could also make it for example that there are very rare fish exclusive to certain lakes or islands. Think a really rare fish only available in Paradise Spring for example. It gives you a reason to visit islands outside of voyages and regular resources.

3: Different kinds of loot and voyages. Fishes make for good commodities and would make for a different kind of quest than we have in the game, which is nice by itself. You could also have certain cosmetic accessories tied to fishing certain exceedingly rare kinds of fish (Eyepatches, hooks, peglegs, hats, maybe even weapon models)

4: Adding value to the high seas. Right now there's not much reason to stop midway to an island besides shipwrecks and barrels. Having high sea fishes to bring onboard would make it so that you actually have something to do or a reason to appreciate any point in the map without necessarily having to go to an island.

5: Opportunity to bring a bit more lore to the world through what kinds of fish can be caught around it (with little blurbs associated to each one)

6: Way crazier shit, depending on how this is implemented. Think if you could choose your bait when fishing or carry and throw fish. Maybe you could, by fishing with the right bait, attract the Kraken. Or maybe, you could throw a stinky fish into someone else's ship that makes people throw up (Potentially fucking up someone's sight). Maybe some fish attract a buttload of sharks to disencourage falling into the water. Or use certain fish to summon a storm. If it's well done, you could have a ton of different, fun ways to warp an engagement, building up the emergent gameplay aspect of SoT into incredible levels. This is more "out there" than the other points but it would be possible, as long as fishing was already implemented.

There are tons of ways to make fishing interesting.

Bot to make gold

to what end? The current like 10 cosmetics aren't worth risking a ban for.

Well hello fellow person who doesn't use video game currencies as an ego boost.

Some people like to brag about how much gold they have or how much of something else they've got.

Or how they didn’t have to grind 100 hours to get all the items.

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This should be at the top

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Thank you upvote.

Dude why is spells and potions so far down. You need to use ur ms account to log in a vote?

A link to the forum would've been better than a screenshot on your phone.

Original Poster6 points·1 month ago

You might be right, just wanted to give folks a quick snapshot of how the poll is looking now.

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Could you post a link please?

Thanks very much

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How do i select all of them?

Quest types should be at the top in my opinion

Wassamadda for you, huh? You no like-a tha fetch?

I'm conflicted as to whether I wanna upvote or downvote you.

Issa not so bad, issa nicea quest!

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Ship types #?? Huat 🤔 Really. I think there are far better options on the list

The ONLY new ship type that'd be even remotely necessary would be a 5/6-man vessel slower than the galleon.

Heck Naw! I want my 3 man ship that doesn't turn like my grandma's land yaht.

Agreed, and kinda feel like new ship types have more chance to break the game than enhance it... but it has potential for more ships, just hope they make them quite different and balanced at the same time.

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So go vote for it? Lol

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Isn’t this already closed? I heard they already pulled results.

Nah, it's still active and being updated now and then.

is it too late to say we want all these features at launch?

Lil bit

151 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

I seriously don’t know why B was so popular. I feel like the other categories are far more important for game mechanics than “ship types”.

Edit: I voted for this poll a week ago and I should have linked this sooner than OP. I do think the reddit community has a different opinion from the posters to the official forums, but I could be wrong.

Edit 2: words

It's primarily a nautical game based on the golden age of piracy and we have a big boat or a small boat to choose from and the only thing influencing which ship you pick is how many friends you're with. There is a definite need for more ship types and reasons why you choose them.

I agree that it's not currently the most pressing issue in the game and it's not one i voted for (this time) but it's going to need to be addressed.

Would be cool if there were ships that said faster for grinding those missions fast or ships for battle that were slower but harder to sink and stuff like that

that's not the only thing influencing our decision to choose between a galleon and a sloop. some players prefer to be a smaller target, quicker to raise anchor, and tighter turn speed.

At the moment we've a clear difference between the two ship types, what would an additional ship offer the other two don't already have? Different ship types would only be a priority in a system whereby you'd unlock better and better ship types as you progressed.

If i had it my way we'd all start on a rowing boat, and our grind would be the next ship, all the way upto a frigate. We don't have that system, so ship type cannot be the priority, and Rare, in their wisdom would look at that poll like a parent receiving a drawing from their child "ooh thats nice, i'll put that on the fridge".

I think you'll find the majority of people like the balance In the game and people love that the game isnt a pay2win or time2win, everyone's ship has 1 of 2 speeds and 1 of 2 turning circles depending on which ship you choose (I personally think the ships are pretty balanced as well, but think sloops have a slight experience if there are 2 experienced crews), everyone's pistol does the same damage, everyone's cannons do the same damage and you don't get any advantage. There are so many casual players who only get 1 or 2 hours every couple of days to play and if the game starts giving people more unfair boosts like blunderbuss' doing 20% more damage, a lot of people will start hating the game.

I see what you are saying, but then you'd have those trolls who would, in their galleons and frigates mind you, just obliterate those with rowboats and smaller ships. You'd turn away more new people than bring in. Many people love the pve aspect, but the pvp part is a bit much right now. It is part of the game, no doubt, but they need to "even the playing field", as the saying goes.

pffft. Hold my grog.

Phase 1: fill rowboat with gunpowder barrels and sail in under cover of darkness with an extremely low profile

Phase 2: ?????

Phase 3: PROFIT

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And H? They'll add more empty islands with nothing to do there.

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I totally agree that ship types should be further doen on the list. I wonder if people get it confused with ship customization, ehich i feel is something totally different and would be much higher on the list. Tons of different sails, ship decorations, skins, flags, ship name. Those are a must for me.

I’d like to see Spanish style galleons though. And galleons so big and with so many heavy canons that a sloop could run tings around it.

Problem: it takes half the server to crew the ship.

No, I feel like they know what they are voting for. The ship types seem bland, and I feel they should be suited for play styles, not number of crew members

Hmm. Well then i think they are wrong and don't know what the actual problems of the game are. Different types of ships won't do anything to solve the major problems of the game which I think everyone agrees are:

  1. Lack of Content

  2. Lack of Reward

Having a faster ship or slower ship that does more damage doesn't solve either of these two problems and goes completely against what the devs at rare are trying to do, which is make the game a level playing field for everyone. Adding on variables with different ship play styles would just make the game harder to balance.

People who think this will help the game I believe are just mis-informed. Sometimes you think something is a good idea when in reality it would change nothing or even hurt what you are trying to fix.

more ship types, regardless of stats, give more motivation to repeat quests over and over

What it sounds like you are saying is that you want different ship models that all act the same. If that is the case then you are the exact person who I am talking about in my first post where I said people want ship customization not different ship types. If that is the case then I totally agree with you. There needs to be different ship models. You should be able to change what your mast looks like, what your cannons look like, what your deck looks like, your captains quarters, hull sides, storage, map table, wheel, figurehead, even the length and width of the ship to a degree. The customization in the game should be extremely extensive. If your game doesn't have level advantages/upgrades then you need something to entice players to continue to play. Ship customization can do that but at the moment there is not near enough.

What I don't think is a good idea is having "Classes" of ships that do different things, and I don't think rare wants that in their game either. It totally goes against how the game is designed, where everyone is on equal footing.

I would be one of the ones that not only wants both customization and literally different ship types. And when I mean customization, I don't mean simply in terms of cosmetics, but actual tradeoffs in functionality. More cosmetics, and what a lot of folks (most?) consider more "content" is fine and all, but for me that all pales in comparison to the possibility of additional depth to the game's combat, which I consider the most important feature of the game.

Ah right, nice reply thanks! It definitely clears it up. Yes to different ship models. I took that to mean a different class of ship though. Different hull types which you can then customize from - but kept balance in spirit of the game.

If we are to add fleet/clan battles to add variety to fetch quests, then I would want a limited variation of abilities for different ships. Trading off speed for firepower or other more creative ways to balance it out. Probably a different game mode entirely though if it ever comes

sorry you said hull sides not hull types.

If new ship types were added with different abilities, it MIGHT enhance cooperative gameplay as you team up with other ships where you can mutually cover eachothers weaknesses. That would require more reasons to team up though. Think of a siege ship with a giant mortar for skull islands, but less guns for ship protection. Thus you team up with somebody else as escort so both crews can get the raid done quicker. And then probably the escort sinks the siege ship lol but that happens anyway. There seems to be plenty of ways to balance ships, speed, turning speed, guns, deck layout (for water bailing or getting more ammo), silhouette size. I think it can be done without breaking the game.

The majority here wants horizontal progression because they hate grinding. But they also want horizontal progression to protect their ability to grind because one unbalanced ship threatens to sink them and take their loot. It just feels bizarre. It seems adding more sails and wheel options serves to protect the status quo of safely grinding for whereas different ship types serves to add more variation and purpose to it. More ways to die, more ways to get things done, more things to do, more objectives to chase.

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A lot of people want things such as ships for different crew sizes-a 6-8 man ship for example would be great for my friends, since so many of us play the game. Also a 3 man type ship would be interesting since 3-manning a galleon is not super good at scaling

What I’m worried about is big 8 man crews roaming around picking on people who prefer to sail solo or in duos. I’m not sure how that would be fair.

Everyone would be forced to just join 8 men crews because they can’t defend themselves on their own.

Right now 1 vs 4 or 2 vs 4 is definitely possible, but 1 vs 8?

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Go play Guns of Icarus and then tell me you're happy with SoT only having one competitive ship.

Personally, not being able to play more than 4 people at the time is the biggest issue me and my friends have. We are usually all online at the same time and being 5 people forces one of us to do something else.

I too at times wish for larger crews for friends but the game with the ships it has currently is balanced IMO.

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Agreed. I don't want a three man boat, and I sure as hell don't want a six man boat. That'd be stupid OP.

I want more shanties! More skins! More quest types! More of everything that is already there, rather than wholly new stuff.

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I think there should be at least a third option to choose to play on but I’d also love to be able to attack/sink/take over npc merchant ships or go up against a navy or something.

Imagine having to keep a merchant ship afloat so as not to lose the cargo and splitting your crew as you’ll need some on your galleon to protect it.

Yeah that's seems like a bizarre thing, unless they want to see NPC ships...?

That’s a different letter I thought?

Because people moan and whinge and think they know more about game design but the reality is the vast majority of gamers don't know what they want.

Its cool to listen to the community but at the same time I don't think you should take our word for everything. Because none of us know game design or create games.

I mean everyone moaned about content but fucking fishing is what people want over everything?

That's just stupid.

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What kind of poll is this? The one thing I want in this game is more unique chests like sorrow and grog. There isnt even an option for that in the poll. Lame. But would totally vote for the environmental stuff.

Yet all the environmental stuff got voted very little 😑

Seems like a lot of people just want the game to simply be a pvp warzone.

Wasn't it third? Environment/exploration? The poll said to pick 3 and the top answers ships, missions, and map/environment. That would be a solid update IMO

That's map size/exploration. I more took that as people really just wanted a bigger map, which the map size is good for me right now. There needs to be more things to do inside the map though.

Ah fair one, I agree with you. Still want map expansions in future but for now you are right, focus on filling out what's there

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11 points·1 month ago

Note this poll was posted by a normal dude and isn't official.

This post certainly makes this seem like its some kind of official poll posted by the devs or something.

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I thought more people would want revised combat. Sword fighting feels so gamey to me.

Combat is clunky. Swordplay is very basic and very clunky. Aiming is slow and clunky. Skeleton hordes are cheap and feel like they were included as an afterthought with no real tactics or "difficulty" besides cheesy hordes of pistol/blunderbuss skeletons with near perfect aim sending you into a loading screen in one or two volleys before you can thin them out enough to actually try to dodge. The near perfect accuracy on cannons is ridiculous as well. That is not combat difficulty. That is just bad design.

That said, I do appreciate the different skeleton (though limited) types with different approaches. Even if some approaches become a chore. It was a step in the right direction. But someone stumbled somewhere. There is a LOT of room for improvement and refinement here. For now it just feels tacked on and shallow.

Clunky? Be careful before the crazies come to tell you that you don’t understand it, that this isn’t the game for you if you expected Kingdom Come Deliverance, etc. Just various strawman arguments and such. As you can tell I’m very bitter that people defend this system and come after me like it doesn’t suck ass

"What shall we do with the drunken sailor,

What can we do with the ripped off players,

What will we do to protect the gamers,


-Uther Doul

youtube comment and probably comment of the year concerning this game.

That's great hahah

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Wow everyone is fucking dumb... everyone complains about lack of content and yet they vote for more ships? Not like NPC skeleton crews that you fight on the sea? Or another event of sorts? Like ships really?

10 points·1 month ago

Dude everyone who voted on this aren't the ones who were complaining about content... This poll really should have been posted on Reddit.

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I hate the lack of content. I also hate not having a good 3 man crew option just as much. I could be playing right now but I dont want some rando in a galleon and I dont want to solo sloop. So instead I am sitting her on reddit watching something on netflix while 2 of my friends duo sloop. Thankfully the patch that allows us to lock out people and do a 3 man sloop and join/leave without restarting game is coming soon.

Honestly 3 man galleon is just as manageable as 4 man. The only difference is you get less time in the crows nest because they have to come down and help move sails, but really is just as easy as 4 man overall. I still prefer 4 man, don't get me wrong, but I am really surprised with all the complaints against 3 man galleon and calling for 3 man sloop. Sloop is already stupid easy to pilot solo, with two people you're pretty much untouchable as long as no one managed to gunpowder barrel you.

You have someone constantly in the crow's nest? Kinda a waste of a crew member

Not constantly, but up and down pretty often. If we're doing combat they'll be on deck anyway, and very useful for spotting flotsam and shipwrecks from afar. Its almost pointless to have one person on a sail anyway, so unless we're on approach or need to stop really fast, two people on sails works just fine.

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I would much rather have a new ship to explore, sail and do combat on than a new set of clothes.

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This game will NOT be much better with different ship types. It changes almost nothing about the core of the game, and the current 2 ships are fine. They just need to be more customizable. More enemy types like small marines/navy ships and more sea life to fight, huge navy warships to fight against that require multiple crews and have shit loads of loot if you beat them, and ship customizability coming out of the ass for endgame...ship name, ship flag, be able to chage the color of pieces like the wheel, tons of skins, sails, cannon models, mast models, there should be tons of ship piece models for EVERYTHING. I think that would be better than varying types of ships with different uses.

Edit: And if there could be more engsging random events on islands that would be cool too. The bottles and random skulls are nice but i would like sometimes to go into a cave and there be a named skeleton npc with 5 or so chest behind him.

I agree. I feel like most people voting for that were voting more for having more crew size options and the implied private ships, but I could be wrong. It’ll be nice for variety eventually, though.

I think the big thing everyone voting on section want a 3-man or 6-man ship to be available for everyone.

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This game will NOT be much better with different ship types. It changes almost nothing about the core of the game, and the current 2 ships are fine.

I agree with you completely. The game lacks content - it needs more and varied quests, NPC ships to fight and upgrades/meaningful rewards.

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Why is fishing so popular?

I don't agree that fishing should be prioritized over a lot of the other content, but I do see the appeal, especially for solo players. It gives you a chance to drop anchor out in the middle of the sea, cast a line, and enjoy the beautiful water.

Totally agreed. I play solo a lot, and sometimes I just want to spend some relaxing time in this gorgeous paradise. Not really any options that aren’t action-oriented right now. Even doing merchant quests is still more action than I want sometimes.

I loot empty forts for gunpowder to sell, when I'm on that vibe.

Did that once and may start doing it more regularly. Pretty close to outposts and ya just sail there and back with no fuss or much risk.

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I have wondered that same thing. I do think it could be cool if it was part of the merchant alliance quest line but in no way does that need to be a right now addition to the game.

Original Poster2 points·1 month ago

I'm sure you guys have seen this before, but I do remember one of the merchants commenting on how another pirate recommended quests to hunt sharks. Made me think it would eventually be added to the game.

Fishing would be awesome, even add in whaling.

spells and potions

No thank you

8 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Spells would be weird, but why not potions? We know magic exists and there's already a load of potions on display everywhere. Lore isn't a problem.

Why not implement a few throwable potions with a few different effects?

Edit: all unlocked automatically, equipped as a third loadout, accessible by holding weapon swap button. You only carry one with you and can only refill on outposts or certain islands. Basically a non-damage combat tool

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A link would have been nice XP

Why was N not more popular. Cosmetic Variety. It’s the games main sense of “progression.”

Because there's a lot of other shit needed to make the gameplay feel varied. I mainly play 3 man galleon and 2 man sloop. I actively try to play when only one other friend can play so I can avoid having to 3 man galleon, because that shit is annoying and there isn't a good 3 man ship. More cosmetics are needed, but let's improve gameplay where it's needed first.

Pretty much sums it up. If they added twenty new outfits today, and more ship hulls/sails it would be exciting for maybe a couple of days until you eventually filter through the outfits and options you love/hate and buy them. Then we're back to what we already have again.

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Because cosmetics are a poor substitute for progression to begin with and even a million hats won't change that.

nailed it lmao. Here is the thing, adhering to obscene balance in a pointless sandbox game with rigid, community enforced horizontal progression and meaningful content updates seem like mutually exclusive ideas. Most content ideas that don't fit perfectly within that type of game serve to threaten the balance. Thus you get the community fixes, more hats, more random moments 'press x now or get thrown off the ship', different enemies that are really just cosmetically different because the balance. Missions that all feel the same because the balance to a 4 person crew that never progress, never gains new skills, never acquires new weapons.

Maybe I'm trippin dow

even a million hats

...even a million recolors of the same four hats...


I didn't vote for it because I think it's coming anyways, while some of the other options are more about changing the way the game it's played.

Cmon everyone we need sailing hazards like whirlpools, waterspouts, Flying Dutchman, and huge waves

Indeed, a storm should knock players off their ship if they're on the upper deck. Unless you're holding onto the wheel, or the mast ladder you're fucked. Fire hazards, broken masts...

But no, apparently we want the exact same content replicated on a different "ship type" which just means the exact same functionality but with one less/ additional sail and/ or cannon.

Yeah the only reason for anew ship type would be 3 man crews but I feel like if it's easier to use than a galleon it would make the galleon pointless. Random events on the sea are where the fun can be at.

Why dont they finish the rest of the Forts and the Kraken first? Only 3 forts are active

I'm sure Rare is excited about thinking about talking about it!

"We are currently drawing up exciting plans on a novel approach that will enable us to spring into action at a later date. We hear you and will keep you updated"

15 points·1 month ago

As much as I actually DO want more ships, I don't think a 6 person "man of war" ship is the solution. I think the galleon is a 6 man ship and what we really need is something to bridge the gap.

Agreed. I'd go so far as to say the galleon would be fine with as many as 8 players on it. The sloop I could see with as many as 3. It'd be great for a 2 mast, 4 cannon "medium" ship (caravel/schooner/brig?) ideal for 3-5 players

I mean, it would be ridiculously easy to pilot a galleon with 8 men. You could literally have a man on every sail, and still have all four cannons manned. Its the perfect mix of OP and unwieldy right now, any more people and it becomes trivial to pilot even if you're a garbage crew.

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Well, keep in mind that the devs tried to design the ships such that there is always a little more tasks that need to be done than there are people to do it. It's what keeps smooth ship operation from being trivial, and makes the game interesting. Increasing the number of people on a galleon might be fun initially, but would get stale quicker.

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Couldn't agree more, it is a massive ship, and isn't properly manned with 3 people. No matter how well you multitask. Need a good 2-3 man ship. And then focus on a man o war ship with big crews. But keep them in lobbies with galleons or bigger only.

Ffs ship types?, fishing so low?

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Why the hell do people want fishing and more ship types so much, over things like ship customization, more cosmetics, lore, and new rewards?

Worst part is that it's 3000 people who made some dumbass requests that the devs are supposedly listening to.

I for one want fishing more than those because its something new that I can actually do in the game, as opposed to different versions of what we already have

How would sitting around fishing be a worthy addition above all others, such as mission types? Genuinely curious, since I wouldn't mind fishing but it's far from a top priority in my eyes.

some new mission types is something else. I would prefer fishing over a new ship or new cosmetic options because it is a new activity that I can do while playing the game as opposed to just different versions of what we already have. Im not saying i want fishing more than everything else on that list, just more than those things that you listed. Personally I'm not as concerned about having more ways to customize what I have as much as I want more things to do with what I have.

ship types, ship customization, more cosmetics are dumb as well. fishing would at least give you that more to do content. with that it could increase the merchant alliance stuff. but obviously there has to be a next step since 50 is the ceiling. its like ok now what.

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Yes, i do hope Rare, in their wisdom look at the poll like a parent would receive a drawing from their child and say "ohh that's nice, i'll put it on the fridge".

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Why is map size so high 😑. Rather have the current map packed with more content than a bigger map spread out of content ..

Is this an official poll or fan-made?

I think fan made according to the reply at the bottom. Devs have their eye on this poll nonetheless.


Fan-made, but Rare has said that they're paying attention to it.


hahaha should be all of the above. fuck this games a joke

I’ve been a technical alpha tester for over a year and I honestly 100% thought without a doubt that the final game would feature every single one of these..... I’m so fucking pissed with the outcome. Seriously couldn’t believe they settled with what they had.....

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I am shocked that so few want a story or quest line. This type of thing would bring in new players and keep current players longer. Perhaps people are hoping that quests themselves could be story driven?

Funny as most of these things should have been in the game at launch to justify the “AAA exclusive” price tag.

it's a bad poll because the results need to be anonymous until a certain date/ vote count. Now "ship type" has the most traction which seems odd because noone has a problem with the ships we have. Far better to work on "sailing hazards", adds variety to ship gameplay. broken masts, fire hazards...

I guess you missed the post where Rare said they heard feedback and will be changing the sloop to have up to 4 people? Ship types have been a large talking point within the community, specifically a 3 man ship between galleon and sloop, since piloting a galleon with 3 people is not a walk in the part.

Galleons will become obsolete if there's a new 3 man ship.

Unless they get buffed and allow for 5 people

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Lol @ all these "why is X being voted when my opinion is Y!" comments, followed by "forums are full of dumdums" replies..

Weird, I signed in but it won't let my reply to the post because it says that "you do not have the right privileges to comment" or something like that.

I think I had the same thing. If it's your first post, maybe go post somewhere else first

Welp I really hope they don't put too much focus on those poll results because if they do we're gonna wait even longer for them to add real depth to the game.

Funny how low fishing is after launch. During the betas people wouldnt be quiet about the need for a fishing component.

I think, if anything, seeing this poll and the comments here show just how hard it is to make a game that pleases everyone. "Content' obviously means different things to different people. My subjective two cents: cosmetics are not "game content" in the sense that everyone complains about. Lore, main story, varied quests, etc all contribute to game depth. But lots of people just want more microtransaction-friendly stuff. Hard to make a game for the masses anymore.

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Agreed. I voted for sailing hazards, lore, and more NPC character variety. Fingers crossed for a Ghost Ship!

It was really hard picking just 3 as all of these are important but I ultimately went with F (more quest types), N (more cosmetic variety) and Q (body modification, which I assume means scars, tattoos, hair color and possibly more, though I doubt they'll do away with the random pirate generator all together).

But i want all of it ;(

Is it too much to ask for all of these ;)

When it goes into specifics for each vote, it looks like some of it is stuff we've seen datamined.

My guess is this is all stuff they want to eventually add, but are using this as a way to prioritise and get the playerbase back on their side by saying, "Look, we added stuff based on player feedback."

Either way, I'm just glad it looks like they're adding cool things. I'm loving the game but some of my friends don't feel like coming back all the time.

Where is the "all of the above" option. If you go through this list it really shows how much this game is lacking. Most of the list is not adding more but just adding the feature.

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Literally all those suggestions should be in the game.

Above all.. I just want sensitivity sliders. I hate that theres a difference in sens between all weaponry, even the damn Spyglass.

literally all of this should have been in the game at launch. It's a 60 dollar game for fucks sake

I dont think I am exaggerating when I think they need like 10x the cosmetics they currently have. There could also be ones from events / lucky finds like a rare drop from a boss skelly or a lucky drop from a chest.

Also as much as I like the global PvP with no safe area I think a sanctuary would be a good area to use as a place to introduce mini games like darts / dice / fishing / target practice etc and a place where you do not need to feel like you are on edge and do some more relaxing activities. Right now when I am online I feel like I need to be all business or I am wasting time as outside of the current voyage system there is nothing (I see PvP as an extension of the voyage system as the rewards are the same, even though its more fun).

I think the philosophy of doing an activity to work towards a reward is one they should follow. Instant rewards like racing a skeleton crews ghost ship for a snazzy hat and longer term rewards like material gathering to craft a cool new jacket out of snake skins or whatever else. (treasure hunt style or scavenging / looting corpses or all of the above, they have a lot to work with already)

More than anything though I want whales, even if just to look at, but preferably to kill and loot for treasure. Moby Dick is cooler than Krakens imo.

Ship types? That's really #1? How very telling - most people have no idea what gives a game replayability. The current two ships are the things that the devs absolutely nailed and need very little improvement.

It's what you do with the ships that needs some serious work. I fear the devs will see this poll and give us a 3-man ship to go do more stupid boring quests with.

All this shit should have been in it from the start.

Here's the scary part.. Did they not already have something lined up or did they launch with nothing expecting ppl to be happy for 3 months while they came up with ideas..

Game needs a main questline, NPCs and factions, and ghost ships

It is good. Yes. But its all content that should already be in the game full price release! Fools be happy tho

Dumb question, how do I vote? I logged in and hit reply, nothing happens

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I'm sad to say this but a game revolved around the ocean honestly needs some fishing. I'm not a big fan but yes it needs it.

"We haven't even started working on new content, but I think we can find a way to make that a positive."

Why do people want NPCs and PVP bounties? Can someone explain? Having NPC ships etc. would just make the world feel smaller for me.

How would bounties improve pvp?

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More random events. More animals. The ability to get cages or store them on your ship without missions. Fishing. NPC ships. Better combat upgrades, not just cosmetics. I just want more ways to find random loot. I like solo sailing and hunting for loot and animals. Not much profit in fighting people, for the time and risk you invest into it. more things to do on your ship, ways to customize it that is not just beautification. More npcs to fight who drop loot. Skellies should drop loot also. LOOT and lore. /thread. Love this game and all who play it.

This should of been done 2 years ago

I would love new boat types. As a boat guy and usual captain I would love having meaningful choices on boat type especially with crew size soon to be a non factor. Having a boat that is more geared to pvp or one that has less fire power but more decks( hp) for trying to get me chickens out alive, things like, would be awesome.

Also bigger ships with bigger crews. 6 crew man-o-war would be amazing.

I've always been behind the idea of sea of thieves, and I'm glad the devs are planning to continue support, but... a poll... Look. I get it. It screams "we're transparent and want to partner with the community". It unfortunately also means "we really had no idea what we were planning to do after launch".

I'll be waiting two years or so for something meaningful has time to happen with the game before I buy.

All these things should have been there in teh first place LOL!

"Fishing" - - Wow, there's a TON of "content" to be had there....

Jeebus it's like these people vote with their feet.

"New Ships".... or...... 3 man sloop, new wildlife, actual semi-tangible quest rewards on the way to 50/50/50, sea monsters, ships we can actually name, color lots of or change the insides...

But no. People want new ships and fishing.

"Fishing" - - Wow, there's a TON of "content" to be had there....

Actually, there could be a ton of content added with fishing. A new faction, a new fishing boat, possibly large game fish like bringing in sea creatures. Imagine something like this in sea of thieves. Where you can catch a bunch of tiny to small fish and store them in a frozen storage below deck...But you can hang large, valueable fish or sea creatures on the back of the boat.

These special catches are set out on display for all to see. Giving pirates something to invade for. Make it so you have to use a fishing boat to fish, but you can store fish you steal on any boat, they just take up a special, large spot on the ship.

So, possible new faction, possible new ship type, possible new cosmetics both personal and ship related, possible new entities in the form of fish/creatures/etc swimming around. Whales and dolphins now swim the oceans. Sounds like a lot of possible content to me.

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those things should have been inside the game at release

You are right. This game needs all of this stuff. It feels early access.

lol ya, why didn't they do these polls months ago. seems dumb.

they had to keep the content hush hush though because they knew it was a let down

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Kind of sad, this all should have been included day one. Paying $60 for an alpha game is the biggest rip off I've ever seen. They are worried about keeping people so they want to slowly release content so people keep coming back, but in reality, if they had just put A TON of content in this game could last for years. It's a lot of fun but once you get all of your cosmetics there's honestly nothing left to do. It's disappointing how I've already stopped playing.

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personally I love that there's just 2 ships. I'd like more customization options for them, but I"m fine with just 2. I think quest types, fishing, and pvp bounties should be higher. But honestly, they're all good ideas. I'd still be happy with new boats, I just didn't realize folks were that much in need of new ships. I've been in love with the sloop ever since they released it in alpha.

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Customization options for ships and players is a given and should always be pouring in at a steady pace. This game needs as much variety and gold sinks as possible both at the high end and the beginner stages. We shouldn't even have to ask for that part.

As for things that need to be addressed to make the core game better I think we all agree they should start with the melee combat and weapon balance. Blocking needs to be more snappy so you can see an attack then actually block it before it hits. We need a riposte counterattack(by attacking immediately after a successful timed parry, unblockable, deals heavy damage), we need a quick stab attack (unblockable, instant, small cooldown. We have two ways of doing the charge attack, just replace one of those with the quick stab). As a small addition to this, put in at least one more swing combo animation sequence so it doesn't feel so samey.

The sniper rifle needs a fix so it's not just a terrible flintlock, should be able to oneshot more things with headshots in PvE and do some more damage in PvP.

Flintlock needs a slightly higher headshot multiplier in PvE, it devours too much ammo for little gain and is replaced by the blunderbuss the moment you don't face the regular all white skeletons anymore. (At higher level you only meet skeletons with gray features on them, they can tank 2 headshots from the flintlock or 2 headshots and a bodyshot if they get a banana out while you reload. Blunderbuss can oneshot them at close range.)

And let us use a pistol in both weapon slots!

I wish a lot more PvP melee brawls had swordfighting in them instead of blunderbuss spam, so maybe the meta will change a little if the swords can actually do some decent damage with skullful play.

Game needs all of them honestly, and should have launched with most of this. Early Access game is early access. It's ridiculous.

FWIW I think these are already being worked on and this poll is there to give people the illusion of participating. Color me cynical, but so far Rare has not done very much right by this game or it's player base.

Looking at the options on that poll it looks like people just want a complete game. Hard to believe huh?

link to poll? i cant find it on forums

Honestly they should just add all of it. All seem like great ideas and would give the game good padding

Why not all of it

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