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Can we talk about the gun powered barrels for a second?

So just to give a back story to this. A couple of days ago(Tuesday night I think) I was playing with my friend on a two person sloop. We did a bounty mission(soul voyage, I’m just lazy to type it out). And we got pulled to an island where for some reason that I don’t truly know why because they had no active quest or anything loot(learned this after the fact). A single person sloop was sitting behind a rock and when we say it we gave them a wide birth but enough space to show we knew about them(because do to some weird glitch, those bounties spawn if you(the owner) are close and not even on the island meaning, someone can steal your kill and you have no idea about it) Needless to say, after an 10 minuets ship battle(which they just seemed to run away and would only attack when we turned around) we sank their ship and that person did the stupid talentless method of grabbed a gun powered barrel and even though I shot him several times under water and even after a shark bit them several time(which i don’t know what happen there). Swam under my ship and blow it up underwater(which he was right on it when it went off) and do to poor conversations on my partners and my end(not doubting that was also a factor), I thought he killed him and he was still alive and our ship sunk to poor spawn locations on the ship. After we both died and spawn killing. What’s done is done in my book, so not salty about losing my bounties.

Rare needs to change it to kill anyone or thing near it regardless if they are underwater or not. This seems like such a cheap method to sink a ship after we won a fight.

FYI, I’m using a smart phone at work. So pardon the grammar errors.

Edit: I see the confused, edited it to fix it. my bad.

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If you want to understand barrel mechanics more you are more then welcome to watch this video:

Barrels can detonate underwater and the player will take no damage but a nearby boat will.

Seems like it’s hinged on your failure to communicate.

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

I said that but more of the point of I shot the barrel several times while under water(using a blunder so probably did not cause it to explode to do some damage threshold) and it did not blow up and only after that person let go of it under my ship and then it blow up without killing him or me which we were right under it when it went off. That is my main problem of that event.

Everyone knows blunderbusses have to be right up next to it to blow it up. And everyone knows the explosion won’t kill you under water. It’s not a cheap move, you just didn’t stop it.

You can shoot the barrel as they are holding it too so they can't bring it to your ship.

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

I tried and I edited my original post to clarify a few things. Apologies on my end.

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Ok fixed the original post. Sorry about it the lack of clarity in my end.

If you see someone underwater with a barrel bring a pistol usually one shot will blow up the barrel. As far as why it does like less than 10% health to a person who's just swims to your boat and lets go right on top of the explosion I have no idea but I absolutely love it!

I didn't realize you can't blow up a powder keg underwater. That's bad, like real bad.

i've shot one underwater to blow it up, or do you mean if they're holding it underwater you can't shoot it to blow it up?

I've never been in a situation where I had to blow up a keg underwater, I thought OP was saying that he found out you can't.

I've blown up multiple kegs underwater.

Same, not sure if i have when a pirate is holding it though.

Ohhhh thats why it was not working

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

Could be some damage threshold you have to reach? I was using a blunderbust.

so for a barrel to actually blow, there IS a damage threshold you have to pass before it will blow in 1 shot. if you hit the barrel, but don't pass that threshold, it will start smoking (kinda like a fuse) and may or may not blow up during that time. however, if you're underwater, it will put out that "fuse" meaning that it won't blow. your blunderbuss probably didn't hit enough pellets on the barrel to make it blow, i'd suggest using a pistol to blow up barrels at range. it will always blow them in 1 hit if you hit the actual barrel.

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

Understand that. Why is it when it went off underwater and he and I are right next to it. It does not kill ether of us?

also, the barrel does reduced damage to people underwater. IIRC it's about 20-25% health.

You can't really detonate barrels with a blunderbuss unless you're willing to martyr yourself and point-blank range it. If you want to detonate a barrel from range, you need a pistol or sniper rifle.

I've detonated many barrels in players hands who are swimming underwater, it works, you just have to get a clean direct shot on the barrel itself which isn't really feasible with the blunderbuss.

Sorry man it sounds like you just got outplayed after feeling confident.

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