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How does one acquire this ship?

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Doesn't exist yet. It was in the beta

Why would they take it out?

what a joke -__-

A whole bunch of people are pretty pissed about it. There's this and a bunch of other cosmetics, and a few features, we've seen in game pre-release, or through promotional content that they just decided not to include.

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There was an Army Men game that was on the N64 and the PlayStation back in the day that had multiplayer on the N64 but not the PlayStation but they still used a multiplayer screenshot on the back of the cover art so I sent them an email asking what the deal was. I feel the same childish disappoint towards this game but I see I'm just as entitled now as I was when I was 7.

Holy shit I remember this... I was so disappointed unwrapping that game and trying to play with my best friend.

Entitled? No! Why would you remove stuff the people like? Most likely, and this is just a theory, it could be Microsoft pushing them to do microtransactions with cosmetics and that was one that was brought out of the game? Or maybe they decided to release it later because they new the lack of content would be bad so they took a few things and are saving them as trap cards.

I loved that game... flying around that house in a toy jet was fucking awesome..

Sounds to me like they are going to release it all for the first real update and be like "we work so hard".

There is cosmetics on the back of the box lol it’s a bit of a joke tbh considering they said they are adding Microtransactions

They said that Microtransactions were only going to effect pets and maybe new shanties, they said it isn’t going to effect the system that is currently there

-6 points·1 month ago(5 children)

I think they mean certain pets you will be able to buy with real money. Pets will be also available through gold or other means.

Comment deleted1 month ago

So ways to earn them. Probably commendations or special voyages maybe. Either way it won't be a real money exclusive.

I wouldn't say so just yet. I smell the quest itself being a micro transaction.

Hope so!

They probably knew that they didnt have enough content so theyre most likely going to give it to us slowly one set at a time

When they release those skins as a micro transaction I hope there is rage on the EA/Star Wars scale. I love this game but that behavior is a cancer in the gaming industry. I hope we as gamers can make them realize we won’t stand for that.

How would you like them to pay for servers, updates and future content, if not through micro transactions? Wait for full blown expansions and buy them, or just not release anymore content?

Full blown expansion? I'm still waiting for a full blown game.

You got it.

It's a $60 game. That's how they pay for it. Beyond that Rare needs to EARN the right to have micro transactions in this game. A large, FREE content release. Then they can add that crap.

Comment deleted1 month ago

Real world logic.

We're going to get free content, and we're also going to get microtransactions. I really don't understand why people bought the game if they didn't think it was worth it. There was tons of information prior to release, scale tests and public betas.

Even if all that information past you by, waiting a day after release for all the reviews would have been enough.

If something isn't worth the money, don't buy it.

There was tons of information prior to release, scale tests and public betas.

Yeah, betas with MORE content than the full $60 release. It's shameful that they basically released a very minimally polished version of the beta with less content as a full game. If you think otherwise you're just a Rare fan boy that's in denial.

Edit : spelling

The only thing I agree with in the reviews is the games price. SoT IS over priced for what you get. So microtransactions this early are a further slap to the face.

Honest question - I'm not trying to one up you or anything - just genuinely interested; why buy something if it's overpriced?

Because its still fun as hell. Because I may be part of the minority that likes to believe Rare will let us further indulge that $60 price tag in the future.

Beta is for testing. They had it in there to test the skin. It's likely going to be tied to some sort of specific action or achievement that they haven't finished yet. Having it in beta lets them know that it works for when they're ready to implement it.

Interesting decision to still put it in the release trailer if that is the case.

Comment deleted1 month ago

You just don't understand man, the shark set was so broken, so OP

You don't beta test a texture map...

You don't test textures? You wouldn't say "hey throw those new textures into the beta make sure they look okay"?

You don't beta test them individually, no. Textures are made on a specified grid and you test it in the rendering software, not the game itself. Not unless its SUPER early renderings, which are finished in the alpha stages. After that its literally "follow the pattern, make some cool designs, and upload it"

anyone who upvoted you may be a tool

It’s most likely gonna involve shark hunting, I believe.

They were testing it in the beta. Maybe they're trying to implement some system where you kill X amount of sharks and you can unlock this ship. Just because it was in a beta doesn't mean it has to be in the main game

I guess they were just testing it in the release trailer too

Damn,you beat me to it. Next time random guy.... Next time....

It's possible that it'll be implemented along with a matching clothing, equipment and weapon set like the rest of the in-game cosmetic sets which aren't finished yet, and that might be why it's still not available

Just throwing it out there

I agree, this does seem possible.

Technically it does exist. It's 1 of the 130+ cosmetics they are holding hostage for the big content update, aka MTX store.

They can't be that evil man. It's gotta just be the pets.

I'm thinking the same thing. The controversy around micro transactions in the last year has gotta dissuade them from making everything purchasable with money.

I don't care that all cosmetics are purchasable with real life money so long as they are also able to be bought with in game gold, at least most of them, AND there are no paid combat/economy boosts.

Definitely agree.

You should change it to "I don't care that all cosmetics are purchasable with real life money so long they are also able to be bought with A REASONABLE AMOUNT of in game gold.

I can picture them making things cost way too much gold to encourage people to spend real money.

Controversy doesn't mean squat if they can make money off of it.

I’m not saying they won’t, but controversy has certainly meant more than squat to Battlefront II and Destiny 2.

Maybe the black ship will come with the cookies next month

nope it doesn't. the cookie items are a bucket, a compass, a shovel and a tankard.

Aww man that stinks. Where'd you find that out?


I thought about mentioning that but it made me cringe lol.

I'm actually very excited to give multiple boxes of cookies to the little kids in my family.

I already do this every now and then, so now I gain something besides messing with their parents and buying the kids affection.

Your comment is more accurate than mine

It's a business move. If you have two Milk Cows and someone wants to buy one. The smart (greedy person) will say no, but you will sell them the milk.

This makes them have to keep coming back and pay for the milk. Instead of them just having the Cow to milk themselves.

Holding content back on purpose makes it so people will keep coming back and then charge them.

Yeah, I know how supply and demand drip feeding works...however that only works when people believe the shortage to be a cause of the market or outside forces such as war or sanctions not a supplier willfully holding back product. That's how you lose customers to competitors or piss them off to the point they simply boycott your products in general. This isn't knew.

I've said this before. StarWars:Battlefront did the same thing. They had like 3 DLCs worth of content upon release. But they waited WAY too long to release it and it ended up killing the game. So they just started off making Battlefront II.

0 points·1 month ago

At least in Battlefront 2 the lootbox system let you get all the cosmetics on day 1 if you grinded enough (because the microtransaction portion was disabled). No bait and switch beta content.

This sub is going to riot if they make cosmetics that already existed before cost actual money

I barely feel like this game was worth the money already, they're never getting another cent from me

u say that but then they put in a pet parrot mtx that sits on ur shoulder


Comment deleted1 month ago

that's how they'll get you. mtx of a diving outfit for your pet, @2x the price of the pet

if it said mate, it'll be the ultimate pet. easy 20$ here Rare lol

Also, imagine if the parrot says out loud whatever you select from the pirate chat wheel! squaaaak a pirate killed me! I'm a man child with a good paying job and no debt, I'm not sure what I wouldn't pay for a digital parrot in a pirate game I already love... I hope Rare is gentle with me.

There are around 372 different parrot species.

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Even if I don't reply to your comment, I'm still listening for votes. Check the webpage to see if your vote registered!

Thanks! You can ask me for more facts any time. Beep boop.

More parrot facts please!

It looks like you asked for more animal facts! Flies can see behind themselves

u guys all want parrots but i want my accompanying dolphin

I love the game but I would quit in a second if they did that.

I was under the impression all dlc would be free in the future. I may be wrong though.

I'm personally trying to get these sails that I see everytime I launch the game.

I want the rowboat..

I also want rowboats to take damage from sharks.

A pirate game without a rowing boat is like a James bond movie without the girls.

Yeah lol, but there's still a girl on the poster haha


Yeah... what? Ye...

3 points·1 month ago


Sign up for beta I guess.

Secret title for killing 500 sharks

I wish stuff like that was in the game

Everyone assumes all cosmetics withheld are locked behind the upcoming micro transactions.

Who’s to say this aren’t rewards for the faction commendations and they haven’t implemented them yet? More giveaways like watching their official streams?

There will certainly be some content you buy, but I’m pretty sure based on how things have been going that at least some items are coming from free promotions.

In any other game people are ok with only cosmetics being what’s paid for, the only reason SoT fans (or haters) are keying into it here is because of the lack of content.

But is no one going to hide that Rare said in the progression livestream back in January that MTX were going to be for pets and maybe shanties only and that it wouldn’t effect the current system, which pretty much means they’re not going to lock skins behind MTX

Sounds good to me? I haven’t followed SoT during alpha/beta it was just on my radar to look for.

Do you think it's fair to give away some of the sickest cosmetic stuff in random giveaways/streams when the only progression in this game is cosmetic?

Why would they ACTUALLY want you playing the game? It's in terrible shape.

Well for one, the items being “the sickest” is subjective, so what if to me they were “the worst” items given away (for free)? That shouldn’t factor in to the discussion right? It’s either they should or shouldn’t give it away on a stream.

I can’t believe I’m about to type this actual sentence.

Yes I think it’s fair for a company to give away free items any way they see fit so that players can dress up their video game pirates in the clothes they feel represent them.

I agree about "the sickest" being subjective.

So imagine I hop on, and I say "Man I really want to dress up my video game pirate in the way I feel best represents me," but I find out that I can't actually earn this outfit in the game, I had to have tuned into a stream from before I bought the game and now I'm ineligible forever, with no in-game way to unlock.

I mean, i really want a 67 mustang with zero miles. It's not unfair that they don't make it anymore...

Sometimes we simply need to accept that we've missed the boat. There's always other opportunities to pursue.

I have a 68 fastback with super low miles I'll sell you...

How much?

-7 points·1 month ago(12 children)

I agreed with you up until the ad hominem attacks. Who is to say that I don't do all of those things? Who said that I was upset in the first place? I'm just adding constructing criticism in regards to a game that I love so that hopefully it can grow into a game that I love even more. There's no need for that passive aggression just because we don't fully agree on something.

Well what people are really after is the exclusivity. So if it’s available to everyone it’s not as special. If everyone is dressed “the sickest” then no one is “the sickest.”

And mentioning charitable donations is only to put into perspective that we are talking about cosmetics in a game. Not gameplay mechanics, not items you can even see 95% of the time you are playing, and even 5% of gameplay time spent emoting would be an awful lot.

You’re right in that I shouldn’t have assumed you were upset though, and for that I apologize.

To reiterate what I said originally, the cosmetics that were in alpha/beta that aren’t out yet, we don’t know what way they are going to be disseminated. Stream items may be linked to a future commendation. We just don’t know yet. We know they exist, and as someone else pointed out they wouldn’t be behind pay walls. That mtx were for pets and something else.

I for one, would welcome the game being outside the bounds of the program itself requiring me to watch a stream, text a number, like a Facebook page, or whatever promotion they do. Next trip to the grocery store I’ll be looking for the cookies.

Then we're back to "the best is subjective." You can't have that and also have "if you don't gate the best then everyone will have the best, making it not the best." I mean I'd hope that everyone can have their ideal pirate since that's one of the "points" of a cosmetic progression only game. For instance: I've seen that the most popular set seems to be the Admiral's set, followed by the Sovereign set. I went straight for the Sea Dog stuff. Why? Because I got the controller and it matches the Ferryman purple/cyan getup, and also because I have some more Purple/Cyan stuff on my desk (GMK Skeletor keycaps on my board).

If that Sea Dog pack was gated behind a box of cookies (I'm in Canada so likely won't see the boxes, despite wanting the set), I'd be bummed out because I'd feel like whatever grinding I'm doing in game would be working toward what is in my mind the "second best."

I'd argue that ship cosmetics are something you see for a lot more than 5% of the time you're playing the game.

Good point so are you against the beta sails and day 1 eye patch? Because I can’t get the sails now and I’m fine with that because something new will come out.

Also, if you want the cookie codes I’ll send you some at cost.

Those I'm not against, because the day one eye patch I don't think you'd ever find someone saying that's their favourite (it's more of a gag item), and the sails aren't super decorative -- and I think to some degree that if you gave your time to Rare to test an unfinished game, you maybe deserve something special, as you're an unpaid game tester.

That being said, if that blue/white with the compass on it were my dream sails, I'd be singing a different tune.

I appreciate your offer re: the cookie codes, I'll wait to see if they apparate in Canada and if not, I'd be glad to buy you some cookies in exchange for the codes themselves. Have a good one.

destiny did that. Look what happened to them. You really want that sort of shit in sea of thieves?

Destiny 2 was a shit show compared to d1, their mtx was not the core issue. Having hard mode raid give you nothing but cosmetic gear was a sham, having anything in the game give you raid level gear was a joke, they catered the game for casuals after dd1 was hard core.

Careful not to let those downvotes dent your white as snow armor there, Most Holy One.

I care as deeply about reddit karma as I do my pirates clothing.

Wow man just admit that you got outsmarted... the whole game is about getting gold to buy cosmetics. If half of them can't be bought what is the point of having the gold in the first place?

Outsmarted? It was a discussion about the “fairness” of giving away free cosmetics on a limited basis....

I guess you’re upset because there are already cosmetics you can’t buy with gold so why are you still here, the game is obviously broken to where you can’t play because there are items you can’t buy with gold?

I never claimed it to be broken, but it is shitty. Just because it's a shitty thing doesn't mean the game isn't fun to play. This isn't a black or white issue - the game can be good and the item system suck. Which is the case with sea of thieves. We're just trying to make it better for the players.

People just want to hate. Rare said time and time again that these kind of items will not be part of the MTX, it will only be pets and MAYBE shantys.

Because people are pessimistic and jaded. I'd think it far more likely that they'll be tied to achievements and events. There will be mtx, sure, but this business of shouting THERE TOTES GONNA CHARGE FOR TAHT is getting tiresome.

Well you can't really blame people for being upset when Rare hasent come out to confirm/deny this. People want factual answers, not speculations.

If you look at some of the commendations you can almost tell some of these designs are coming from those.

Because a staggering amount of people are either legend or 49/47/45 and they’d already Auto Unlock all the commendations they had.

I’m referring to the commendations like “turn in 100 captains chests” and speculating they haven’t implemented the unlocks yet, just like they put achievements on hold for a while after launch.

I just want rare to comment on this matter. I don't care what other players say, because no one has answers. Rare does.

Go back in time, play the beta, and quit and rejoin until you get given that ship.

This looks amazing. But yes, this was from the Alpha and Beta I think.

CAPTAIN! What? LOOK! Pirates of the Caribbean theme

They took stuff out just to put it back in later, they will then claim they added new content, and suckers will eat it up.

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