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That’s a great idea, I’ll patent it.

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That’s fine just give me free entry to the park

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I'll take the park if all I have to do is retweet your GoFundMe

Edit: I already retweeted and never got a single email from you and it's been half an hour. As soon as I see your park open you're gonna get one long and terrible yelp review. See you on the second page fuckers!!!

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Don't leave too bad of a review, he may travel hundreds of miles just to punch you

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Solid r/boottoobig reference

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TripAdvisor review - ONE DOUGHNUT OUT OF FIVE.

Did not reply to email. Also found a piece of dirt on the floor.

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Free entry for only $4.99!

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I never saw you until you comment on the poo post,now you're everywhere

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I'm mostly a lurker, but I post in spurts.

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whether the pun was intended or not, have my upvote for that.

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CG coconut gun

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I'll give you 10% off now get out of my office before I call the cops

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First to invent in US... This thread is prior art :-)

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It's been first to file a patent since 2011. Also this thread count as a public disclosure which would prevent anyone outside the US from filling in their respective countries

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Oh man, I haven't filed a patent since 2009 or so! So embarrassed. Thanks for the update; I'll leave my foot in mouth joke here to shame me for posterity :-)

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Surely there's now evidence of OP coming up with the idea first.

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Well this looks awesome

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Why doesn't this comment have more upvotes?? This is exactly what OP was thinking of.

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The photos don't give a great idea of the experience. Not how I pictured it in my head anyway.

Seems to me this would be easier to implement by shooting water up from the ground and landing neatly beside the hole that shoots up. Then no roof needed.

Get to the end dry and win a prize

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So cool

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One improvement: Add in some projectors to throw moving images on the water walls. At night it would be an incredible maze with movie monsters and environments.

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You could project hedges onto the water.

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We've come full circle.

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We can project circles onto the hedges projected onto the water.

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Yo dawg, I heard you like something something somethings so we projected hedges with geometric shapes cut into them onto the walls of water of your maze so now you can come full crop circle while you walk in circles in your water hedge maze crop circle. dawg.

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Anyone in this thread smoke weed?

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I didnt before but now I do

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Only every day

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Awesome! It’d be like Fantasmic or World of Color at Disneyland

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Or they could play cory in the house on loop

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I would imagine a lot of kids would just want to run through a ton of sheets, instead of actually trying the maze.

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Put glass in just a few walls. It would be fantastic to see a kid run through 4 water sheets before BAMM! Eat glass, you little shit.

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Some people just want to see the world burn

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Some people just want to open themselves up to lawsuits.

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Possibly edge on.

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have that attraction next to the maze

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Make the water hot or cold. You could still walk through them to get out of the maze, but it wouldn't be fun go through a lot of them anymore.

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So still fun for the kids and is a maze for if anyone wants to bother.

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So, your shower thought is a shower maze...

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I love this idea. If you wanted to be real fancy you could add a light effect of some sort to make the sheets of water appear more solid.

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Or just put sheets of plexiglass in a few to spice up the experience. Make sure and sharpen the edges so that they are invisible.

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Nice idea, but staying dry in a water park isn’t really the point.

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It would be more decorative than anything. Hardly a maze if you can just walk through walls. But it would look pretty cool, which is OP's point I think.

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Make the water scalding hot so you don’t want to walk through it lol

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Maybe just unpleasantly cold, but I think you’re going in the right direction

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Make it highly chlorinated

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Use piss instead of water. It's technically still water if it's only 49% piss

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That’ll be sure to piss people off!

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Under high pressure, so if they stray or try to take shortcuts, it cuts through the canoe.

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Where did this canoe come from all of a sudden

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I laughed too hard at this

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No! It's not even water it's bleach

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Make the water start cold then get hotter as you get further through the maze so you know you're getting closer to the end.

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That's a great play on the "hot or cold" concept

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That was actually my first thought. Don’t heat this water. Makes the maze cheaper to operate and acts as a penalty for cheating.

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Have it coming down at 70,000psi.

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or changing in temperature so you have no idea what to expect

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I could bring an empty cup and a teabag and make a cuppa

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It would. Maybe if you had to go through in a canoe ?

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Oh my god, canoe imagine it?

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Get out.


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Hey, yacht to watch what you say, words hurt

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Well that ship has sailed!

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Make up your mind.

(Or Don’t.)

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You have my up boat

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Woah I want that!! Only problem is your average person is terrible at steering a canoe.

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Fine--kayaks it is!

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People are gonna smash heads as they run through multiple water walls

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Would be cool on a suspended walkway platform that could be raised and lowered so you never know how far you actually are from the water if you fall or jump out.

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Fine. Use fox urine.

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Where do we source so much fox urine?

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Foxes. Duh.

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Drunk foxes

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You just need a lot of foxes and a water source.

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No, it smells bad. I have already had this conversation...

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Have the path change more frequently. A wall could shoot up at any moment.

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Reminds me of this Mario Party minigame.

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Why don't they let people be nude in a water park?

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Because suction inlets.

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Mouthguards ?

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The suction inlets that pull the water in to recirculate it have been known to pull in certain body parts "accidentally".

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I know that. I was referring to a different suction inlet.

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They don't want brown slides.

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what if we made the passageway out of water and the walls out of dry

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That’s already a thing. It’s called a pool.

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not a maze

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I mean, who cares? If something’s awesome, it’s awesome

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What about the opposite then? Stay in the water the whole time through to the end

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Post this to r/crazyideas before mods remove it and tell you the same. It is a great idea.

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I love this idea, and to make sure people stay wet it could be in a shallow pool as well.

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Make it like a lazy river run. You come to an intersection and have to decide which way to paddle to.

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The point of the lazy river is not to make decisions but to have the decisions made for you.

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yeah, otherwise it's not a lazy river it's just a river.

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Not sold on the whole "change hourly idea". Could get unpleasant for those that are in the maze at changing time.

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Are you kidding? That would be the best bit! An alarm blurts for a few seconds and bam! Entirely new maze!

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maybe have the entire maze come down for a short while before reforming so anyone who'd want to get out could do it before it does.

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They can do it in minecraft, they can do it in real life.

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I guess I can make a floating island with a portal to the depths of the planet.

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until a crazed villain traps the hero in the abandoned water park and replaces the water with acid

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This really does sound like an episode of Batman.

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I thought Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC

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Strobe lights in a cave like environment

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And they can change the strobe frequency to make the water look like its going up

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Hourly? No. Real time. The maze it self is fighting you.

Maybe you get a prize if you get out dry?

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until kids just run through it and keep running into people

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Make the water ice cold, there needs to be penalty for bailing early.

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I like your thinking!

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The ultimate showerthought

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Shower thoughts, indeed.

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That would take a LOT of pumps - neat concept, almost mechanically impossible (or it would break the bank).

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Could do lasers and mist instead.

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Might work!

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just to make it simpler, why not just have jets of water shooting up? Sprinkler/hose attachments can already spread the water in a flat shape shooting up.

Awesome concept, just nit-picking the execution. It would be easier to build a small area with a grid of holes in the bottom (with flat-spray attachments, able to rotate 90 degrees) than to have a series of pipes hanging over head. Dollywood in TN (and probably the neighboring Dolly's splash country as well, though I haven't been there) had an area near the water rides that had things like mounted supersoakers and other water toys, as well as little "geysers" that would shoot up from certain spots. They were not obtrusive and could be stepped on/over by little kids without any harm or hazard, which I think would work perfect for this idea.

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There wouldn't need to be a ceiling, you could just have lines of fountain jets shooting up from the ground. It doesn't even seem like it would be that expensive.

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True shower thought!

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I'd be scared that wherever the water is falling from is going to collapse on me. I guess that is motivation to finish the maze quickly.

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You could call it H2Wooaah! 😋

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The city square near me has a similar idea but with jets shooting up. The layout changes every few minutes so you keep having to replan your route if you want to stay dry ( or just run through it like the little kids do)

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Also it could change periodically while people were still in it. That could be interesting.

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I can see a major flaw with the effectiveness of a maze made from falling water. Now falling lava would make an effective maze. Or maybe high pressure jets of water...

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This has been a thing in a swimming pool near me for almost 2 decades now

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Cool! Could you post a pic or something?

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As a parent i guarantee there will be broken arms and chipped teeth from this.

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How? how exactly do you envisage someone would break an arm or chip a tooth on water?

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Kid runs through, bumps someone, and everyone involved slips on wet floor.

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Children running blindly into each other at top speed.

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Actually there was a very similar concept in place on the Southbank (London) for a while. It was this metal floor, with fountains coming off it, these fountains formed 4 rooms which would randomly close I'm between each other and the outside so you either had to wait and get lucky or get very wet indeed

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This is an awesome idea

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This is a fabulous idea

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Better yet just make it a whole grid with different programmable maze configurations so you can change the layout.

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Already exists: in Lima there is a park of fountains, which includes a large interactive changing maze exactly like you describe. Walls are crates and grow/shrink from the bottom using jets of water. Best at night when illuminated.

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The maze he described has sheets of water as walls.

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could you link the park?

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Youd always have that one dickhead running through it

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If you get scared, just run through at top speed with reckless abandon.

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That's why you use 70,000psi water.

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"I" may have just thought of a new slaughter house method to increase efficiency. The best thing since sliced bread.

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There's a small water park somewhere outside Alicante in Spain that has pretty much this, just on a small scale

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I can imagine kids running back and forth into it until they eventually collided. Lord knows I would as a kid. Probably shoulder check a girl too and make myself feel awful as she started crying.

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Similar to the ice maze in Mario 64.

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Where is Elon musk when you need him!

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To be honest I'd just run through every wall because fun.

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that is such a cute idea, I hope they make something like that somewhere. It wouldn't be hard I'm sure, and it would be fun!

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These thoughts of entrapment often occur whilst showering. I usually just turn off the hydrant and look for the exit.

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Could you see the layout of the maze if the water sprayed form the ceiling?

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You could make the water change every thirty seconds and have routes which only appear once the water changes

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It should constantly change too.

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Cool idea!

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There's one on The Southbank in London. My little nephew loves it.

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2 things.

1) Don't put it in a water park. Put it somewhere known for being hot and/or humid, but where people aren't going to try to get completely soaked. They'll appreciate the splatter and misting, but not run through walls. Harry Potter world comes to mind, with the potential to use projectors and whatnot to recreate the third task from TGOF

2) Build that mofo on a grid of pipes. This lets you change the maze configuration on the fly. Make it so the they need to gather certain items to unlock the exit, but every time an item is gathered, the maze rearranges itself. Build in traps that cause the walls to start closing in, get crazy with it.

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The biggest problem would be running into the pipes and platforms that deliver the water walls that you would run into if you picked a direcrion to run out.

Sounds like a huge liability issue, which is why you don't see one yet. If a kid can drown in 2 inches of water it wouldn't be surprising to see a lot of deaths from people that tripped, slipped or were knocked over into the waterwall from others randomly running through them.

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Tonight. A new water park has broken the record for most broken noses of children at a water park ever.

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Perfect torture for hydrophobic people.

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If people had trackers on them they could split groups up by changing the water patterns to make it more difficult

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Change it every thirty seconds. Fuck your sense of direction.

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What about a "laser" maze - made out of water jet streams instead? So you have to do gymnastics moves, stretches, ducking under, jumping over, different angles, etc like a cat burglar to get through the maze. All inside a dark room with cameras for people in line to watch. Colored water and white clothes to verify you won (well you lost if you get hit).

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Good idea, but there would be way too many dicks poking through the water curtains

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Too cold too loud.

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Just think how awesome it would be to film an axe murder movie in it like The Shining!?

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Screw that! I'm gonna build my own water park, with blackjack and hookers

[–]slythersnail -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Better yet, the walls constantly change and the challenge is to get from one side of the theme park to the other while staying completely dry

The prize when you get to the other side of the theme park are blackjack, and hookers.

[–]infectieux -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

but what would the water bill look like though?

[–]TimeTravelMishap 0 points1 point  (1 child)

You could pump the same water through

[–]snpi 1 point2 points  (0 children)

the pump bills are through the roof though

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A great idea but also a huge waste of water ! :/

[–]BurningBannas 0 points1 point  (2 children)

????????? Pretty sure it’d recycle itself

[–]Roznw18 -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

?? But that water can be used for much better purposes... it's just going to sit in a water park filled with sunscreen and dead skin cells..

[–]BurningBannas 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Well yeah but its already a waterpark, and would probably be overall less wasteful than many of the other attractions at waterparks where the water is spashed around and not recollected