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It would be great to see a bunch of professional athletes from various sports just playing tag.

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Having a multi-terrain pitch would be good too, smack a pool in the middle maybe and some acrobatic crap on the walls

Meta would probably be for the swimmers to be not it as fast as possible then, make a brake for the center areas of the pool. And for everybody not a swimmer it’d probably be to tag a swimmer then, start climbing and hoping their extremely supple hand skin disallows them from following you.

Naturally tasty food and drink would be placed in various open areas so as to bait campers away from advantageous spots. Honestly mid/long distance runners and or climbers would in the end be the victors, as I am unsure swimmers could tread water for however long a distance runner could run or a climber could post up in a High place.

This legit sounds like it would be awesome to watch. Would get real intense at a professional level.

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NBA guards, and NFL CBs would own this. I'm curious to see how Premiere League players would fare.

Depends on how long they played I guess. They would have more stamina than most other sports players.

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I read a scientific article a few years ago that showed how NFL players are the strongest fittest (and not the dumbest) athletes on the planet. The "playing field" was a simulated medieval battle: NFL players kicked ass.

Ever heard of a comma?

I actually read this just fine. I'm confused where you're confused is coming from. And I'm usually first to not understand something if someone's missing punctuation.

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Just because a comma is unnecessary doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to disregard it

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That’s fine, but any decent piece of literature is gonna be using commas

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Okay but an Oxford comma is still very important in having others understand your writing-whether or not you feel it’s needed. And commas between words in a list and in between adjectives before a noun shouldn’t cause confusion if you use them correctly. No need to pull some explanation out of your ass to sound like a conceded internet douche

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I was confused by your lack of commas. That's at least one confusion.

Scrolled through to make sure someone had posted this. I would pay to watch this live.

Usaine bolt would have an advantage in running away from people but only until he got tired. All super heavy athletes would be at a severe disadvantage and endurance athletes would likely be able to get anyone since they would just out run them.

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You are assuming no elbows or out-of-sight stomping or after-tag punches in the face as a deterrent. I dare the marathoner to go tag an NFL lineman standing his ground.......

I suppose but if it’s to follow the spirit of “tag” and not “battle royale,” there’d naturally be a no tag back rule, making it so if you’re even touched once, you’re it and you can’t just beat someone up and make them “it”. At which point i actually would favor a distance runner or a running back who would have more speed, endurance, and or agility.

i thought the titled said t-bag

Is it just me or is thief-of-thieves just throwing a tantrum and throwing the whole thing out of proportion?

Edit: spelling

Not just you

I feel like Russell Westbrook would be the absolute best at this. Incredible explosiveness and speed, combined with great footwork skills, freakish athleticism and a relatively smaller frame so its harder to tag him

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or lebron big af , athletic and quick

Russ is smaller so he's harder to catch

Competitive tag is a thing

It would be cool seeing the Avengers to this. The actors themselves, in or out of character I think would be equally funny, but can you imagine a scene where the avengers are just playing some silly childrens game like tag? They'd FIND a way to make it deadly, and everyone agrees BLACK WIDOW IS NEVER "IT".

Just having them play the “not popular” version of their sport (at least for the country) would be great too. Have the MLB all-star team play cricket, the NFL all-pro teams play rugby, and the MLS soccer team plays futbol cause it’s still not popular in the USA no matter how many expansion teams and has-been premier league stars there are.

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Linguistics, Style and Writing in the 21st Century - with Steven Pinker+1 - You mean the Oxford comma and other unnecessary punctuation in between adjectives and adverbs. Yes, I am more than familiar with the concept. But that comma's usage is an outdated practice and, I feel, a sign of weak writing. Those commas just get in...
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Who would win?

Hockey players are basically fucked

Shit, the soccer players would win since they run the most. I’m not even a fan but damn they run a lot. Football is a little and baseball is 90ft at a time. But this would be amazing to watch.

I mean... besides actual runners. And op said there’d be a pool and obstacles to climb around too. Depending on how big the pool is it could be a real pain to catch a swimmer in it.

True. We need to come up with a list of all He sport and then a list of the top athletes and it would give a better idea of what to do and who had a chance.

This whole concept just reminds me of a video my old coach showed me once about a tribe in Africa who hunt by just running at deer (or gazelles? One of them) and no guns or Spears or whatever. They just legit chase and keep pace with the deer until it dies of exhaustion. So my bet on who’s winning this whole thing is whichever professional athlete can do that.

But even then there are counter matchups to that tactic like being able to reliably climb high (got me thinking of katniss Everdeen hiding in a super tall tree in the hunger games)

Ha even better. If we did a non-lethal hunger games. Like painted foam weapons. I would pay pretty money to see that.

Someone would get hurt

And when they are finished you could ask nicely if you can smell their jocks.

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