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"Why am I a length?"

*boom *

"Cream cheese is cheese?"

*boom *

"Avocado pit huge why?"

*boom *

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*boom *

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Lmao ain't that College Humor?

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Don't speak in these weird haiku's

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Why am I a length?

Avocado pit huge why?

Cream cheese is cheese? *boom *

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Where’s haiku bot when you need em

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“What are the new shapes?”

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Canine dick Brie muffins with ky jelly

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Avocado seed is big because it's from mammoths pooping it out. When they died out we thought it was a yummy fruit so we kept it alive. Pakistan and California are super important for avocadoes.

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Not mammoths. Giant ground sloths. Mammoths usuall lived a little further north than Avocados did.

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"Why Charlie hate?"

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Because Dennis is an asshole man.

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"Is Dilbert Jewish?"

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Baby powder made outta babies?

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People with shitty spelling would be lighting the place up

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Surprisingly, 15% of searches are for something never searched before.


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I wonder if it's mostly the old people writing complete sentences and asking questions as if they're directly talking to someone.

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Why everytime I call my friend Susan I hear a weird noise during the middle of the conversation? It's something like a mix of a mosquito and a noisy fridge, thank you very much google

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Probably programmers having a hard time with a 10 year old library and the last known person to discuss it has deleted the reddit post.

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I'd say it's more likely that students copy answers out of textbooks into Google, hoping that somebody asked something similar. That's gotta get at least a couple of percents, right?

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At this point in my life, I've never wondered more why cucumbers were hamburgers.

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This probably comes from someone accidentally copy and pasting an entire link with the HTTP header

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I also wonder if it counts searches that are basically the same thing but phrased slightly differently:

how is babby formed

how to form babby

i want to form babby

how did babby form

are those 4 searches or one?

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Those are 4 independent searches, yet will all lead to the same link(s), porn hub or yahoo answers

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Imagine putting in "shwbwanisneuwneudnsineudnsusnshe", but someone else somehow already put that in

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Your search - shwbwanisneuwneudnsineudnsusnshe - did not match any documents.


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Try now.

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Whoa. How did you get ahold of my search history?

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Because the search bar is atually OPs mom. Everythings been in there.

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Man with tiny penis gives fellatio to man with even smaller penis while man with practically nonexistent penis watches on.

Lol nah i look that up every week to see if my dream has made any progress yet.

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That sounds like the translated title of a Japanese gay porn DVD.

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If only my brother, if only.

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Jesus Christ. Just went and watched all of that. Fucking unbelievable story.

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Actually a Googlewhack is something that has only one result not zero!

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Yeah, a googlewhack isn’t the answer to OP’s original post, but it’s 1° off and lets me link to Dave Gorman, who is a genuine ripper.

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To pay respects

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He died for collectively giving all our respect

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I think your f key is stuck

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It came up in conversation somehow at my wood shop that we should bottle saliva and sell it. I searched in google “human spit for sale”. I might have been the first one to search for that. Hopefully...

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I'm pretty sure google has better things to do than praise all the kinky people out there...

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I read once that two thirds of Google searches are unique (ie, nobody has ever typed that exact phrase before)... kinda makes you appreciate how good their search algorithm is.

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They do... well, more like they steal your product ideas before you can get a patent... but hey, same thing right?

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Sounds like a prank on the new intern: sit here and watch this live-stream of global google searches, write down any good ideas.

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Maybe it does but we've been out of original thoughts for a long time.

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'' pkhbllrşflgmsnmdllflfldlkskemm ''

  • boom *

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Cream Cheese Gargantuan Gorilla Albino Nugget Porn

I got it

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Last thing I need is fireworks on tab #85 at 3am.

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I actually sent this suggestion to a Google forum a few years back but obviously it was lost in the millions of mundane suggestions Google probably gets every day.

Fast forward a couple years and my best friend is dating a guy whose parents actually work pretty high up at Google (what a perfect opportunity!), I outline my suggestion to my friend's date and he nods as I rave like a lunatic.

Just gotta wait for his parents to bring it up at a board meeting now! /s

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Me: Fjhvbuhchugbjuffdhjuyvhyrhuyghgfggv

Google: Wow good job!

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Some Martin Shkreli type would just make a bot to search a bunch of shit like a dictionary hack to ruin for everyone

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"How to dispose of dead body after death by inflation"

Oh look, there's a first for everything

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How to tickle pickle juiced baking ideas.

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Maybe they do.

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How do you know they don't?

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"Machine gun-wielding Orcs vs Demon Leprechauns"

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What do you mean? They already do


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The shortest search to not have a result is .,

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Once upon a dilly good chicken 4loko?

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People would be searching some weeeeird porn

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Unhappy > Smashes keyboard> "HADSFYTADU78FI GOYVA DO78UIYGas7guoy8da 798d"

Fireworks > happy

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Virgin Google

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Designing the machinery to implement that would be a nice exercise.

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It apparently happens quite a lot, all the time

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Searches ufwefvuibqiqujwehkheiwuhowhefiUHeuhweoihehoi hwvIHBOeohvOWOIHVo

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They do, you're just utterly unoriginal.

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Why is my poop banana?

💥 💥💥

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"jfjenrjfjeh4&$4$;$:;$37:$:" Fireworks

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They do.

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fadfghgjkfjhdfgfds boom

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Fun fact: There is a 1200 year old prophecy that confirms Eli from Love Live is destined to be my real life waifu.

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I wondered like 5 years ago why they couldn't just show me what the traffic was like, and how I could get around it. Sigh...shouldn't we be driving in self driving solar powered flying cars by now?