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It would really suck if a false missile warning was what finally gave you the nerve to murder your neighbor.

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It'd suck more for the neighbor.


Send fake missle warning to his other neighbor = the perfect crime.

Have a taste of my fake missile, bitch!



"Bet you regret letting Skittles shit in my yard now, Mark" *cocks shotgun with one hand

13 points · 6 months ago


Disgustingly accurate.

Wouldn't the missile do it for you...

But that’s not as fun as finally shutting that stupid prick up.

Maybe we could do it if we only had minutes to live

Hacks emergency warning system

Meanwhile in still tramautized and the rest of the world is joking about it...✌🏾

16 points · 6 months ago

Do what we do when we need a break from the world. Go to Hawaii.

But seriously what went through your mind before you knew it wasn't real?

13 points · 6 months ago

I was suspicious if it was real part of the time. The sirens never went off and the news wasn't covering anything.

Still had a pretty intense, adrenaline filled 10 minutes before I came to those deductions.

My husband is stationed here and his unit is literally the air missle defense team so since he was at home playing league of legends i knew nothing was happening...

Nothing is off limits for jokes

You must have been on the verge of doing it for a while to do it the first chance you got. I'm on to you OP.

got lost or wanted to exit you could just walk out of it. On top would be a grid of water spouts that cast sheets of water down, and the maze layout could change daily

I think you meant this for another thread....

HAHAHA wrong post dude

Apparently it's a bukkake race.

So... what'd your neighbor do?

Supposedly they found a body out on the reef runway

Edit: near the runway

Wonder how many people blurted out embarrassing secrets!

Id do a shitton of illegal shit if i found out that we were being nuked.

1 point · 6 months ago

Why are you thinking about this... VERRRY SPECIFIC

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