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This is the ideal shower thought, this is what peak performance looks like

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I can't wait to see it reposted ad nauseum

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If you put a fridge outside and it’s below freezing out, is it a heater?

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No everything in the fridge freezes. Knowledge from personal experience...

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That's why put a lightbulb in there. It keeps your fridge from becoming a freezer.

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I think you accidentally a word.

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My lightbulb doesn't work☹. I have to use the flashlight on my phone to see in the back. Smdh.

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The freezer burn should be enough

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Set the curtains on fire and your house will stay well lit. Cheap too, only haveto buy the lighter once.

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See? This is why I love Reddit. How elsewhere would I ever get an answer like this, to a question I never knew to ask?

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It's downhill from here. :(

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You may not like it. .

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Back in the mid-80s I worked a late-evening shift at a convenience store, and heading home at midnight, I would often take a slightly different route so that I would get caught at the stoplight right next to a Wonder bread bakery. I'd roll down my window and take deep whiffs of the baking bread. That's my real-life equivalent of a fly flying through a fart.

Reading this shower thought brought back that memory, which I had forgotten for a long time.

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Thanks for sharing!

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thanks for sharing the bread, Jesus!

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I used to live in Tampa, FL not far from a Wonder Bread factory. At night the smell carried all around the neighborhood. It was pretty awesome.

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True. When I drive past KFC and the smell hits me I immediately think about eating shit too.

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Fly through.

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I guess the problem would occur when the fly decided to order something.

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Right when I'm going to unsubscribe because the same six showerthoughts keep looping, this gem comes along and 180s me. This is chest tattoo or tombstone level stuff. This should be the example for what this sub can be.

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Ah yes a great thought as I an eating

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Oh my god, i'm so sorry for you! How did you become an eating in the first place? it must be terrible.

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It's a good thing you are a fly

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Interesting marketing I learned: Restaurants vent their kitchens outside to attract passersby, while grocery stores vent their bakeries inside to cause shoppers to get hungry and buy more.

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Burger King has a very distinct delicious BBQ smell filling the air for a square block. Oddly, nothing I have ever eaten from Burger King has ever tasted like the smell. I even worked there and never smelled that smell inside the building. I swear they have some kind of BBQ scented candles they throw in the furnace or something.

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We must shut down this subreddit now. It is complete.

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I don’t have anything to offer but my sincere appreciation for that shared thought. From now on , I’ll remember you every time I fart.

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Truly one of the most bizarre showerthoughts I’ve read. What else goes on in your mind? Tell us about your dreams?

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More like driving past In-N-Out.

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Missed opportunity for poo poo platter.

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You made me laugh so hard, I think I love you.

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I smell popcorn!

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Holy shit...

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I feel this has an actual answer over at r/askscience

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Is that an insult to kfc?

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Well done, sir!

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Bravo. Just, bravo.