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My male friend once wanted to take a "pill" . I gave him one of those, knowing it was a sugar pill lol.

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Sugar pill? Why are there sugar pills in a birth control pack?

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Some birth control has a period week where you just take a placebo pill. That way you don't lose the habit of taking the pill, but give your body a rest from the hormones.

At least that's how I understand it, but hey, I'm male.

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It's pretty easy to tell the genders of the redditors in this thread so far

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It's amazing how many people have no clue about anything related to periods.

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Actually some forms of birth control actually do have iron and vitamins in that week

I used to date a girl who would alter her cycle. I wasn’t clear on the specifics but if she just started another pack that week she could prevent her period that month or something. She did it multiple times because we had vacations planned and she didn’t want to be on her period during a few of those vacations.

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I'm not sure if you haven't come across other women that use the pill to skip their period, but it is pretty common and mostly a personal preference...

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As a dude why don't all women do this? It seems like a huge inconvenience

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Expensive. Also it has to happen eventually- it’s not like you can avoid it forever

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Only two women I dated have done it. I always thought it was a little risky. I can see here and there but all the time is bound to come with some long term side effects. Mostly I was just worried for their health.

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I don't know what midol is, assuming it's a painkiller and can say that would be f'in genius!

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Living in the UK, placebo pills are pretty unheard of. Would like to see those let alone pain killers for the fun time of the month.

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Yup. Same in Ireland. None here afaik.

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Don't get it

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The week of pills you take during your menses are placebo so why not throw in something useful like Midol for your cramps :)

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Ohhhhhhhh and is there a reason to include them at all?

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It’s to keep up the habit of “a pill a day”. If you stop taking them when they aren’t needed, you’re more likely to forget them when they are needed.

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But my doctor always told me that if I didn't take them every day, they wouldn't work. Kind of like how ssri's don't work day to day but you have to take them for weeks before they convince the brain to make serotonin, and missing a day would just kinda fuck up it's system.

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No because 1 of the weeks literally isnt the medicine. They're sugar pills. It's to help women track that they haven't missed any pills as a single missed pill during an active week is kind of a big deal pregnancy wise

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Your doctor is fake news

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Jesus lord yaaas

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Just because you need midol, doesn’t mean we all do. I wouldn’t like to be medicated without needing it. Better keep it like it is, then those who needs can get Midol on the side.

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Jesus. Same logic here, just cause you don't need them doesn't mean the rest of us also have easy low cramp or cramp free periods. Don't be such a dick. You could choose to take them or not.