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Website: Please verify your age to continue.

Me: January 1st, Very Old

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The first ever January 1st

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Sometimes i get pissed and just make it fly to like 1931 or something

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Me: Old enough

Website: old enough to what?

Me: old enough.... to party?

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u sure? im born 1-jan-1437

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Yeah, the first thing I always check is whether or not the website will accept a 01.01.18XX date. Funnily enough most of them do.

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My bank's year of birth dropdown goes back to about 1870 and I'm wondering why anyone of that age would want to sign up for online banking.

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I wouldn’t want online baking either

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You know you don't have to put your actual birthday in. I always just change the year. Usually to a decade I wasn't even born in.

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Yep. I just hit that year button and spin the mouse wheel.

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Yeah I always assumed that's what everyone does.

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Yeah, lucky it didn't happen, otherwise we would've had scared nuclear babies in October.

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Um, what?

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Scared nuclear babies.

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And then you lose your password and your shit out of luck.

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Nobody's talking about signing up with a fake birth date, this is about those age verify boxes. On a different note, if you can use your birthday to reset your password, that's a big problem in itself.

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Because of that, I remember reading that Gabe Newell said according to the data they have on Steam, 90%(maybe it was higher) of Steam users birthdays is on January 1st. Ain’t nobody got time for this.

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did you know the average age of viewers on the youtube video " Mining at night | minecraft music video | ANIMATED " is 237 years old?

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Imagine how much time they save in their lives... It probably adds up to hours. Hours that I'll never have, sigh

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You could always just say your birthday's Jan 1st, everyone lies about their age when signing up for things anyways

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Add to that the time used running up escalators and typing u instead of you and they will practically live forever.

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I thought everyone was born on Jan 1 on the internet

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I get that most people don't put their actual birthday. I just feel the need to do it for some reason lol

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Too bad their parents miss out on the tax deduction they would have gotten if the kid was born the previous day...

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My mom had the option of having me on December 31st or January 1st. She chose the 31st for the tax deduction.

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I bet your pissed

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Eh, it’s okay. There’s always a ton of parties and I have the next day off.

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For those who don't get what the blaze the OP is talking about, he's talking about a birthday entering field with drop-down lists for the day, month, and year. A person born on January 1st would only have to change the year because the day and month default to January 1.

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i think we got it

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Plus every year every has giant party’s counting down to your birthday

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Yeah, but they’re hungover every year on their birthday..

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The real winners are the ones that are born on '00 years. They just have to look at the year. (If they make it over 99 it's all down hill from there, reset to 0.)

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can confirm. Born Jan 2nd

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Can confirm, was born on the 1st of January

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Imagine being on January 1st, 2000. You could know how many days you've been alive with barely any math!

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Unless you have an apple device and have auto fill that works 90% of the time.

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Almost never the case. It's usually a drop down menu that says MM: DD: YY: (or YYYY:) or it says Month Day Year. Just setting the year would leave the month and day still blank. I don't remember seeing one defaulted to Jan 1st.

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a lot are. also, many others have arrows on the side for UP/DOWN so just click each once and it defaults to January 1st

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I never put my real age on any website unless it’s a bank or phone company. Some of these companies are reckless.

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Being born on the 30th of november, i agree

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Hey buddy, try not to steal next time. https://redd.it/7cacan

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Oh yeah my bad. Because I go back and read 63d old shower thought posts. But good to know.

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Better yet, they'll always have their birthday off from work/school!

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I was born january 19th, and when I was 18 most websites had my birth year already selected. So this Shower Thoughts post really spoke to me.