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Think about people. You go from one ball to a hole then a tube then another hole and then toward another tube then you drill a hole to get into another ball. Then you get bigger and slide out another hole.

So bodies are crazier. Go from ball to tube to tube to ball to hole.

EDIT: Oh forgot there’s that hole at the end too 😕....in the ground.

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its the circle of life

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Reposts are crazy, they go in one subreddit Monday and come back out four more times by Saturday.

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Sorry, fairly new to reddit and didn’t know it was a repost, saw it in a YouTube video

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Why are you watching YouTube videos in the shower?

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Technology is amazing.

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Lol you got me

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Hating on repost is basically hating on unoriginal content. Wherever you hear a joke, it's probably been heard by many here.

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I like to watch videos while drinking my beer

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OP at about a [7]

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That just blew my 11 year olds mind...

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One was posted 6 days and the other 3 days ago. See you in 3 days.

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Dude, I get it. I didn’t know it has a repost just calm down

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Dude, as I said before, I didn’t know it was a repost, I saw it in a YouTube video and thought I found something funny then I posted it

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God I love this one.

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General Reposti

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Dude, everyone has made it clear it’s a repost. I’d don’t know. There is no need to keep saying it

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Then just take it down and stop farming the karma.

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Repost from last week

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Sorry, fairly new to reddit and didn’t know it was a repost, saw it in a YouTube video

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when this comment is a repost :dabs:

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It was easier to just copy on paste from the other comment instead of writing a new one