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I love how the post is marked spoiler.

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Let's just go ahead and add it to the reddit ettiquete that any post with the word 'spoiler' in the title must be labeled as a spoiler.

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The real troll would be to make the title of the post be about car spoilers, mark the post as a spoiler, then spoil the ending of a really popular movie.

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Darth Vader is Luke’s father.

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I think it’s done automatically.

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No, just a spoiler recall. However, if a company recalls all of its products it would be a Total Recall

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I upvote because I thought of this as hilarious

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I downvote because I guess that's just what we're doing, no other reason

Edit: his votes went into the positives so I switched mine to an upvote because I guess that's just what we're doing

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It's all good!

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Awesome! Have another upvote! for now

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I work for a ford dealer, I can relate

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I downvote because I thought of this, decided not to post it because it was a reach for a poorly linked Total Recall joke, and then I saw that you did it.

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no, when they recall brakes they don't call it a brake alert.

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This is pretty fuckin good man

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Yeah nice quote. I saw that episode of New Girl too. Nick is pretty funny.

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I don't watch the show but now I guess I know I could write for it.

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How could anyone argue with logic like this. It just can't be done.

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Here's your damn upvoat