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If depressed people were to hang out more with dogs it would probably do wonders for their self-worth. Sometimes you just don't want to talk about your problems. Sometimes all you want is to not feel judged or analyzed. Dogs are wholesome like that.

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Animal therapy is a thing and it's a good thing!

Or you just feel guilty for not paying enough attention or giving your own dogs the love they deserve.

This is a far more likely outcome.

Let it be someone else's dog which visits you constantly

Get a cat. They aint needy.

Also not useful.

What about cats?

Original Poster51 points·1 month ago

Cats too. I'm personally allergic to them though. Not that it stops me from playing with them :P

Till death tears us apart!

Cats purring have been found to stimulate bone growth and healing so there is a physical benefit as well as an emotional one for cats.

I love cats. I adopted one two years ago and decided to keep it's first kitty. Recently it gave birth to three little kitties. Now I have a mother, it's almost a year old cat, three recently born kittens. I'm going to giveaway those three kittens though when they are old enough.

I love my cat, but the idea that he wants to constantly be with me and views me without judgement is laughable. I love my fuzzy narcissist, but we both know what this is.

the idea that he wants to constantly be with me and views me without judgement is laughable.

Quick question: is your cat often "accidentally" in the same room as you? Like, you'll be in a room and at some point you look up and think, "When did the cat come in here?"

Cats don't show affection like dogs do, they don't always want to be petted and cuddled, but they get very attached to their people.

Second this. My cat cries when I leave the room cause he doesn't want to have to follow me into another room. If you ignore him, he'll begrudgingly come into the room and lie down near me

My husband and I love cats, so when his depression was at an all-time low and he had to be off work while adjusting to medication we decided to foster cats. Animals that need love + doing something good, what can go wrong! Well two weeks after we got our first seemingly-healthy foster, my husband was the one to hold her while she died at the vet of kidney failure. It was one of those “this almost never happens” situations that couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

We stuck with it though and in the next year fostered and rehomed over 30 kittens, my husband often naps in the middle of the kitten pile. Our current batch of 2 week olds go crazy when they hear your voice and climb all over your face for snuggles.

That's the worst thing that every pet owner has to go through. The first ever cat I adopted was killed after 3 weeks of adoption in a car accident. She died in a horrible way. I went through a lot after that because when I first adopted her, she just went below the cot and never came out. I sat next to the cot and talked to her and asked her to come out for more than an hour. I fed her and she loved me a lot. I decided that day to not have any pets coz it hurts a lot when the pet dies.

And then one day a neighborhood kid saved a kitten from stray dogs by throwing stones at the dogs and took the cat with him. His mom didn't allow him to keep the cat and asked the kid to leave it where he found it. The kid was sad. So I decided to adopt the cat so that I will have a pet and the kid can play with the cat whenever he feels like. I named the cat Aslan because of its color and later found out that it is a female. She gave birth to a kitten less than a year ago and I named her Nymeria, a character from Game of Thrones. I decided to keep her too. Nymeria is now not old enough to have kids and Aslan gave birth to two males and one female kitties three weeks ago. Now I have Aslan, her child Nymeria, and her other three kittens that I haven't named yet. I'm so happy to have all these cats.

I am definitely one of my cats' therapy human, lol. She in turn is a great therapy cat. Just the sweetest, cuddliest thing in the world.

My cat was sleeping next to me once in bed when I started to cry. She jumped up and I thought she was going to leave because of the noise. Instead, she circled around me, rubbing up against me and meowing, and wouldn't settle down until I stopped. Cats are caring and affectionate too!

He said without judgment. 90% of the time when a cat looks at you you know they're judging you

I realize this is a joke, but the truth is most of them have a case of "resting bitch face". If a cat's looking at you with half-open eyes, it's happy and content. A slow blink is a smile.

Cats are constantly judging you and always finding you inadequate. But they can’t use a can opener. So there’s that.

Dogs can be trained to be service animals for people with depression, anxiety disorders, all sorts of things.

Am depressed and also have dog. Can confirm.

I’ve been having mental breakdowns from financial stuff and just a busy schedule between work and school. My 5 month old chihuahua always licks my tears and comforts me when he sees me sad on the bed. He brings me a bag of chips sometimes from my small shelf (it’s always my go to snack after school or work lol so he knows me super well). He’s truly my best friend and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Chihuahuas are the best little companions. ❤

I'm allergic to both. So, I just cuddle with my parents chickens.

Chicken hugs are awesome. Turkeys like hugs too.

True story. Any old time I need a poultry hug, it's time to visit my folks.

I was someone who didn't believe in emotional support animals.

And then I adopted a husky and he has helped me get out, excersise and im taking half of the medication I was on! My psychiatrist gave me the letter to make him my ESA.

Original Poster4 points·1 month ago

I'm happy for you, buddy :)

Thank you!

That's awesome! I have a hound dog that's gotten me through serious bouts of depression and forced me to get out of bed and be active. It's seriously life changing.

That said, the ESA registration process is laughable... From an ESA registration provider's FAQ: "If you do not have your ESA evaluation letter yet, you can get one from our mental health professional by purchasing it on the products page or over the phone."

Fucking gold star there bud.

My dogo is great when I'm having an episode. Literally doesn't do anything different then normal, which is nudging in to my lap to cuddle. It's really nice. Even my cats get on board. My older one will come running from wherever he's hanging out when he hears me and will tolerate several minutes of cuddles and pets, which is usually all it takes for me to gain control again.

My therapist told my parents to buy me a dog and now i had my samoyed for a little over a year now and its the best medication you can get. Anytime im pissed off or starting to get depressed i take my dog and go for a run.

what if u dont like dogs?

Original Poster15 points·1 month ago

Well, dogs will like you even if you don't like them.

But there are of course other ways to deal with depression.

Cats, or rats are both excellent pets for someone that doesn't like dogs or doesn't have the space for one.

I have depression and anxiety, and dogs actually exacerbate my anxiety. I’m fine with them from a distance, and when they start barking at me because I’m walking past, but as soon as one jumps on/at me in the way that dogs generally do, I freeze. I’m not afraid, I just don’t like their hyperness.

Older\more calm dogs are best. I will definitely agree with that.

I worry about mine whenever I leave the house. The guilt when I have to close the door and they can't come with is depressing. Expensive health problems requiring surgeries, insulin, prescription food, etc. end up costing us thousands per year, per dog. Yes, I love them but they have a lot of their own needs and issues and cause plenty of stress for me.

I can't really recommend a dog as an antidepressant. The likelihood of it making someone's life more stressful outweighs the potential benefits to me.

0 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

If that's the case, then you have the wrong breed for your needs. Most people don't think very hard about breeds when they get a dog, but it makes all the difference for both you and the dog. Based on what you described, I would think that a greyhound or a similarly relaxed breed would be perfect. My grey wants nothing more than to lay on the couch with her head on my lap. No craziness or barking(unless I purposefully elicit it), and that is typical for the breed. Do some research on breeds that match your needs and you might be surprised at what you find.

1 point·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

I have cats, they help quite a bit in the way the OP has said about Dogs.

But you're probably right about the breed thing, most of my interactions with dogs are with the very Hyper breeds, though not by choice. My Aunt's dog is a Spaniel-cross-something and I have had to house sit with him in the past, which left me feeling anxious 70% of the time while I was.

Unfortunately not plausible for me. It's strange how everyone seems to be obsessed with animals and I couldn't really care less.

Its just kinda human nature, to want to take care of something. Ether you never interacted with animals which growing up(or ever really) or you are on the psychopath spectrum.

Or maybe some people just don't like animals like some people don't like chocolate or bumblebees.

Im not talking about chocolate or bumblebees. im talking about all animals in general. Dont try and twist my logic into something totally different. I never said your not allowed to dislike a particular object or animal.

Im saying that showing a dislike to living beings is un-natural and shows a lack of understanding in nature and psychology. I mean unless you lived in a city your whole life, then i dont understand how someone could be so unappreciative of nature.

I grew up with a lot of animals, my sister is crazy for anything with fur, my parents always had 3 dogs and 2 cats most of my life. Personally, I am allergic to all kinds of pet dander. So I moved out and never got any animals, its been great for me. So I can see how some people would not want any animals, it doesn't make them a psycho.

Also, in regards to the showerthought, telling someone who is depressed that a dog/animal may help might be bad advice. In my experience, I had to take care of my parents animals frequently when I was younger and living with them. When I was depressed, having to care for another living creature while I was pretty sure I couldn't even care for myself was detrimental to my condition. I continuously felt like I was not doing enough and was very unmotivated to take the dogs for a walk, or throw a ball with them, even feeding them felt like a chore, not a reward. Sure, sometimes when they cuddle with you its nice, but all the responsibility being dumped on you while you are already vulnerable can be a negative and actually make you feel worse.

Its a simple thing, every person is different. What works for some may not work for all. And the last thing I would tell someone who is depressed is to get a living creature and care for it. Thats like telling a newly married couple who are having troubles and thoughts of divorce to have a child since it will give them something to care for.

When i ever mention owning an animal?! You are completely right, someone who cant take of animals shouldnt.

Good thing thats not what im talking about...

Animals arent toys, they arent just there to cuddle. The rehabilitation part comes the sense of responsibility you get from taking care of a living being and watching it grow to its fullest potential. Its forces you to learn leadership skills and therefore self confidence. Low self esteem is a major symptom of depression and when you have a pet(not just a dog or a cat) and are truly dedicated. Its gets people out of the victim mindset and into the “i have a goal(in this case keeping the pet alive and healthy) i want to achieve and need to improve myself to reach that goal” mindset.

Btw i don’t understand the marriage analogy, why would you get married if you weren’t going to commit to the relationship or to someone you didnt truly know? Theres a little something called dating. Is that going extinct in our divorce happy society?

I got a dog. My bf convinced me we should get a cute little shibe, and I love him so much. But he's the exact last thing I needed. He pays 0 attention to me :(

Protip! If you want a loving companion, a Shiba Inu is not for youuuu.

I have both a shiba inu and a Rottweiler. As much as I love my shiba for being a brilliantly funny little shit, he is not the one who is usually there for me when I'm feeling down. My rottie on the other hand will bring me her most prized bone and nudge me until I pet her. It's amazing how different breeds generally act so differently.

I've only met 2 Rottweilers, but they were both the biggest sweethearts when it comes to their people.

It is so odd that breeds will act similarly regardless of how they're raised. I raised my boy to love me but it just didn't work haha.

Shibas just love in a different way than most other dogs. They are much more subtle about it and generally enjoy being around their people just not right in their face.

Did you even research that dog breed’s personality type???

Of course I did. But like my typical self I assumed that my dog would be different.

Why the connection between depression and self worth?

Depression can often be caused by lack of self worth. I can elaborate if you wish.

Of course, obviously depression can come from any bad thing happening in a person's life. But clinical depression is mostly from chemical imbalances in the brain.

True, though lack of self-worth can also be a symptom. That's how my depression mostly manifests. When I'm low, everything is my fault. It's my fault I feel like shit. No one wants to hear my problems. I'm not worth anyone's time, and I don't understand why people even want to be around me. I'm not worth the love of my SO. And on, and on. I withdraw into myself, which only exacerbates things. It's a vicious downward spiral.

Thankfully, therapy, meds, exercise, and working on building a positive social circle have helped keep me out of that place for a while now. But I know I've got to keep working, because that pit is a very easy one to fall back into.

Yeah, I hear ya. I think exercise is pretty underrated as one of the tools to help with depression, I was glad to see you mention it.

I am extremely depressed and while my pup makes me smile and happy at times the existential dread never ceases

So r pet goldfish Those little shits come up to the tank excited to see you and are calming

And sometimes you just want to throw a ball but can't be bothered to go get it.

That is why I’m a licensed therapist with a therapy dog. I can often tell how a client is doing based on my dogs reaction. She’s extra sweet & gentle when clients ate struggling and I allow extra time at the beginning of sessions for cuddles with her when I see this interaction.

*man hanging from noose with dog barking at his feet

I have had a dog my entire life and it has not helped. Truly I am beyond salvation

Its am I. I have 4 dogs and 4 cats, 2 kids, a husband, and plenty of money. Still fucked in the head. Some of us just are and will be.

Nope, depressed, girlfriend has dog....i fucking hate it.

The older I get the more I choose canine companionship over human. Not sure if that says something about society, dogs, or myself...

Allergies suck. There's dog rooms and stuff at my university for exam time and I just avoid those buildings all together.

And then allergies ;-;

I was petting my dog whole reading this and i can 100% agree. Sometimes even my dogs needines makes me feel like i have some kind of purpose. I always hated the idea of having a dog that didnt get in my peraonal space

I'm too depressed to take care of a dog! I did have a fish at one point though. Poor Fluffy, he was too good for this world. So pure, so innocent.

I'm depressed and I own a dog. Woops.

I wish I could have a dog. My allergies are so bad that my face literally (read: figuratively) blows up when I'm anywhere they are or have been... sadface.

I wish I could do that but I’m allergic to dogs and cats

My dog judges the shit out of me, regardless your basic sentiment is probably true

Plus, free hugs whenever I damn well feel like it.

That would be animals in general..

What if they have caninophobia

I have a dog for my PTSD and anxiety and she does wonders for me. She just knows when I'm getting close to an episode and knows how to pull me out of it. Life would be a lot more "ruff" without her. (Sorry had to lol)


I have two large dogs. They make me more depressed sometimes than I already am. They're great companions but they do things that makes me want to run away screaming.

My dogs know I'm a mental traffic jam. They treat my parents and anyone else like shit jumping on them and barking and whatnot. but they just lay down by my side and ask for belly rubs around me. They fight over me though. They also don't run away from me outside like they do my parents. They just know I guess.

It helps, but it doesn't cure the reason for your depression.

This is exactly why I've been checking dogs out in my area. Hopefully in the next couple weeks.

I’ve found even dogs reject me eventually.

My dog is the best medicine for my depression and anxiety 🐾

As a depressed person that isn't hugely into dogs, I actually want practical solutions to my problems, or information that will lead to those.

Our golden judged us with such regularity you’d think she was littered on the back of a Clydesdale.

For me that might make it worse to have a dog

Worst shower thought I’ve ever seen

You know whats just the worst when you're deppressed? When people tell you how to not be deppressed. Fuck off.

Unless you find dogs, smelly, stupid and annoying.

They’re a really good fuck as well

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