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Any random rock you've ever touched is probably old enough to have been around dinosaurs.

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They might also be covered in dinosaur excrement, go wash your hands

It might BE dino poop, go take a shower

Technically you're made of cells that once made up dinosaur poop.

Nope. None of that one is true. Poop isn't made of body cells at all, if it were, they would have broken down within hours or days, not lasting millions of years, and people aren't made from cells that they get externally, they start as a single cell which divides over and over. No cells came from anything but your parents, and our ancestors did not come from poop.

If you mean that your atoms come from dinosaur poop, then maybe some did, but the vast majority of organic mass was not dinosaur poop at any point in time. Maybe a few atoms were dinosaur poop in some people, but not all of it.

How many times did he say poop?

The existence of dinosaurs contradicts itself in many ways. So he may be right


In what ways do the dinosaurs' existence "contradict itself?"

The gas in your car... wait...

Actually, gas rarely comes from dead dinos. It’s more likely to be from dead plants and vegetation.

so when i'm burning rubber down the highway going 110 it would not be accurate to say "that kilometer was brought to you by the stegosaurus!"

Just say something like, that mile was brought to you by zosterophyllophyta instead. Much better.

Found the pedantasaurus.

Air you breath

the water you drink, certainly


Well... You know how they have to dig the dinosaurs?

I love this. I have a meteorite and I look at it wondering what it's seen and how old it really is. Hundreds of thousands, millions, billions of years? It's just iron so it probably formed around the halfway point between the universe starting to expand and where we are now but idk for sure. It's memorizing though.

You don't have a meteorite bud

What makes you think rocks from space are uncommon?

Enlighten me.

The one I have is most likely from either the earth or the last asteroid that drove us to extinction based on probability but they can come from the asteroid belt, moon collisions, Mars collisions, or even just float from another star, though that is very unlikely. Most rocks that hit us from space have been in our system since it first formed . When large rocks hit earth at huge speeds, they send smaller fragments of that rock back into space, orbit, or just really far away on the ground which is most likely how my little 30gram meteorite formed. So mine most likely float around earth after one of the meteor collisipns until it hit our atmosphere and slowed down enough to fall to the ground where I found it. All said and done, these things fall thousands of times a day. Sometimes in visible 'meteor showers'. Then people go there to pick up the fallen space rocks to sell in shops or just collect cause they're cool.

ok that was very interesting and a damn good read. but how did you come across your rock to make you think its from space and possibly millions of years old?

It's magnetic so it's iron, which is a good fake teller considering many fake meteorites are acid burned glass and regular rocks. It also has small indentations all over which are from entry to the atmosphere and impossible to fake accurately. Acid leaves deeper circular holes while atmospheric friction will make mostly teardrop shaped dimples and other more random looking markings. The structure of iron in meteorites is much different from iron ore as well. It has lots of groups of atoms aligned into 'grains' which all go in different directions(this is why most iron meteorites in our system are weakly ferrous)

I bought mine in a gem shop but that's not an uncommon way of finding one. You have to know where they fall (mostly in magnetic vortexes all over the world which I am not near but it's mostly random to be honest) you just have to wait for a meteor shower of your going find one after it falls. Some shops will sell fakes but they are much cheaper and easy to tell as I said above.

As for the true age, I would need to carbon date it. Theres no other way to know for sure but to guess, being iron, it was likely formed in the late game of our universe as iron is a heavier element and took more time to synthesize in stars. Probably about 2-3 billion years ago if I had to guess. Who knows when it took its size/ rough shape though. That was the result of some collision at some point in time which I cannot exactly pinpoint. Maybe thousands, maybe billions of years ago.

They aren't all that pricy for a small one like mine (50 grams it think), it was $25 but price goes wayyyy up with size like it does with crystals/gems. My grandma has one that's been passed down in our family that she got appraised to be worth a... Lot. and it's a couple pounds! I forget what exactly it's comprised of other than iron, it's been a while. I could never sell it if I end up with it but many people make their living this way.

Woah, sorry for the long read, this stuff is just really interesting to me.

I just weighed mine. It's 36grams, not 50.

I picked up an AC/DC album the other day- this is incredible.

Unless you live in Hawaii or similar; in which case sucks to be you but the rest of us are too busy with our cool dinosaur rocks to care.

Rocks are that old? Six thousand years?

Is this sarcasm

Yes, coming from me. Not from my religious zealot family in the Bible belt. And....that's when the yelling started.

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