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The difference between looking at the stars and looking at the sun is like the difference between listening to a choir and having someone scream directly into your ear

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interesting analogy, but I like it!

Do you usually dislike interesting analogies?

Good point, but I agree.

Do you usually disagree with good points?

Good observation, but I'll have to be on your side on this one

Do you even?

Have sex


Bad point but I have to disagree.

I don't know why, but I love witty comments that make fun of linguistic use

Well interesting can mean that it's different from what you expect. You can think a opinion is interesting even though you disagree.

...interesting can mean that...

Now that is a bigass "can".

The use of "but" is the issue here.

Can someone point me to a theater where I can pay someone to scream directly into my ear?

Tell me where you want me to meet you and I'll scream directly into your ear.

Disclaimer: I have a lot to scream about due to difficulties at home recently.

I don't know man, if I'm going to pay someone to scream on my ear... I wish to choose the subject!

Works for me. I just come prepared in case the client does not have a topic of choice. After all, you're paying me.

I bet this is a fetish

3 points·1 month ago

Hey ice cream too!

Aw :(

Want to talk about it buddy?

I'm irritated because I can't find an apartment for myself, so I'm living at home. My parents have a whole bunch of rules set up that are absolutely stupid, including that the internet goes off at 10 pm every night. I came home from college to work an internship (I'm 20). I had a social life at college, much of which involved staying out until midnight or later, but at home my parents will bug and nitpick if I don't go to bed at 10 on the dot. I have tried to explain to them that I don't need that much sleep - I can stay up until 2 am and still get up at 5 am - but they don't listen. I work from 6 am to 4 pm with an hour drive to and from work. I'm exhausted whenever I get home from work and I try to help around the house but then they force me to do even more stuff. I'm starting to think they think I started drinking or doing drugs at college, which is completely false - I have no personal interest in drugs or alcohol. It looks like the earliest I will be able to get my own apartment is in late July, right before I go back to college in August. I've been looking for an apartment since last September in preparation for this internship.

Tl;dr - FML. I feel like the only good thing in my life is this internship just because it pays and I don't have to sit at home.

Sounds like your parents trwat you like a kid? Have to tried saying directly, hey, I'm an adult, not a child. I make my own rules. Once your 18 you get to make your own decisions. Maybe do it around the time you're leaving

1 point·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Yeah I've said it to them before but maybe I can say it again. They're just very adamant about their house rules.

I'm just done arguing with them about pointless shit and I want my own apartment.

Try to be honest and stay calm. Maybe write a letter about it so you know what you want to say. Tell them your are not 12 anymore and can decide your own bedtime. Maybe even thorw it on the pile,' you do want to keep in touch after I leave, right?' You're an adult. Not a toddler they should respect your right to decide for themselves.

Don't do it, you'll go blind.

no subjects to scream about.. i'll just screech like a pterodactyl

Pls someone do the maths to scale luminosity of sun vs stars, to see just how loud the scream would actually be!

A fun thing I saw a while back was if the space between earth and the sun was filled with air the sun would sound as loud as a trains horn blowing right in your ear forever

27 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Sure, irradiance from the sun on the surface of the Earth is about 1000W/m2. If we assume you are absorbing the full square meter, then you are sensing about 1000W of energy.

That's equivalent to a turboprop aircraft take-off of around 140 dB.

From a book electro-optical systems performance and modeling by Gary Waldman pg 60, illuminance from a moonless clear night is about 100,000,000 times less bright than our sun's illuminance.

Using that ratio, the energy we get from the Stars is 0.00001W.

That's equivalent to a relatively quiet vacuum cleaner of 70 dB.

TLDR: 140 dB vrs 70dB. Or a turboprop plane taking off vrs a vacuum cleaner.

I don’t know anyone whose eyes absorb a square meter of sunlight

I did a calculation of experiencing the energy of light in the form of sound. You're entire body is a sensor.

Also I'm a physics guy, so rounding is my specialty.

But if you want a more detailed answer, go for it. Let me know what you get.

Too relevant

Yep that was my first thought too re: your link.

Exactly my thought

You got here first. Take my upvote.

I listened to that with headphones... DIRECTLY into my ears!

This is one of the only good shower thoughts I've seen recently

-9 points·1 month ago(3 children)

It's also that the stars are beautiful and form constellations and patterns like melodies in a choir. I dunno I just like the poetry of it.

Yeah, that right there goes in the direction of a really fine shower thought. I love thinking about how everything exists with a law of harmony underlying it. And all the endless possibilities emerging from it.

It's not particularly profound, but I think it's a fun analogy. Most shower thoughts I've seen recently are total garbage.

Fun fact: If space wasn't a vacuum, and we could hear the sun, it would be as loud as a non-stop AC/DC concert.

You can use other metrics, but it's better to measure things in terms of AC/DC concerts, because AC/DC frickin' rocks!

Just as repetitive, too.

"Somebody said that AC/DC has just made the same album over and over ten times. That's not true. We've made the same album over and over eleven times!"
--guitarist Angus Young

But would it spund like AC/DC?

13 points·1 month ago

Actually, the difference between looking at the stars and looking at the sun is like the difference between listening to a choir and having someone scream directly into your ear while the chorus keeps singing.

More like ranging from someone whispering to talking to you from across the room vs. screaming in your ear.

More like somebody yelling in your ear, and trying to hear an ant screaming from a mile away

Maybe if the choir was dead by the time you heard them.

So stars are more like a vinyl record of a choir?

Most of the stars you can see with the naked eye are less than a hundred light years away, and they will almost all live for millions of years still. In all likelihood you cannot see the light from a single dead star. (The most likely candidates are Betelgeuse and Antares, I believe, but even for them it's a timeline of thousands of years.)

It's like night and day.

This is somehow beautiful

Original Poster2 points·1 month ago

Thanks I thought about it while getting drunk drinking spanish wine and looking at the stars.

My ear hurts thinking about that

Analogy pedant here, and I really want to hate this but damn if it ain't good. Can't see other stars very easily when the sun is out, can't hear any other people singing when someone is screaming in your ear. Sun warms surface of the planet, screaming in someone's ear is a good way to make their blood boil. This one is much more subjective, but the sun makes the Earth revolve while further away stars hardly have any effect, screaming in someone's ear can make their head spin while regular music has a negligible effect on your attention.

Very nice.

A difference between "wow" and "ow"

I don't get it???

So distance not difference

Makes me wish I could squint my ear holes at a screamer the same way I can squint my eyes at the sun.

It really is mind boggling when you find out we literally have only one star in our Galaxy.

That's a weird thought

I heard that if there was a way to hear the sun, even from the distance it's at it would still sound like a freight train horn going off right next to you.

I've been waiting to read this for years THANK YOU dear

Except the scream would rupture both your eardrums and cause you permanent deafness.

Actually one is diebtonsigjt and the other is due to dbbheerrbrkfk.

i dont get it

The choir is far away and many voices creating a harmony, like the stars are far away and create a pleasing image. The guy screaming in your ear hurts, like looking at the sun

And the sun is just one brute source of force, I also like how both bring light (sound) but both differently.

-7 points·1 month ago(1 child)

its the xanax

I like this

they'd have to scream loud enough to burst your eardrum.

If this is true, the being in space not particularly close to any star is like the Duck Army Vine

That’s beautiful.... I think

Hit ‘em with a save

It makes me uncomfortable how accurate this is.

But the Son is a star...

brightness in comparison to loudness it is

So you're saying that listening to Katy Perry is like giving a blumkin to an Elephant.

Actually a better analogy would be: The difference between looking at the stars and looking at the sun is like the difference between listening to a choir that's 117km away and having someone scream directly into your ear.

The distance of the scream in this analogy is 1cm. That's how far away stars are in comparison to our sun - Sun.

For the star distance I found a website that lists 300 brightest stars and how far away they are and I took a median of that - it's 185 light years. For comparison the closest star Proxima Centauri is 4.24 ly away.

So in other words if we were to scale the universe so that the distance between Sun and Earth was 1cm then the closest star would be 2.68km away. Median distance of 300 brightest stars would be 117km away.

And Voyager 1 - the farthest (and fastest) man made object would be only 1.4m away from the sun (and it's been flying almost 41years now), only 2678.6m left to the nearest star (if it were going that way).

Edit: Sound intensity not to scale, only distance.

-10 points·1 month ago(0 children)
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