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Movie theaters will be wasting a huge opportunity if they don't offer a liter size cola as a drink option during screenings of Super Troopers 2.

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But to get one, you have to give the correct response when they say "Just get a large, Farva"

A liter... it’s French. For GIVE ME A FUCKING COLA

222 points·1 month ago

I don't want a large farva I want a litre of cola!

*god damn liter cola


Does this look like spit to you?

"fuck it"

It's delicious

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My local theater (or at least the restaurant associated with it) is way ahead of you

Wait, triple burger with fries and drink for $12? Maybe I've been ruined by local theater prices but that sounds the deal of a lifetime

But I don't want a Large Farva. I want a God Damn Literacola!

fucking small drink. what a cheap out

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And bottles of maple syrup!

3... 2... 1... Dooo eeeeeet!

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and bullet proof cod pieces

and Snozzberry Smoothies.

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries

oh no wonka why

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And put goofy shit on the walls and serve mozzarella sticks.


Fun fact: Hooters will be serving snozzberry wings for one week starting 4/20 for the ST2 release.

Oh that little guy? I wouldnt worry about that little guy.

And mustache rides for the kids

And Marijuana

You mean the reefer??

Littering and...

Littering and...

Littering and...

Littering and...

...Smoking the reefer

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That just sounds like a nightmare for cleanup


Who wants a mustache ride?

I do, I do!

Theater ushers: Oh god pls no

And burgers with spit on them!

Does this look like spit to you?


Ahh fuck it

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I will now be extremely disappointed if I'm not sitting next to someone drinking maple syrup during the movie.

And joints?

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32 oz is the small.

Did you want to make that a large for just 50 cents more?

That'll be 13.50!

Or try the 5 gallon drum for only a nickel more!

Comment deleted1 month ago(2 children)

Got any water zero?

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Would you like to make it an extra small for only .50 less?

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Which is 0.95 liters.

Are you a member of our Stubs program? You can upgrade to the next size up for no extra cost! I can help you join today for less than the cost of these drinks!

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200 points·1 month ago

TIL movie theatres in the States don't have the standard litre sized drinks we have in Mexico.

Wtf, does anyone ever buy that?

114 points·1 month ago

A 32oz drink is pretty much a liter. That’s probably a medium size drink at the movies in the USA.

Can confirm. A regular size at AMC is 32oz, large is a 44oz, and xl is 51

Don't forget child's size. We call it that because it's big enough to fit a 2 year old child, if the child were liquifide.

30 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Ah yes the Paunch Burger soda tax episode. 512 ounces of glory Edit: 512 not 128 which is the regular

Wrong. That's the small. The child size is 512oz

It's been a while since I've seen the show. Thanks for correction. 512oz is horrifying, 4 gallons....

Lol I figured, I started my first watch through a month ago so it's much more fresh lol

2 points·1 month ago

I almost wish I had a cup that big

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I don’t want a large Farva.

And of course, the larger you go up, the less difference in price. Every time I think of getting a medium popcorn or drink, the cost/worth makes me go large.(plus stubs discount)

And of course, the larger you go up, the less difference in price. Every time I think of getting a medium popcorn or drink, the cost/worth makes me go large.(plus stubs discount)

thats because the small costs around 10 cent to make, and the xl costs 11 cent. So if they can get 30 extra cent out of you they make more.

Price difference between regular and large popcorn is about a dollar $8.30 reg and $9.38 L. Drinks are ~$.50 difference each. $6.14 reg, $6.68 L, $7.22 XL. Stubs premiere drops the price down to the lower size so it's worth going for bigger sizes.

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To be fair we always load our drinks with ice. Lots of ice


50cl is biggest at my local theater in Sweden and a lot of people don't finish that even.

Not at a theater, but once spotted an 84oz Star Quencher at a Texaco

Yeah and when you get finished, you can keep the cup and use it for a car wash bucket.

7/11 has similar giant cups. They’re about the size of a basketball, but I don’t know how many oz that is. I don’t think all 7/11s have them either.

are you referring to the insulated slurpee mugs? because they're 2 liters.

100 oz

Jesus... murrka

I got one of those large cups I use often myself. Although I use it with ice cold water and no sweet drinks

That's because people from Sweden aren't finishers and that's what is needed for theater soda, a finisher! You're always going to be second place at best with that attitude!

third* second place goes to the Netherlands.

Really? Every SF I've been to had .5 l, .8 l and 1 l sizes.

Dont have SF here.

The guy running the place got out of his SF contract is on his own now. But we never had the fountains etc that I know some places have.

50cl bottles and 33cl cans is whats on offer, sometimes 25cl~ juiceboxes for kids.

LMAO, they use centilitres in Sweden?

Could I ask for 5 decilitres?

Yea sodas are usually 33 or 50cl for personal use and 1.5L or 2L if you share.

If someone is pouring something then yea ask for 5dl if u want.

Cool. In Canada everything under 1L is mL. Above that it'd be x.yL I've never used cL to quantify anything.

European thing. Alcohol is also measured in cL up until 1L.

In the UK, however, everything but alcohol is mL or L.

No. A liter. It’s French. For GIVE ME A FUCKING COLA!

Depends on the product, seeing mL few years ago was rare though. CL and DL is used a lot though in day to day talk, none will actually say 500mL coke its either 50cL or half litre (halv liters) or 33cL/can.

none will actually say 500mL coke

It's literally in the picture.

Guess trolling but who knows.

Doesn't mean anyone will actually call it that, they recently changed those (it said 0.5L not long ago on coke ones, before that 50cl). Keeps getting changes for no real reason (though I guess marketing).

And not even stores have changed. One brewery listing in ml.

Umh what why? If it’s very small amounts it’s ml , if it’s medium cl, then dl than L, why would you use some different thing

Before I quit soda, I was drinking about 2 liters a day on my own. I know many other people here in the US who drink that much too, and most don’t even realize they’re drinking that much, since they have a bottle for lunch, a bottle for a snack, a bottle for dinner, etc.

It fucking kills you. I was drinking an extra 2,000 calories in just soda every day.

It could kill you, just like anything. Some have better genes that others.

Yeah, I usually order a small if it is offered because I never finish a large and end up throwing out the rest.

I think a large here is in the 40-60 fluid oz range at the movies.

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Small at Regal/United Artists/Edwards. 44oz is Med, 54oz is Lg.

Mexico holds the most diabetic people in a single place in the world. Keep your oversized drinks.

I honestly would have expected that to be an American achievement.

I think Turkey is above US as well

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The largest size at most American theaters is almost certainly over 2 liters. Or at least very close.

That’s like over a half gallon.

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We’d need to take out personal loans to get one though.

My movie theatre is 9$ for a ticket and like 24$ for two medium drinks and a large popcorn.

Apparently the amount of money that’s given to the rights owners of the movies they show is pretty huge so they literally make money and stay alive because of the expensive food.

yea most movie theaters make almost no money from the tickets for the first couple of days, then the longer it goes the larger % they get, but its still never really that much. Movie theaters stay in business by selling food/drink.

I don't want to defend the theater owners here, but making the movies is far more expensive. Hiring hundreds of talented crew members and paying millions for well known actors is a much riskier investment than paying the staff at a local movie theater, so the studios should get the vast majority of the ticket revenue.

Yeah no disputing that, it’s just the usual vendor commission type of thing seen in any product selling bizz I think

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I don't want a large Farva, I want a goddamn litre of cola.

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Poor Super Troopers 2, it's only going to have one week to make money.

Nah it’ll get all the spill over from sold out avengers screenings

All the movie theaters in my area are putting up extra screens of Avengers, I don't know of any that are completely sold out.

My local theater has all screenings sold out for 3 weeks. It is crazy.

I wish we had a strong movie going population like that where I live.

As someone who rarely goes to see movies...I’m curious why you care?

Seeing movies on launch weekend with a theater full of long term fans is a very fun experience.

I remember seeing various movies during Midnight screenings, with just the die hards, and they're some of my fondest memories.

That makes sense 👍

I've been to theaters on opening night where it seemed like a party, everyone there was having fun and it's contagious. It's just a great atmosphere and it makes the experience more enjoyable for me to laugh along with a packed theater.

I just didn’t think about it since I generally don’t go to movies and when it is packed I’m all stressed out about where I’m going to sit. But concerts used to be like that for me.

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People should probably set realistic expectations for this film. I’m sure the producers will be happy with a debut in the Top 5 for the weekend, anything beyond that is gravy. A movie like this will make it’s money on the home market. The theatrical release is just fulfilling an obligation

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2 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

I just checked and none of the theaters in my area are showing it :/

I hate when that happens! I couldn't see annihilation in the theater cause none had it near me too.

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It’s for a cop

God help us if they ever make a Parks and Rec movie....

I've never been to a movie theater that had any bacon and eggs, so when everyone goes in and asks for all the bacon and eggs they have, they can get nothing and leave satisfied...

I know the would have waffles, but would they have calzones?

Oh and I forgot about the four corses of the aporkalypse.

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Littering and?...littering and?...

Littering and...

Smoking the reefer

My theater already offers a XL size which is 51oz...

The regular large at mine is 64oz...

Are you serious? That can't be right. That's like a 2L bottle of pop. I can't even imagine just casually holding that.


Begone filth.

Hey now, that wasn't very nice dont-cha-know. A fella's got a right to call a pop a pop. We don't come down dere and tell ya how to talk, bud. Uff da.

At least they didn't call every soda coke.

From google:

The typical human bladder reaches its capacity between 16 to 24 ounces of urine, but the urge to urinate comes when the bladder is about one-quarter full.

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That’s a great idea, Chicken Fucker!!

I wonder how many idiots are going to harass the concession employees about Litre a Cola. They don't get paid enough for that shit.

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My college roommate and I had the DVD original on repeat in our dorm for all of sophomore year. I actively watched it at least once a day for two months.

The lessons from that original have stayed with me to this day. I’m a lawyer now, and I give all credit to the glorious original.


My Roomates and I had it on VHS on repeat for probably 2 years while wed play flipcup before going out. Ive easily seen the first movie 500 times. I could write the screenplay from memory

Fun fact: liter is French for “give me some fucking cola, before I break vous fucking legs”.

Yeah I had to go watch it again on YouTube. That never gets old!

I am realizing just now that I don't understand any of the references ITT, and that Super Troopers and Starship Troopers are not the same thing

Wildly different movies.

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The only good literocola is a dead literocola!!

Would you like to drink more?

Oh shit, it all makes sense now

They should only serve liter o'cola, gigantic cotton candy, maple syrup, double baco cheeseburgers (but without spit), bananas, coffee with soap bars, and snozzberry-flavored things. Edit: and powdered sugar.

And if in a state where legal, big clearwrapped bundles of weed.

With Johnny Chimpo stickers on them

I can already see the dreary faces of the concession workers as they're ask asked for a liter of cola for the 1000th time tomorrow night

It's for a cop.

Uhhh. Don’t spit on that cop’s burger.

Roger, hold the spit

As part of a school programme, I got to watch super troopers 10 days early! (Never seen the first one, but this one was pretty funny)

Do we have literacola?

It should be called "A Large Farva" drink size. Or "For a Cop" size.

Sorry no movie theatres serve anything that small

I think a litre is less than their large though

There are theatres that don't already do that?

At least in America, sodas are so gigantic in theatres, it's crazy. Who the hell drinks that much soda in one sitting? Especially when the goal of going to a theatre is to watch a movie, not having to go piss half way through.

well if you drown your popcorn in salt like i do, need something to neutralize it.

i also split it with my girlfriend so that helps I guess.

With all the spit talk, I thought you spit it with your gf there for a second.

It would only cost $75! What a deal!


75! = 2.4809140811395404e+109

Good bot.


I don't get why movie theatres didn't show breaking bad (originally Lost) live as it aired for $3-5 an episode, without adverts. it would have made bank, especially with snack sales

This would be great with alot of shows... Although movies here cost $7 so I would hope for 1 or 2 an episode for the town's like mine... Otherwise people wouldn't go

Hey, xturtx, just a quick heads-up:
alot is actually spelled a lot. You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'.
Have a nice day!

The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment.

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Honestly you could just show it for free and they would make so much from the snacks alone.

Lol theater just starts streaming netflix and selling snacks. Everyone wins. Netflix gets paid, the theater gets paid.

True. That IS the way theaters are profitable

I love that theaters play the Dr Who specials, and some of the premiers, ill pay $10 a pop to see him on the big screen.

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If they offered $1 candy, me and everyone i know wouldn't bother making the extra trip to the dollar store or five below for it. They would get all of that business.

Take that you FUCKER

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This makes me sad because I can only upvote you once.

The Amstar near me is offering that.

I'm going to the first showing tomorrow. You can bet I'll be asking the concessionaire for a Large popcorn and a liter of cola!!

A liter O’Cola, get it right or they won’t know what you mean.

Or you can just order a large, Farva.

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I believe that's called an "extra small" soda.


They don’t already?

I will straight up demand one when I go see it

Im gonna ask for a liter of cola now when I go see it

Right MEOW!

I attended a prescreening outside Philly on Tuesday. Can confirm, no liter sized cola being sold.

One liter'a'cola, that'll be $68.99.

I don't want a liter of Farva!

I think they already do this.

If they don't offer liter beer tomorrow ima be pissed

The average theatre "small" soda in my area is 32oz. So they're just short a couple of ounces. They can upgrade to a large Farva for $.50 more.

At first I was really excited for this movie.. the last few trailers tho... Rough

They do XD just not in the US

Personally I have an IV of cola syrup easier on my digestive system

My movie theater isn't showing super troopers 2 at all, I hate my town.

I don’t want a large farva, I want a liter of cola!

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