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Playing with kids as a parent becomes less about the activity and more of a game about how to expend the least amount of energy while getting them to exhaust the most.

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True. Sometimes i tell the 6yo to run around the house while i count the seconds. (spoiler: i don't count. I say some random number and he tries to beat his time. When he made a few rounds i'll tell him a good time and he is happy)

Gonna steal this

When I was that age my dad used to get me to do things for him by counting too. "Go put this in the trash, I'll count to 10! One, two..."

That's how i get him to change into night clothes "i'll count to 20!" "nooooo 25!" "ok.25 and go!" 馃槀


20! = 2,432,902,008,176,640,000


25! = 1.5511210043330984e+25

For the lazy:

20! is 77146816596 years

25! is 491857243890505664 years

They're going to turn 12 and wonder why they can no longer reach a 13 second 100 meter sprint

Because they weigh more now duh! Can't run that fast when more of you has to run!

It is crazy how kids work passionately to beat a countdown.

Are we setting them up to have a complex when they grow older when New Year's Eve hits every year?

Who knows 馃槉 maybe? But i try to be as honest as possible with him when he asks questions(there have been lots of boob questions 馃槀). And show him that the world isn't black and white and that there isn't the one right way to do a thing or to be happy. I think he'll do fine. He got a nice mommy, a great daddy and the best daddy's girlfriend one could ask for (yes, that's me 馃槑 )

Trying to be honest all the time is hard. My almost 5-year old has been asking alot of tough questions lately (she just lost her great grandmother which led to alot of post-life questions). I never realized how little I knew about stuff until my kid started grilling me.

Sorry for your loss. Death is the hardest topic. So far he didn't have lots of questions about it. When his dog died he had a few. He was confused by "sometimes it's better to let them go" (his dog was sick with cancer for a long time and had to be put down) he didn't understand how death could be "better" than life at first.

Thanks, didn't help that her fish died the same week. Pretty sure that was worse for her haha

We played a game today. 鈥淲here to put this thing鈥, it was basically him picking up whatever he found and us telling him where to put it. He willingly cleaned up the entire kitchen while we sat on our asses. That was brilliant. Fantastic kid.

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We also taught my fianc茅's nephew how to play fetch, and eventually to throw his own ball.

Human automation is a beautiful thing.

My daughter loves to play 鈥減uppies鈥 and fetch. It鈥檚 wonderful.

Human and master is girlfriend's favorite game. One day she didn't want to eat lunch and I got her to eat by giving her treats for doing tricks. The treats were pieces of her lunch

My dad figured out how to make me play fetch

Key to having a happy kid - tire them out daily, they sleep well, parents sleep well, repeat day by day. Happy parents, too.

My three year old likes to play the you can't catch me game. It's gotten to the point where he runs and I "chase" him by walking a little faster than normal.

Or he likes to put me in "jail" in his room. He'll take me to his room and tell me not to escape or hide. I've begun to use it as a small escape from the games, sure I try and "escape" every now and then and he'll chase me down and put me back.

FYI, while you're in "jail" he's eating sugar directly from the bag

lol and that's my biggest fear, it's all an elaborate ruse so he can eat all the sugar in the house

My kids like to play "library". I sit with my tea, make a chukchuk sound when I slide a card (old, used Target gift cards), and beeeeep as I check out the books, and tell them to come back in two weeks 馃槀

You want to race? Damn, beat me again...

I remember my dad taking my brother and I to a corn field across the street to swing golf balls in the fall after the crops have been harvested. He would have a gallon bucket full of golf balls. My brother and I would run around competing with how many golf balls we could collect and win. My god, I鈥檓 definitely doing this to my kids one day. It was and still is a fond memory.

I just lie on the floor and when they get close say "I'm gonna get you" and extend my arms. They just keep running up then away. Can go on for ages.

This is why trampolies are marvellous.

Kids love them.

They expend loads of energy on them.

They're usually contained within a big mesh enclosure.

As long as you can hear the noise of the trampoline you know they're not up to no good.

When i was playing with my kids when they were growing up it was a totally selfish act . 3hrs of lego as a grown man is generaly frowned upon . Shit ... i made them keep playing ... little buggers getting bored trying to blow my buzz ....

haha are you my dad

Two words: ball pit.

Even for an older brother this is true...

Reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes strip.

And then my sisters (aged 4 & 6) want me to throw them to the bed over and over and over again because they don鈥檛 have to do anything. Now I get it. I鈥檒l make them pay up by throwing me to the bed from now on.

Too soon. My daughter is 4mo old and I'm more worried about sleeping when she sleeps or however people say that's supposed to work. !Remind me in 5 years.

hey good luck

Like lunging a horse.

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As a parent, you can not fully play with them 24/7. Work, taking care of a house, and being your own person. Children are amazing, and a lot of work.

Also it鈥檚 often quite incredibly boring. Also the exhaustion. Finish work. Sit in traffic, drive to preschool, coax him out of there, sit in traffic, find a parking spot, come home to an apartment that鈥檚 still carries the mess from the morning, entertain while trying to clean up and not becoming annoyed by constant questions. Then entertain, then cook dinner after trying to figure out what he might want to eat that day. Try to coax him into eating till he is actually full. Then some more entertaining, the brush teeth, then put to bed, then you sit around tired staring at your girlfriend who is also too tired to do much else than read a book, watch TopGear or Reddit. Then go to bed. On a glorious day drop kid off somewhere and enjoy the absence of him and the silence and ability to be together. Then immediately start missing the kid.

Yep. It鈥檚 a lot of work but worth it.

Jesus H Christ.

That's pretty much it

You can but not 24/7/365.

My one is 9 months old and going through separation anxiety AKA screams hysterically any time she can't see me or I'm more than one foot away from her.

She is too young to play with most toys, not supposed to look at any screens until she is two and incapable of amusing herself.

So I have to play with and hold her constantly.

What's that? I need to eat, clean, sleep or use the bathroom? Not on her watch!

I love her. I just don't enjoy her as much with a full bladder, empty stomach and no sleep.

Do you have an activity you love? Go do it 24/7 for a while and we'll accuse you of not "truly" loving it.

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That鈥檚 great....after you鈥檝e made it through the first 4-6 years where they don鈥檛 care about/have the development to understand the games. It鈥檚 a long period of dolls, alphabet songs, silly rhymes, and being the unchallenged centre of a little life鈥檚 world before you get to 鈥渇ighting mommy/daddy for game time鈥.

My girlfriend's six year old is able to understand and play games and has been since probably four. She loves Minecraft, The Sims, Skyrim, 90s beat'em ups and recently tried Left 4 Dead and is pretty good at it.

So.... sounds like she made it through the first 4-6 years, then. 馃榿

Maybe I misinderstood. I took your post to say they aren't interested or able to play games in that time frame which is not true in my experience

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