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I want to simulate an assembly line for a machine. The main objective here is to optimize speed and analyse possible factory layouts...

I don't have experience with either simio or assembly and I'm doing this mostly out of curiosity. I am a mechanical engineering student and I like this kind of stuff haha


I have cad models (.stp files) of some robots. I want to program some symulations with them and perform machine learning on top of it. The problem is that I have heard of a ton of frameworks and don't know which one to go with. I have heard about Unity, Gazebo, PyBullet, Blender, OpenaiGym?? and Mujuco. Can you guys tell me which one should I go for?

It would be nice if I could run the symulation inside docker. I can program in Python, Java, C++, and I am also familiar with Cad design and Ansys.

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Currently modeling 2 assembly lines that are identical. They have 1 source that sends Batches of Segments. How our system works is that 1 order has multiple batches, so to identify them, we added the same order number to them.

Even though the 2 assembly lines have the same machines, they operate different batches, which can be identify by the diameter of the order. If Orders are "= N" they will go to Assembly line 1 and 2. If Orders are "=Y" they can only go to Assembly line 1. I'm using a transfer node to distribute the batches into the two assembly lines to maintain max usability in both lines. The path that are from the Source to the first server and from the Transfer Node to the first server have the diameter constraints.

The problem I'm facing is that the transfer node seems to be separating orders that have the same number to both lines. For example order 1234 has 10 batches, 5 are going to line 1 and 5 are going to line 2. I need, per customer request, to have all batches with the same order number be processed by the same line. Is there a way to constrain the transfer node to keep Orders with the same number together? or a Add-on Process that will allow me to do so?


Quick Overview

Hey everyone, I am recording the first episode of "Sim Talk" this week. The podcast is dedicated to simulation modeling in all its forms. I currently have multiple PhDs and Company Founders lined up for interviews, and am working on getting some of the major software players and others onto the show

What Topics will be Covered?

The following topics will be covered but not limited too * Current State of the Industry

  • How simulation is being used currently

  • Where the industry is headed

  • Simulation and Academics

  • Tools, tips and tricks for modeling in different programs

  • Insights into simulation

  • Best Practices

Who is the host you ask?

My name is Jacob, and I have been in the industry for over a decade now. I have been a full time simulation consultant and now work as simulation engineer for a Fortune 500 company. If you would like to be on the podcast or have any suggestions for the show, please email me at brokenjarsbroadcasting(at) or post here.

I will be posting episodes to this reddit as they become available.



Firstly, I'd like the thank the /r/Simulate mods for allowing me to post here.

I'm MaTh, the head moderator for AmericanGovSim (AGS), a US government simulation that takes place entirely in Discord. I'm here to explain what the simulation is about and, hopefully, convince some of you to come join the community. If you're interested in such a simulation, here's what we have to offer:

Once someone enters the server, they'll immediately be given the option to join a political party or remain an independent. There are four current political parties: the Green-Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, Monarchist Party, and Radical Leftist Party. Users also have the option to create their own political party if they can gather enough members to do so.

Once they've chosen a party, they're allowed into the various text channels of the main server and the party's individual server. Once that's done, they can begin to participate in the simulation. You can get involved with party politics by running for a leadership position or obtaining one of they various jobs that each party has open. You can also apply for a federal cabinet position or even begin working for a press organization that covers events within the simulation.

Also, elections are coming up, so members will have the ability to run for office, participate in debates, create a platform, and, eventually, vote. If elected to Congress, you'll be assigned to two committees and will be able to write and vote on legislation. We actually recently had a government shutdown scenario where Congress had to pass a budget by a specific deadline to avoid a shutdown that would have implemented negative vote modifiers for the upcoming federal election. You can even work in the private sector. For example, you could create your own non-governmental organization or join SpaceX, which exists in this simulation.

As you can see, there's quite a bit going on in this simulation. We're an ever-growing simulation that will only continue to grow and become more active as time goes on. If you're interested, here's a link:

If you have any questions about AGS, feel free to ask in the comments or through private message.

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Okay, so I am currently taking this course called "Modeling and Simulation". Under it I am supposed to do a project such as reproducing a research project.

Time : 1 month

Work done/ coursework covered:

  1. Compartment Differential Models
  2. Cellular Automata
  3. Markov Chain Models

I am searching for a fun topic / research paper which can be reproduced and also be animated into a visual game or display. I have thought of the following:

  1. Fish Swarm Simulation
  2. Markov Chain Nuel Simulation

Could you kindly give me other project suggestions/ideas (Also with a research paper link?). The project should not be very easy. SOmething to keep me mildly busy for a month.



Thank you for your interest in helping with our thesis, if you want to help, please fill in this poll. It consists of 7 multiple answer questions about your opinion on rendering methodes, 'PBR', and renderfarms(-ing).

Sincerely thank you


It supports water flow with ground dissolution/deposition. Allows rain, evaporation, single source of water, etc..

Current model represent 7 levels: stone, rocks, clay, sand, lava, water, dissolved slit. I also worked on atmosphere layer, but it's not likely to be finished

Original repo:

My fork: (There is downloadable app for Windows, if you want to test it)

Based on this paper:

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This sub-reddit is dedicated to keeping track of links and sources which describe methods or projects which simulate the physical world or the human mind. All of science is about building models, this is a community focused on sharing and discussing computational implementations of those models.

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