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As titled, worked for a year to have my first $10,000 in cash. Looking to save a separate $15,000 by July 2019.

Totally new to SG financial literacy. Should I invest the amount in STI ETFs or park it in SSB? Totally lost here.

Context: Healthy mid 20s male, no dependants, no debt, low cost of monthly expenses ($600~) with gross of $2600-$3000 a month


Hi peeps,

To help improve the financial literacy of individuals in singapore, I've decided to pen down my thought process ,experience and knowledge towards finance and investments and share with the rest for free.

My recent project is on the way i go about creating and managing any investment portfolio. I'm please to share with you the first article of the series here :

Do look out for more in the future :) I'll be publishing regularly every 15th of the month. Apart from concepts and frameworks, i will also be providing my own detailed analysis of companies listed in SGX! Look forward to it and let me know if there are any topics that you will like me to explore and write about.



My friend noticed that I have less than 1k in my bank and urged me to start saving up my money.

I told him my money lies around my house because I didn't deposit them (ang bao money etc).

Now after digging out all my notes and coins, I found out I have about 2k cash.

I'm not sure what should I do with it. My friends were saying to invest or put them in the bank and also compound interest is very powerful.

I'm still a uni student and I don't know anything about investing or banking interest. So I hope someone can give me some advice.

Edit: I've read those guides here and also posb invest saver. Is it one of the better ways to go with posb invest savers?



We got a home for 380k. The max loan the bank can give is 330600. Our income together is about 5--5.8k. How are we EXPECTED to pay the downpayment of 38k (10%) if our CPF is not even a Near amount to that ??

If we loan from the bank, every month we pay back 1,500 a month. How is that possible to live in high expense Singapore?

Need a financial advisor here!


Hi all, I have started work since about a year ago, and am thinking about investing my cash in the bank. Came across this article and was thinking if this is too good to be true? Greatly appreciate any informed opinions about this, thank you!


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So a lil background I'm a psycholgy diploma holder (NP). I don't love psych but I am comfortavle with the subject. Recently got offered NTU economics and University of Queensland, Monash and UNSW for psychology. Which choice do you think will have better career prospects and ROI? Also because of my diploma I recieved a subsidy of (1 & 1/2 years to 3[3 bcus of honours]) whereas NTU econs will be a 4 yr track. I have no knowledge on econs and thr last time i touched math (excluding stats) was 3 years ago (I did A math for Os).


Recently, I bought a few stocks on DBSV using cash upfront settlement. From my knowledge, the stocks will be credited to my CDP account on T+3 day. I know that contra trading is generally defined as when people buy and sell a stock before the T+3 period ends, but if I choose to sell before T+3 day, does it count as a contra trade given that I used cash upfront for buying the stock?

Also, if I choose to sell the stock before T+3, do I need to mark it as a contra sell, and if I mark it incorrectly, will there be penalties?


I chanced upon StashAway and is thinking of starting out with a small amount, $1000 as the one time deposit then perhaps $100-$200 monthly deposit. But before doing so, wondering if anyone here has use StashAway before?

And with the above investment that I am going for, is it worthwhile to use the platform?


Im 18 this year and looking to be exposed to the market . Any tips or rules i should abide by? Really want to learn more . Pls advice!


Hi all, I am looking into to do some sgx trading however I am still trying to get my head around it with the readings I have found online and still I have some questions that I would need answers...

Previously I did do some crypto trading, but it seems unwise for me to compare actual trading with crypto or at least with the same mentality.

Hopefully someone can advise but do bear with me if they sounds noob-ish...

  1. Correct me if I am wrong.. For example, you put in $1k to by X stock at $1, so you will have 1000 in holdings. If X stock suffers a loss and its current pricing is at $0.96, do I have to compensate (and to whom/ what) for the $0.04 or $400? I asked as I seem to have the impression that the loss needs to be filled in by the buyer.

  2. Using point #1 example, what is the time period that you can hold onto while the stock suffers? I do understand that the longer you hold, the more losses..

  3. For a beginner like me, is ETF a good start for me? To get a feel before starting on other investment products?

  4. Is there an app or some sort of practice account that I can use before doing any real tradings?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi, my life insurance premium is $2032 a year and its due every June. Currently, I would transfer $200 every month from my savings account into my POEMS account to set it aside then I will withdraw it to pay the insurance premium when its due.

Just wondering if there is a better way to manage this monthly savings?


Hi everyone, I am new to investing and I was having a look at some ETFs on DBS Vickers, when I realised that some foreign ETFs listed on SGX, S&p for instance (S27) have an extremely low volume. Due to this, I had a further look into the same ETFs on the australian/american exchanges listed on Vickers. However, I can't seem to find anywhere an ELI5 discussion on how are taxes on dividends treated in case I buy those. I am aware of all the documents on the IRAS website regarding the topic, but I tend to get lost in technicalities whilst reading those. Do you guys have experience with investing in such ETFs and would you happen to know how are taxes treated in such scenarios? Thank you


Both capital guaranteed. Endowment non guaranteed returns CPF SA guaranteed 4%pa. Eg: $30k Lump Sum investment

Your thoughts please.


Hi if you’re interested to buy new savings plan for insurance, have a review of yoir exsisting plan so u can reduce over paying your premiums while getting more coverage or just want to chat about insurance hit me up in the dms !! You have to be singaporean or pr and between 21-55 !! no requirement to buy at ALLL!! Thankyou! love you guys !


My parents just recently retired and they have amassed their savings through hard work and just putting everything into the bank.

Background info, no housing loan no other debt/liabilities, no investments.

I would like to seek opinions on what they should do to start drawing down on their nest egg for their retirement. I have told them about SGS bonds and they will be looking into that. What other low risk/low-mid returns investment should they be looking into?


Hi Guys, this is a throwaway account for various reasons. Sorry if I don't make sense, I feel really lost and unsure what steps/measurements I should be taking.

I'm in my mid 20s, and have never considered too far ahead as I always have a roof over my head and plates full of food waiting at home. However, both my parents will be 55 years old and are requesting for me to sign as Co-owner of the house as my elder brother is unwilling to do so(been balloting for a new house with his gf).

I am currently in a long-term relationship (near 10 years) but we haven't been talked about our future or anything yet as my SO is still in school.

If I signed as Co-owner, I understand that the Govt. BTO first time grant would be voided. I am seeking advice as to what should I do or if there are other options out there?

TL;DR, Parents unable to continue house payment since CPF cutoff. Seeking any form of advice.


Please share jobs if you find! (screenshot poster and share!)

Basically, recruitment firms take a cut of your pay if you sign up with them. And online portals like gumtree and fastjobs are flooded with them. So hopefully, this reddit can help save us some salary.


Hi all,

I may be moving to Singapore soon, just wanted to double check my understanding of dividend taxation if possible.

If I'm a Singapore resident and I receive dividend income from a foreign share holding (e.g. VWRL LN, a London listed ETF), no income tax is payable in Singapore, correct?


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