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The logos at the top of the page have Singularity University, H+, and the Futurology logo. I don't know if we have anybody here affiliated with SU or H+, although I met some H+ folks in Seattle while running a Futurist Meetup group.

I'm not 100% sure what the original intent of this sub was, but time has passed, Reddit has evolved, and /r/Futurology has become a major outlet on Reddit. This sub was created before Multi-Reddits really existed, which is why the menu system was used for cross-community exchange.

However - I want to propose an alternative use. Professional Networking and Development. Imagine if we started sharing things on here like:

  • Futurist Related Conferences and Events (H+, Meetups, World Future Conf., etc)
  • Emerging Market Industry Events (New Space, IEEE, GDC, Robotics, Crypto, etc)
  • Certifications, Online Training, Full Degree Programs (for Future Studies, STEM, Ethics, Machine Learning, Etc)
  • Professional Publications - notice of releases of relevant professional journals (not news articles) - like IEEE or Millenium Project, etc.
  • Media Relations - blog sites, podcasts, Youtubers - answering questions for them on here on best resources for stories, etc. Reviewing their content for them or participating with them.
  • Resource and Support - looking for help editing a book/aritcle, finding participants for a survey, or an open source project

Those are just a few suggestions. The real question is, if adopted, would people actually post those things. Also, we'd want to avoid making it simply self-promotion exchange, but also allow for personal project discussion to take place.

Let me know what you think. Cheers


I genuinely believe this AGI token is the best investement opportunity in the crypto market or any other market right now. I don't know how the market will initially react to this but with the nature of the project I believe smart money will start flowing in sooner rather than later.


In the old days (before becoming default) some of the charm of /r/Futurology came from it feeling like the flagship of a larger network, the SFT Network. Since becoming default /r/Futurology has run off and became its own entity talking about only a narrow range of topics.

I suggest we add the subs linked in the /r/Futurology glossary to the SFT Network to remind everyone that there is a lot more to discuss than Elon musk and Self Driving Cars (said jokingly).

Click the link below to check out the glossary and all the subs linked to it:


We have virtual reality, augmented reality, and with Magic Leap, we're soon have cinematic reality. You can read all about it on the subreddit page Here..

The subreddit is very small, but very potent. I plan on expanding the subreddit soon with new mods and CSS. I'm not sure if it's best to get that started first before joining the network. I also haven't gone through the effort of getting more subscribers, but can do that if the sub needs to get bigger.

Thanks for reading!


I recently checked all of the subreddits in the Universe category here. Well, most of the subreddits are dead. Those subreddits have had no activity for months, and for some there has been no activity for years! Do you think it is possible to revive some of these subreddits?


/r/Rad_Decentralization is a subreddit that explores the emerging macro-trend of decentralization. This trend is emerging in so many different industries and markets that we see it as a "radical" shift from the status quo.

Ray Kurzweil has said that, decentralization is the nature of the future and that 21st century technologies are decentralized.

We were recently included on the /r/automate sidebar as a new, related link, and would love to be apart of The SFT Network.

Thanks for your consideration!


If so, why don't you leave a comment now and then on posts...!?

Posted byu/[deleted]4 years ago

Shouldn't they all have the same drop down?


I was thinking that you have to add the SFT banner, have some basic graphics and such, it would probably boost the subscribers to any SFT network subreddit.

What do you think?


/r/DarkFuturology emerged from growing dissatisfaction with the utopian, techporn perspectives dominating the original subreddit.


/r/DarkFuturology emerged from growing dissatisfaction with the utopian, techporn perspectives dominating the original subreddit.


/r/augmentedreality should join the SFT Network! i say should because i have no affiliation with that sub, but i noticed it only has one moderator and the creator of that sub has been deleted. there doesn't seem to be much action going on there as posts are months apart. maybe by joining the SFT Network it will help revitalize that community. so, please allow /r/augmentedreality to join the SFT Network.


/r/SelfDrivingCars is a subreddit for news and discussion about computer driven cars. SDC's are going to create a massive social, cultural, and economic disruption in society as they enter commercialization at the end of the decade.

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The Singularity Network subreddit is an umbrella group, devoted to increasing and popularizing awareness of the greatest event mankind will experience. Uniting the technology, space, Singularity, post-humanity, and Futurology subreddits, we hope to exponentially increase the influence and power of our presence on Reddit, welcoming our new robot overlords, ultimately seeking to incur a friendly, intended, and controlled Singularity.

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