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China should sign a free trade agreement with Japan and South Korea as soon as possible to isolate the U.S.

We need to put America into a corner, so that it doesn't feel like it can win the trade war before it gets worse. The more ammunition China can muster, the better.


Thoughts after seeing the CNN "New Destroyers" Clip

Years ago when I was still a student, I was sitting in the canteen having lunch with two of my classmates (both guys, one of them a Chinese international student). The other local was asking the mainland guy a lot of geopolitical questions about China.Like most females, I wasn't interested in military hardware or geopolitics so I was really bored by the conversation. I wasn't interested in China either even though a family member was then living there with relatives (I was in my self-hating weeaboo stage because it was obvious that Japanese were higher-class Asians in the Asian hierarchy and got better treatment. Think about the image of Japanese cuisine versus Chinese cuisine).

Back then, China had NO aircraft carriers. The local guy said that he didn't trust China and would be very uneasy if China had a blue water navy and was sailing it around. I didn't take this seriously back then because China was still pretty poor(before it became the second largest economy)and I thought it pretty far-off.

After viewing that clip, I'll say my classmate was pretty prophetic and I was wrong. 看了目瞪口呆, 我真的怕怕。好处是我看某些国家看了后想要屠杀当地华人时会三思。The progress the country has made is incredible. I have had seriously underestimated China. I am a idiot.

If I could time-travel back, I would have taken my Chinese classes a lot more seriously instead of dropping out as soon as I could :(


So I’ve just heard of this story, how do you respond?

Given the fact that the majority of reddit is going to be anti-China, it seems best if I get some input from a more pro-China subreddit.

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