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Hello Reddit! We are Ad Astra Rocket company. Our main branch here in Houston, Texas focuses on the VASIMR engine. The VASIMR is a revolutionary propulsion system powered by plasma.

We have gathered a few of our Rocket Scientists to answer some of your questions today. Now we are in a crucial stage of development at this time so we will do our best to answer questions between 11am and 3pm today Central Time. We will try to get to as many questions as possible but please forgive us if we miss your comment.

To give a little insight into our project we have linked a video summary, and for more information you can visit our website below.

Video: Website:

We would like to state that we are still in the stages of development so our answers could be subject to change over time as the technology grows. However, we are very open to sharing the information we have right now so ask away!


Here are some of the Engineers we have answering your questions:

Jared P. Squire – Senior VP of Research

Mark Carter – Senior VP of Technology

Matthew Giambusso – Senior Research Scientist

Aidan Corrigan – Research Engineer, Mechanical

Tiffany Yao – Research Engineer, Electrical

*EDIT: Thank you all so much for the Questions. We really enjoyed getting to touch base with some of you on who we are and what progress we have made. The Scientists here enjoyed answering your questions so they will continue to answer a few more questions in between their work the until the end of the work day.

**EDIT: Thank you everyone! We are officially done answering questions for this post. Perhaps a few engineers may come in and cover some of the missed questions, but we had a great time talking to you all. We hope all of you learned a little more about our progress, and we are eager to share our future achievements with you. Thank you for the support!

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I know this is week old news, but I put together a rundown of India's Human Spaceflight Program. Enjoy.

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