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I was waiting for Mr. Floppy with the hot tag

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Hey that was a pretty good heel hold there at the end, someone should use that in their arsenal.

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Pretty sure the dementor's kiss is illegal.

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they suck ya soul out and it HOITS

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I thought the title was being ironic, I really didn't see that coming.

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Neither did his mother

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I actually liked that show the short time it was on. I think the main guys wrestling name was Crybaby and part of the show was focused on his dream of being a pro wrestler. I'm not positive but this has got to be the only non wrestling show to ever feature wrestling in this way.

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You should watch Learning the Ropes. The number of NWA wrestler cameos is ridiculous.

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Just googled it. It's a Canadian show which explains why I've never heard of it. Looks interesting though.

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It ran in syndication here in the US.

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Just watched a bit of the pilot.

Alzado's character could be Braun's Uncle.

The father of Brains Strowman.

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I loved it as a kid, too.

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There's a great episode of Wrestling with Wregret that goes over this series and the portrayal of Kevin Nash in the show.

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Back when Nikki Cox used to be hot. She did not age well.

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Botox is a motherfucker.

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Thanks Brian Zane

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I think we're missing the headline here. Artie "the strongest man in the world" runs a pro wrestling company.

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Look at the adjective, playing.

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I think this show was called Nikki or something? Pretty sure that Macho Man also made an appearance in one episode.

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Oh boy.

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That was actually surprisingly pretty good. Low-budget sitcomey, but Nash wasn't half bad.

Pretty damn progressive for 2000

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I loved this show when it was on.

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Randy Savage also made an appearance on this show and actually did a good job at showing the strain of wrestling... in a sitcom goofy way of course.

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I'm honestly shocked that something like this came out in 2000. I suppose this is post-Beyond the Mat, but it really shows the wrestling business in a casual manner.

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Kevin "The Big Sexy" Nash

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All I can hear is #lapsed Nash.