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Kevin Federline is one of the most underrated celebrity competitors in WWE history

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44 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

It's true. He was a NATURAL of a heel and a really really good one at that.

Kevin Federline does not get enough credit but he did really great with what he was given. Throwing money at Cena after pinning him was an awesome heel touch that Ted DiBiase wish he thought of.

I was also there live for that show. Heel heat was off the charts.

Klondike Bill's #1 fan37 points·5 days ago

K-Fed was reportedly very popular backstage because he was very respectful of the wrestling business and came off as a true fan.

Asuka YES15 points·5 days ago

He was great. His match with Cena was built and executed very nicely.

Booker T fawning over him birthed the first and only truly funny "Damn!"

#godmode11 points·5 days ago

I used to hate him quite a bit, but he used his 15 minutes of fame quite well and didn't try to feverishly clasp onto the spotlight when time was up.

Your Text Here6 points·4 days ago

Crazy seeing Nitro and Umaga in such a main position on RAW

It was cool seeing Armando Alejandro Estranda in that segment

At the time I wished they would have hired him. I thought his whole run was excellent. He could have had some more mileage for sure.

I saw him at a Raw in DC. He had more heat than anyone else on the show.

Tbh when he debuted I thought “K Fed” was one of the crime time dudes. Still he got a w over big match Johnnnnnn at his peak

I liked his theme music

Like Netflix, only better value!1 point·4 days ago

I really thought he was gonna make a few more appearances, he was decent

Back when the AA was the FU

This guy was literally one of the most hated people in media at the time and it was a bit of a joke he was on the show.

I remember being so mad at him being there as a kid haha, but looking back on this it wasn't awful like I remember.

I wonder if he'll ever go into the HOF.

Nobody potatoes me!11 points·4 days ago

Probably not. They tend only to induct people who are still famous.

"Twice In A Lifetime" Cena should ask for a rematch

Not Enzo Amore's lawyer...-1 points·5 days ago


-13 points·5 days ago(0 children)

Isn't he getting money from her? Sounds like something he would gloat about

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