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Hey guys!

I've just seen the Discovery Season 2 trailer, and man, am I ever pumped. It looks like an improvement on the first season, with a much larger emphasis on actual scientific Discovery...

Which leads me here. I'm pretty sure I know exactly what they are teasing for this season! If you are worried about potential spoilers, I would turn around now.

In the SDCC trailer, Burnham witnesses this terrifying alien figure emerge from a red rift in space. It's shocking appearance doesn't seem to look like anything we've encountered in a show before... A demon of air and darkness, older than time.

Which is why we need to turn to the games for help.

Check out this concept art of the Iconians from Star Trek Online, specifically, the full body shot of the red hued one. Looks more than familiar, eh?

Which suggests that these red signals popping up all over the galaxy are more than likely the Iconian Gateway Network activating. Now, we actually have seen these in the shows before. The crew of the Enterprise D famously discovered one, and the crew of DS9 witnessed the tactical power these gateways had. The Iconians were called "Demons" because their gateway network allowed them to practically appear anywhere across the galaxy, without use of starship, conquering all known space 200,000 years before Trek even forayed into the stars. They are the old adage of "advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic" taken to the extreme. If Season 2 is truly going this route, we're in for one wild ride!


I've seen the series in it's entirety a few times now, but this episode has been a while and I forgot just how big of an "Damn! Shit just got real!" episode it is.

Anyways, the ride has officially started and it can't be stopped until the end of S7 now.


Drinking game card:

It's been tested with Voyager episodes Cold Fire, Day of Honor, and Nightingale with good results! This is just the Mark I, so I'm always looking for feedback. I think it looks pretty good pulled up on a phone.

Go boldy, drink responsibly!


Though most have responded positively to the tonal shift of discovery season 2, some still wonder why it looks so different. I think there is a pretty simple explanation. Look at even the first episode of discovery. Before the encounter with the Klingons, it was much more light and there was humor and everything. The season was dark and gloomy because the characters did not like fighting in this war when they signed up to be scientists. Now that the war is over, they can return to their own goofy selves. And Tilly can become more Tilly than ever.


We already know that apart from Discovery, several other Trek series are in the works. Discovery S1, in all its unevenness, tried to introduce new elements into the franchise. Now, judging by the trailer for Season 2, Cpt. Christopher Pike will feature prominently in the upcoming season - a well known character, although he so far has only featured in a single episode (TOS - The Menagerie), or two if we count "The Cage".

I got the idea that by reintroducing Pike into the franchise with the upcoming season, S2 could serve as a backdoor pilot to a dedicated Christopher Pike spinoff series. His own adventures, aboard the Enterprise, with a new Number One and Spock. And while Discovery fights the big battles and takes on the ultimate baddies, ST: Pike Chronicles could serve as a more traditional counterpoint. Smaller budget, smaller stakes, lots of strange phenomenon off the week.

What do you think?


For season 2 they've clearly dropped the "blue" effect for everything Federation.


And all I can say is...did they just spend three episodes to introduce and push to the side the greatest plot point of Voyager so far?

First, they completely ignore the entire political situation with the Kazon, Trabe, as well as the plight of the Yiidians. The episode Alliances should have happened in the middle of the first season and if an alliance was made, it should have been important so we could learn about one or more alien societies. Instead, we get Neelix, who is not horrible so far, but isn't outstanding either. Also wtf Seska, just stay tight on Voyager and get home.

Now, when they come across freaking Trek 40K, with two of the most dangerous and powerful factions fighting across 10000 lightyears of space Voyager needs to go in...they space Jesus themselves across and kill of one of their better actors. We could have explored 8472 or the Borg from their perspectives, explored how the crew reacts when working alongside their worst enemy to combat something more terrible, and whether Janeway and her crew could maintain their idealism in the face of such an alliance, but instead they make the Borg as stupid as a scorpion.

Voyager never really demonstrates that it's stranded for decades, and is stranded in a hostile quadrant full of marauders, killer organic robots, and inter dimensional psychic hive minds. Why is no one organizing babies to take over for them once they grow up? Why aren't more people upset or scared about not getting home? Why hasn't there been a legit mutiny against Janeway for her actions in the first episode, which should have been controversial among the crew?

Maybe it gets better, but I'm not seeing it guys? Am I wrong?


Assuming multiple universes, at some point the ST "we had spaceflight in the 70s and Eugenics Wars in the 90s" universe split off from our own.

So where did it split? Nixon getting elected is an easy answer, but my own headcanon is in 1940. France accepts the "Franco-British Union," merging the two countries and their holdings. As a result, after the war there's a much more unified Europe, which speeds along rebuilding and scientific progress.

It also explains why Picard is a Frenchman with a British accent who loves tea.

So what are your headcanon split points?


I was flying through TNG for a while there watching every day, but now I’m only able to watch a few episodes a week.


Got into Star Trek about a month ago and I'm in season 2. I watched it last night and one thing really bothered me. In that episode Lieutenant Marla Aster dies on an away mission led by Worf. She was survived by her child Jeremy who is 12.

Counselor Troi talked about how she enjoys seeing someone go through the grief process and she loves the uniqueness of every situation.

Wesley dealt with the grief by focusing his anger on Picard. He blamed him on his fathers death. Wondering why Picard didn't die and not his father.

At the end of the epsiode they have Wes speak in front of Jeremy and he tells Picard that he use to be angry at him about his fathers death.

THEN EFFIN Troijust assumes thats what Jeremy is mad about too. That Jeremy is mad at Worf for not dying. Like watttt???

She literally spoke about the uniqenss about every mourning process and just assumes that from Jeremy?? Of course the plot played on and he was apparently mad at Worf but that really bothered me.

Idk maybe its nothing and I'm not looking at it from the right perspective. Just really weak writing in an okay episode overall.

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