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I have vague memories of an episode where the team is imprisoned by a hostile native society, but the twist was there was some kind of illness or radiation poisoning or something that was causing people to eventually turn into some kind of red mush. I'm finding absolutely nothing on google or by skimming the episode synopses for every SG-1 and Atlantis episode (I never watched Universe). My thought until I tried to look it up was that it was in season 6 but I'm not seeing anything in there.

I distinctly have memories of me as a kid (I was too young to be watching the show as it was airing, at least for the first few seasons) walking in to the living room to ask my parents something during a scene with someone turning into mush, and then later caught up with the series myself and remembering that scene. But maybe I never actually watched it myself (since I remember no other details of the episode) and I'm confusing it with an episode of Trek or Andromeda (my parents watched both but I never did)?


So I was rewatching some SG1 eps featuring the Tok'ra last night, and it occurred to me that all Tok'ra romantic relationships would actually be polyamorous, since there's technically going to be 4 people involved. The only married/partnered Tok'ra-and-hosts we actually see afaik are Martouf/Lantash and Jolinar/Rosha, and we only see them together briefly, in a couple of short flashbacks, so we don't really know what their day-to-day was like. As per Martouf, hosts and symbiotes share feelings, so if one falls in love the other will too, so whoever it was that initially felt the spark, all 4 of them were presumably fully involved in the relationship, whatever that was like.

I don't know how common it's supposed to be for "blended" pairs to date/marry each other (can't imagine they'd have much opportunity to date outside their own ranks.) But both of you would have to negotiate/develop a relationship with both the other host and the other symbiote, even if you only fell for one of them initially. I'd imagine that they probably don't engage in a lot of casual sex, owing to 1) the complexity of their situation and 2) the close quarters they live in and how open the floor plan of their home base is meaning that if things got weird or drama happened, the people involved wouldn't be able to get away from each other and it would make everyone's lives awkward. Which is also probably why we don't see them partnering up a lot either. But I'm really curious how they actually handle romantic/sexual feelings and relationships with each other.

Edit: Oh snap it just occurred to me that agreeing to be the new host of a Tok'ra symbiote who had a pre-existing romantic relationship with another would mean you'd automatically be landed with a spouse. I guess you'd fall in love with them pretty quick since you'd start sharing all your new brain-buddy's feelings, but that's gotta be a weird thing.


General Hammond himself mentioned the "plausible deniability" aspect of the wonky "show within a show".

Ross Perot's presidential campaign in the early 90s was basically based on finding and eliminating wasteful gov't spending...and look what happened to him.

Hell, even the fact the US is about 20 Trillion dollars in debt speaks volumes to the credibility of this claim.

I can dream, can't I?


Several years ago after SG-1 ended and The Ark of Truth had yet to come out, there was a hilarious fake plot synopsis floating on the old IMDB boards that, among other things, had Sg-1 returning from the gate after their "Annual Teal'q Hunt." Hammond mentioned that he wanted Teal'q Burgers. Then, Col. Sheppard gates over from Atlantis and Hammond calls him a Rooster Roast.
I've been hoping against hope that this synopsis had been saved somewhere on the Internet but I can't find it. Any one here remember this?


Blackholes have been shown throughout the shows' to be capable of fuelling Stargates and Supergate connections to other galaxies for unlimited amounts of time, So instead of blowing up planets full of ultra-valuable and rare fuel why didn't the SGC dial destiny with a blackhole?


After watching the episodes dealing with ashrak, za’tarc, and the Origins webisodes, I have made a connection. By comparing the situations seen in those episodes, I have come to the conclusion that hand devices (kara kesh, hara kesh) seem to be the primary method of creating za’tarc.

Does anyone agree? Disagree?


Were there any mildly disappointments you had with any Stargate story lines?

These are probably the four biggest ones that come to my mind when it comes to me being mildly disappointed.

  1. Skaara. I was always a bit disappointed that after 3 Seasons, they finally saved him (which was good), but after all the effort, he just disappears. Then he finally comes back after 3 Seasons, and he gets killed. I always would've preferred if they did a bit more with him after saving him from the Goa'uld.
  2. Catherine. Wish they did a bit more with her, she disappears after Season 2 after only 3 episodes, and considering one of those episodes is an alternate reality and the other is in 1969, I'm quite surprised they only did 1 episode dealing with present-day Catherine.
  3. O'Neil's Wife. Similar reasoning to Catherine, we only got one episode dealing with Sara. Would've been a bit cool to do some kind of follow up on the events of Cold Lazarus.
  4. This one doesn't bother me as much, but it always seemed somewhat odd how Cassandra disappears after Season 4, she gets a few mentions here and there. But it's especially odd to me that they don't do an episode with her focusing on Fraser's death.

Let me start off by saying that I found Stargate on Netflix, specifically the show Stargate Atlantis. Me and my best friend fell in love with it and "he" went on to watch all of SG1 and Universe. I took a while to finish Atlantis, but I was in love with it. Then I tried to get into my friend's favorite SG1, but because he already saw it all we jumped around the early seasons and then moved on to Universe. I enjoyed Universe but not nearly as much Atlantis.

Recently after almost 5 years I decided to try and re-watch all of it, starting with the film. After trying twice to get through it I gave up. Then I turned my eyes to SG1, after getting to S3 E4 I suddenly lost interest and stopped...

Only a few days ago I began watching Stargate Atlantis and HOLY S*** it's good, I don't know if it's nostalgia or if it's possible to only have a taste for one show since they are all quite different from one another. Or is it just because Atlantis was made with more experience and better CGI?

My real question is, is it possible to only enjoy one of the shows, or do I need more patience and dedication to get to the good stuff?

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