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FAQs will be updated according to changes, and as new information is released by the team. If anything here is not accurate, please let us know in a respectful manner.

What is SubstratumNode and SubstratumHost? SubstratumHost is used by website owners to manage their domain, files, databases, users, pay hosting fees etc. This is what enables a site owner to run their website through the substratum network. SubstratumNode is what the average user will run to earn SUB and dedicate some of their computers' resources towards the network. This also gives the node operator access to any restricted sites which are not running on the network through their "vpn-less VPN" system. This will massively help with overall adoption.

What do I need to access sites on the network? Absolutely nothing. If a site owner decides to host their site through the network then you will be able to access that site without any additional software, just stick the URL into your favourite browser and the decentralised site will load. If you wish to access any website (region restricted or not) anonymously and it's not hosted through the substratum network then you will be required to run the substratumNode software. This routes all your web traffic through the network, allowing access to the restricted sites for free while paying you for routing traffic.

How do I store the SUB token? Due to SUB being an ERC20 token, it can be stored in any Ethereum address. In general, MyEtherWallet is recommended for storing SUB and other ERC20 tokens; just send the SUB to your ETH address then load the token on the right side of your MyEtherWallet wallet to view your SUB. This also means you can store SUB on a ledger/trezor hardware wallet.

Does the network run on the Ethereum blockchain? No. Only the SUB token used for payouts runs on the ETH blockchain, all details of what node contains specific site fragments and information on how sites should be loaded will be stored on a separate individual blockchain.

How do I mine/stake SUB tokens? You don't. There is no mining in the traditional sense; total supply isn't going to be increasing. You earn SUB by being a node and providing access to sites on the network. This SUB comes directly from the website owners who will purchase it and use it to pay for hosting on the network. Price will go up over time with supply/demand; more websites = more demand for the token. Should the market ever reach 90% saturation, the network will create 10% additional tokens and separate them into an account that is only used to fuel the network. These will not hit the exchanges and will only be available for transactions within the network.

What sort of computer will I need to run a node? No one knows the full answer to this till the beta is complete as that will help the team determine minimum system requirements for the network. What we do know is; Upload speed will be one of the most important factors. Apart from that, a mid-end CPU will likely be of use and a reasonable amount of RAM. Hosting a node will not be GPU intensive.

When is bitrex coming? The team is under NDA regarding this and we will likely not hear anything until it happens. One of bitrex's requirements is open source so we will not see it listed till that comes first.

Is there a coin burn coming? Yes, the team has already burned 120M tokens shortly after the ICO (into this address), there will be another token burn after the bitrex listing. We are not sure of the number of coins that will be burned yet, rumours are 60M-120M coins. This comes from the total supply, not circulating supply.

Whats with the project being closed source/can I see a github repo? Here you go!

What will be the price of SUB in x months/days/years 296 Gazillion Dollars.... seriously though, anyone giving a price is just purely guessing. Do your own research if you are looking at investing.

What's stopping an ISP from blocking Substratum hosted sites? Due to the distributed nature of Substratum, in order to block a site the ISP would have to blanket ban all internet users in an area and leave limited access to government facilities or public service locations that need internet access (..this is extreme and if it happens it's because your country is probably in a war; blanket internet bans basically stop a lot of local commerce from happening. People working at pc from work or home, internet phone lines, chain stores, anything that uses cloud computing, or server side computing that relays data remotely, including credit processors, with some exceptions; offline transactions are possible but have their own set of issues, would all be blocked.) This reason for such drastic measures being required to block a substratum hosted site is due to the fact that substratum traffic simply looks like standard http web traffic so the ISP has no clue if you are running a node or just uploading a file to a website. Ontop of this the nodes hosting a specific site are constantly changing and no single node contains a whole file for any site. And the icing on the cake, multiple nodes are required to serve a single request with no single node knowing the full route path. This means that if the ISP did block the first node in the path, there would still be multiple more nodes behind that still ready to serve the request.

Cant ISP's just block access to the site proving the node software? will provide access to the node software, this site will also be hosted on the network meaning that, assuming everything works, ISP's cant block access to the site and therefore cant prevent people downloading the software.

Is my site data secure? Yes, no single node will contain a whole file for your website and all files are encrypted preventing tampering.

How will substratum ensure there are enough nodes for larger sites? As more sites, and larger sites, start to host on the substratum network, payouts will increase due to increased demand. This will naturally bring in more users hosting nodes to get a part of the profits thus making up for the increased demand and keeping the network stable.

What about illegal content being hosted on the network? The network will have some sort of user governance system letting users vote to get highly illegal content removed if the majority agree. We do not have a whole lot of detail on the workings of this system as of yet.

What is CryptoPay? Cryptopay is a decentralized application being developed by the Substratum team which will run on top of the Substratum Network. This is a payment gateway which website owners will add to their site in order to accept payments through any publically traded cryptocurrency. The site owner can choose to be paid in USD/EURO etc and cryptopay will automatically convert any crypto into their desired currency using SUB as a middleman currency. More detail can be found here.

If you don't like reading and videos are your thing:

Is Substratum Targetable by Governments or ISP’s?

What Platforms will the Substratum Network run on?

What is the Substrate token, how is it tied to the Substratum Network and why will the success of the network cause the value of the token to rise?

How many Substrate are required to run a node?

What factors are considered when calculating how much SUB you earn for each transaction you render with your Substratum Node?

Thank you /u/Mike54637 for helping out with this list! It is much appreciated!


How does substratum host deal with dynamic website hosting and the myriad of different types of dynamic hosting set ups, PHP ASP python Ruby,installationsts, modules, etc?


This Week Showed Internet Censorship Is As Much A Threat To The Left As The Right


I am very glad, that this article provides examples from the left and from the right.

And I assume that also the SUB community is diverse. So, let's not discuss any politics in here. Wrong forum.

However, I think all of us agree, that there actually are certain limits of what we can accept on our soon to be seen Network.

Of course any form of propaganda for terrorism, assassination requests (for politicians, colleagues, bosses, neighbors, ex-girl-friends, ...), ... child porn, ... and also some other issues actually shall, no, must be banned.

This hasn't got anything to do with 'censorship' but with common sense and responsibility for a healthy society.

And 99% of us agree on the given examples. On other issues we might have smaller majorities.

My two questions are:

1) Will there be a technical way to actually delete certain content ... or are we creating an uncontrollable playground for lunatics? -- (Think of how that could harm our reputation.)

2) Who is going to decide about that content?

I remember that we started a discussion some time in Q1, but as far as I remember, we never really learned about a solution. (Did I miss anything?)

I would appreciate, if the Team could comment on this. Thank you.


The mintToken function of a smart contract implementation for Substratum (SUB), a tradable Ethereum ERC20 token, has no period constraint, which allows the owner to increase the total supply of the digital assets arbitrarily so as to make profits, aka the "tradeTrap" issue.

Consider contact me for more informations.


I just finished talking to my friend in Turkey, and I didn't realize how disastrous the censorship is in that country. He couldn't even visit Adobe Stock Photos website because of his location. Those in North America, like myself, take this freedom for granted and have no idea the pain people in China, Middle East, and Europe are experiencing. Interestingly, he invested into Substratum on his own accord because of the current global crisis.

Substratum, in my opinion, is leading the charge of decentralizing the internet and unlocking the freedom of information based on their product strategy. They are approaching it from user end level by implementing a simple UI that you download and turn on without requiring any special browser or change of habit. I've been building products for about 6 years, and this formula is the key to mass adoption which I believe Substratum nailed. Other competitors won't take off as fast as Substratum due to their product approach. Crypto projects do not need any further complex systems, behaviour modification, or especially targeted towards tech-saavy/technical people. Crypto projects now need to target mass adoption, user friendly, and daily usability. Basically, all demographics need to understand the benefits and power of a decentralized network in order to reach critical mass. My Dad, whom is 60 years old, should understand what Substratum does, run a node, and know why he is running a node. In my opinion, if all demographics are hit, then its a multi billion dollar company.

Once we reach production V1, this is where the real challenge comes into play, which is execution. Substratum has to build a powerful marketing machine that nails the message.

There are millions of people like my friend that are experiencing the same issues of a censored internet that haven't heard of Substratum. I believe Substratum has to aggressively market Sub Node to these regions. When they reach a certain cluster of people in each region, that cluster will start to pollinate their network and then the product will turn viral.

In essence, Substratum is going to leverage our freedom in North America and help regions like the middle east, Europe, and China to give access to open information. It will be an incredible experiment that will undoubtedly create controversy from government entities and I am excited to be part of it.


hey sub-ies,

is there an updated roadmap somewhere?

when is version 0.5 planned?

br mike


Lately I’ve been wondering about scalability issues of ETH. SUB is looking for massive adoption so this would demand high txs. Have developers thought about switching to EOS? It would also be feeless between users.


So, I'm running /r/Qubes and I set up a ProxyVM for Substratum in using the Debian TemplateVM. However my IP stayed the same. What do i do? The GitHub page seems to have issues removed. Their appears to not be any installation videos for SubstratumNet either. I used dpkg to de-package it. I recommend witching to a more standardized format as many Linux users will have issues using this as .deb files were created for /r/debian. AppImages are great or I have seen many programs like /r/i2p use .jar) files. Just make sure it works with /r/freesoftware.


I love this project and am just happy for the chance to buy more so cheap. i don't know how to show the transaction here but i'm super psyched for the future of the decentralized internet.


Running 10.11.6 OS X

Entered my password and it just toggle off all the time. I had this on previous versions.

Any ideas on how to get it too work


Why is Substratum licensed as GPL? Wouldn't this make it harder to "redefine" the web? Wouldn't this limit closed source projects? Wouldn't they want to enable this in their services? Why doesn't SubstratumNet use BSD?


There is this platform called Browser Stack:

They have a program for FOSS to enable devs to test their apps using using their premium version.

This allows you to test how you app acts on many different OSes, Browser, e.c.t.

Note: This is not an Advertisement. I am not payed or a bot. I just honestly hope this projects succeeds. :)

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Good Evening all,

Substratum Node 0.3.4 binaries can finally be downloaded here.

It's been in the github repos for a little while and /u/_microoo_ was kind enough to compile it and give us a visual preview last week as seen here.

For anyone that doesn't follow Dan Wiebe on Twitter, I strongly encourage it. They've been making A LOT of serious progress toward true decentralization this week (aka 0.4.0). Justin even took time out of his busy schedule to stop by the dev office.

August SUBLOCC aka Product #3 announcement aka potential other announcements from Justin Tabb himself is in 18 days. If you plan on attending, please RSVP here. It gives them an idea of how many people to expect, how much pizza to order, how many drinks to have, etc.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask. :)


I’ve always been a supporter of sub — since this time last year. I’ve held it through the highs and the continuing lows, but it’s finally starting to get to me. Where to from here? The team is seemingly great — they’re hard working, transparent, and good-hearted, but is that enough? I can only imagine they’re blowing through whatever ICO cash is left (which can’t be much considering the price of eth). I just hope they can (for once) release a real product before it’s all gone. Just about nothing is certain with crypto, I know this. But I also know that in a year’s time, the majority of these small cap alts will be a distant memory, I just hope substratum isn’t one of them. So, to the team, please release something that can actually be used immediately, not just a bunch of skeletons that we can press a few buttons on. Do understand the community you have supports you, but do also understand that the clock is ticking.

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