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They are currently working on the 2018 roadmap!

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Remind me in 2026.

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You guys want to put your money where your mouth is?

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I'm actually a long term Sub hodler. I bought in shortly after the ICO FYI :).

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Remind me in 2019!

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Remind me in 2020!

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They have weekly updates on friday. There is no roadmap cause they don't want to be stuck to a promise made months back

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That doesn't make sense. When you do software, the roadmap is the starting point of any piece of code, from the most complex to the easiest one. As a developer you should and you must be able to follow it. If you are not able to follow a roadmap within an agile context you are simply not skilled enough.

Put it in this way: it's impossible to build a product without a clear roadmap. If they don't have it (or they don't want to share it with the investors) it means there is something dodgy in this project.

Please note that I am a sub investor.

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They did give time frames for when stuff was to be released but when they didn't reach it cause of delays (which can happen during build up), everyone, this community also, starting shitting on them.

I can understand why they don't give dates out anymore. They probably have roadmaps internally but just don't announce them anymore. We have the friday things now, and aslong as it works what's the problem?

  • crypto is not investing, you don't own a share or anything, it's just hoping to get rich based on other people's work. They don't see your money get put into their company so they don't own us anything tbh

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Friday things are just to keep the boys in this community happy but they are nothing tangible. If the have a product they should show us something more than few slides and a demo on a laptop.

They have seen my money: 14 mil USD from the ICO. I bought the coins there. I guess that the six members of the team have a good salary. .

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I completely agree with you. When developing a project you have to have planning to be efficient , a roadmap or some sort of guideline to break down the tasks you have to do. I think its extremely worrying that they have completely nothing to give some sort of indication to investors where the project is heading and how long it will take.

I just find it crazy how they don't have this and a lot of people will feel more at ease knowing where this project stands.

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Subdtratum advertise and promise a lot, but unclear for me, how to achieve the goal. MaidSafe struggles for years to deliver some useful software, meaning: easy to promise but hard to fulfill.

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Legit questions. As said before, team provides "weekly" updates since a couple of weeks. There is no roadmap as far as i know.

I have Good vibes about this. But no one knows for sure. Kinds great,....
what they are trying to accomplish isn't an easy job and when beta arrives it has to be 100% up and running without any flaws,....

So this "may" take a while.

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So this "may" take a while.

so may then?

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Maybe,... i don't know man. I wouldn't do a documentary on National without somekind of a working product. But hey, that's me.

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I assume this will also be used as a normal wallet for SUB tokens ? Is there any future plan to convert them from ERC20 tokens into 'real' SUB coins ? (as EOS does).

No. They state in a video the payment system will run on ethereum


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I'm following, as sub investor I'm interested in the roadmap.

Unfortunately nobody seems able to provide valid info.

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anybody from the team actually on this sub reddit ? (pun intended)

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Nope , all we get is 2min videos on their twitter page.

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Substratum will be releasing a desktop application which will allow users to set up nodes to host decentralized websites. Users who host nodes will be rewarded with Sub tokens. Sub tokens can be used to pay for web hosting.

No information has been released regarding a substratum wallet or the release of the beta or product.