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E=MxC2 It's not always about the size

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2 million lines of code released? cargo-count says 10k, and from what is on github that is more realistic:

\repositories\SubstratumNode>cargo count -a --exclude=$(cat .gitignore)
Gathering information...
         Language  Files  Lines  Blanks  Comments  Code
         --------  -----  -----  ------  --------  ----
         XML       23     1267   0       0         1267
         Shell     43     448    65      93        290
         TOML      11     229    31      0         198
         Rust      80     10289  1455    284       8550
         D         141    1705   278     0         1427
         --------  -----  -----  ------  --------  ----
Totals:            298    13938  1829    377       11732

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Seems like another meaningless fud campaign.

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This is nonsense. You don't know how git and commit works. Say, first, you commit 100 lines to a file, then you make the program better so you edited 50 lines of the code, then you refactor the code, so all 100 lines are changed, and then you find a better way, so you can actually deleted 50 lines of it. The total lines of code commited is actually 100 + 50 +100 + 50 = 300, although you only see 50 lines in the latest version of the file. Always remember the git contains historical commits, not just what you see in the final version. Also the team do commits internally and combine those commits into one commit that you see on github. Not to mention that the team is working on multiple projects, and each projects has code branches, many of which are not publicly shared on github. Each line of code counted means work that was done by Substratum team within a year.

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No, you don't know how the substratum team works. https://github.com/SubstratumNetwork/SubstratumNode/commit/f70262762dd0dcffcda66fe827e6b1ac608ce200 <-- this commit adds 1,612,813 lines of code, but while scrolling through it you can see that they pushed some node.js dependencies which are not their code but googles (https://github.com/GoogleChrome/accessibility-developer-tools), the very next commit just removes 1.6 million lines again.

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Of course I don't know the private code repositories the team is working on 😉 I think the number could be just directly from what the GitHub captures and describes as 2 million changes of lines of code. There's no problem about it. I believe most understand that BJ’s point is about the surprising quantity. I think there can be better ways to show both the quantity and quality of the code, either directly from the team or from the community.

Man, let's be honest, even your initial simple measure of the lines of code had a mistake 😆

The team has made great progress under a year of development, working on three projects simultaneously. The Node is an innovative project that requires a bottom-up development. People are eagerly waiting for the announcement of Project 3 on August 28, the partnership announcement of CryptoPay, the decentralization in Node 0.4.0 and monetization in Node 0.5.0.

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There's no problem about it. I believe most understand that BJ’s point is about the surprising quantity.

The quantity is completely fake - I can commit 1.6 million lines of code of someone else into my repository too, that does not result in a "surprising quantity".

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Well, it's going to be a little bit out of topic... 😆 They may not have written 2 millions of lines of code, but to be honest it's still quite a lot of work. Getting some automatically generated number directly from GitHub also is not a crime. And the accidental inclusion of npm packages apparently is not intentional. How can it be termed as "fake"? I have no idea of where your "anger" is from...

I actually believe in "less is better", especially for the "kernel" of Node. It has to be solid, efficient and well tested. Appreciate you clarification and enthusiast, but hope new users won't be confused.

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10k is way less than 2 million. How can there be such a disparity in the count. 10k is not that many lines of code honestly, I've written over a thousand lines of code in the past month myself, creating a project management system. I hope 2 million is accurate

Edit: it has been clarified that GitHub counts line edits into the commits.

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Change the line endings. Commit. Change them back. Commit. Now you got 30k lines pushed but only 10k lines in total.

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Two thoughts:

-Lines of code is not a measure of product quality

-Too much code can actually be indicative of inefficient coding

Bottom line is there's nothing you can glean from knowing how many lines of code there are alone (regardless of if this number is even truly accurate).

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There is something you can learn from lines of code - if it is close to zero, for an example, then the project is not really progressing. If the COO brags about 2 million lines of code while his team wrote 25k, you can make assumptions how involved he is with this project.

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Buy the line dip

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You can check yourself! Just clone their repo (https://github.com/SubstratumNetwork/SubstratumNode) and use either cargo-count or execute find . -name '*.rs' | xargs wc -l in their repository and you will see it. I just pulled the latest master: cargo-count and wc say 25k lines of code. If I were a sub bagholder I would not be amused.

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We will be getting clarity from the team soon. I think B.J. meant 2mil changes to lines of code but as I said we will get clarity soon.

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He indeed meant, but his team committed 1.6 million lines of code which were written by google (https://github.com/SubstratumNetwork/SubstratumNode/commit/f70262762dd0dcffcda66fe827e6b1ac608ce200) and they removed them with the next commit.

SubstratumNode's lines of code are nowhere close to 2 million (which the tweet and this thread implies), and thanks to it being open source literally everyone can verify that.