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Substratum has a massive opportunity, lets provide input on how we can turn this into a global movement.

I just finished talking to my friend in Turkey, and I didn't realize how disastrous the censorship is in that country. He couldn't even visit Adobe Stock Photos website because of his location. Those in North America, like myself, take this freedom for granted and have no idea the pain people in China, Middle East, and Europe are experiencing. Interestingly, he invested into Substratum on his own accord because of the current global crisis.

Substratum, in my opinion, is leading the charge of decentralizing the internet and unlocking the freedom of information based on their product strategy. They are approaching it from user end level by implementing a simple UI that you download and turn on without requiring any special browser or change of habit. I've been building products for about 6 years, and this formula is the key to mass adoption which I believe Substratum nailed. Other competitors won't take off as fast as Substratum due to their product approach. Crypto projects do not need any further complex systems, behaviour modification, or especially targeted towards tech-saavy/technical people. Crypto projects now need to target mass adoption, user friendly, and daily usability. Basically, all demographics need to understand the benefits and power of a decentralized network in order to reach critical mass. My Dad, whom is 60 years old, should understand what Substratum does, run a node, and know why he is running a node. In my opinion, if all demographics are hit, then its a multi billion dollar company.

Once we reach production V1, this is where the real challenge comes into play, which is execution. Substratum has to build a powerful marketing machine that nails the message.

There are millions of people like my friend that are experiencing the same issues of a censored internet that haven't heard of Substratum. I believe Substratum has to aggressively market Sub Node to these regions. When they reach a certain cluster of people in each region, that cluster will start to pollinate their network and then the product will turn viral.

In essence, Substratum is going to leverage our freedom in North America and help regions like the middle east, Europe, and China to give access to open information. It will be an incredible experiment that will undoubtedly create controversy from government entities and I am excited to be part of it.

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8 points · 1 month ago

I just wanna play games in school, but k.

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simplicity, like steve jobs said

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Simple, like trying to cure his cancer with vegetables...

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I am ready to run Substratum node can't wait to help people to go around the censorship forced on people by dictators.

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Is it possible to integrate Substratum with the Brave browser one day?

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Guess what, to browse the Substratum network, the only thing you need is a regular browser.

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What if the ISP or government blocks access to the browser.

Disclaimer: I'm a noob to Substratum and have limited understandimg at technical level.

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In this case I'm talking about every browser out there. The Substratum network is just as easy to visit as any other website, through a web address. They can block IPs, but then they would have to block every IP of every Substratum user. Which sounds impossible to me because you cannot detect Substratum in the traffic itself.

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Thanks for the clarification

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