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In season 5, in the criminal case against Mike, couldn't they have simply asked him which class he was in, and call all of those students to court who would then deny Mike being to Harvard?

EDIT: hol'up, harvey is mentioning this in the fake trial. I'm still watching.


It starts at 35:12 and finish at 35:50 when Rachel and Mike talk about speeding up the wedding. It's so goddamn good, but I can't find the title anywhere..

Shazaam and Tunefind doesn't show it. Does anyone know?


I'm Finnish and bought netflix and was disappointed that season 7 is not there yet which means 8 will also not come for a long time.

Anyone can say when they come, I tried to google, found couple articles that claimed to tell this in the title but didnt say a word. Im a sad boy


It’s hard to search for suits in Suits, so this may have already been discussed (sorry if it was). The wardrobe for the guys is pretty sweet, just wondering if anyone knew some of the suits or ties worn for Harvey, Ross, or Litt?


Hey so I'm really into this show and I'm looking for recommendations of similar shows. I'm going for snappy dialogue, strategic, somewhat intelligent like house of cards type of stuff. Also with a corporate-ish vibe.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve had this thought a few times during Chicago P.D.’s recent season and now I just finished S2 of 13 Reasons Why and I would’ve loved to see Mike take on the school and wealthy powerful family of Bryce Walker.

Any other tv shows or movies that would be a great fit?


“Now, GET THE HELL out of my office”

“What the HELL did you just say to me?”

Edit I just finished binge watching and discovered this sub. Let me hear your suits memes!

Edit shit


So, confused. I thought that Harvey met Donna when he started working for the DAs office but I’m on episode 16 or season 4 and it shows them meeting in a bar. Can anyone explain the timeline to me or is it a plot hole??


Why and how did Forstman use Harvey’s brother?? I’m a little confused.


So now that Robert Zane is coming to Specter Litt and his name is first, is he gonna be the managing partner? I really want Harvey to stay managing partner since it wouldn’t really make sense for him to go through the whole becoming a team player phase for nothing.


There’s a scene where Louis is handing out bonuses and he doesn’t have mikes so mike goes to Harvey and gets it. Anyone know the episode?


So, I had a law exam today and during the written question, I noticed something pretty funny. For context, the written question gives us a law scenario as if we were an actual lawyer. The law firm we worked for was Pearson and Ross Solicitors. Pretty funny coincidence, eh? But our supervising solicitor is Rachel Hardman. OK, getting really lucky now.

We met with Travis Cahill, who works for Zane Aqua Ltd, who's competitor is Malone Enterprises. And we had to send a memo to Katrina Soloff, a partner at the firm. The best thing is, Katrina wasn't even really needed for the question. We could've just had our normal supervising solicitor. The writer just added her in because he wanted to.

I found it quite funny, so I thought I'd share it here. (I didn't see anything in the exam about not being allowed to share it, so...)

Also, one of the products was water butts. I just found that funny. Of all the products the question could have been about, it was about [water] butts.


I’m running a short project that compares voting systems and participants views/feelings on those systems. It may also be a handy learning tool at a later stage for demonstrating the different voting systems and their effects!

Suits is part of the Central Bay constituency (left hand side of the page) as part of the Drama genre/party.

It's in one of the most open constituencies in the election, so very decent chance for the show to do well!

If you’d like to see your show win vote.

If you’d like to help me out with my thesis vote.

…and if that doesn’t sway ye, voting will put ye in a draw for a €50 Amazon gift card!

Thank you for any help with the project, hoping to see some interesting data on people television, and voting system preferences!


Theres a scene in the P.S.L. episode where they’re showing Jessicas childhood and how her father didn’t want her to be a lawyer. There is some classic music playing in the background, anyone know what its called?

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