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Hö hö, HI from Sweden I don't mind our countries being mixed up. Have a nice day.


Anti-discrimination laws only serve to worsen the attitudes of those whom discriminate by infringing on their private property rights, and allow those who benefit from such laws to mob rule against innocent civilians, as is what is going on in the Northern Union of America (aka the United States, but it doesn't deserve that name cause America died when Lincoln murdered the Confederate States of America in 1865) right now.

I've heard that Switzerland is the closest nation in the Free World to capitalist anarchy; I hope this really is the case, given that Switzerland has much lower personal income taxes than the Union. Taxation is robbery, and I'm glad you Suissemenschen at least recognize that.

I wish America in 1776 went the way of Switzerland - truly free markets, truly free gun ownership, true respect for people's private property rights, true freedom of opinion, and cultural respect for Germanic and West Roman values

Also, damn - apparently markdown doesn't apply to the title

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From NE, living in GE
5 days ago

So there I was, crunching on some M-Budget chocolate when I thought: hey, we're the biggest chocolate eaters in the world, but I suppose we all have our own little habits.

We eat on average about 9 kg per capita per year. Do you think you're above or below?

What is your favourite chocolate, or the one you eat the most? Do you eat chocolate by itself or with other stuff (e.g. with bread)? What would you recommend as "you don't know chocolate until you've tasted that one" ? Chocolate-flavoured pastries, chocolate cakes, ... ?


More and more studies show that loneliness is becoming a real health issue. I read recently that while 10 years ago, when asked if there was a close person you would confide something intimate too, around 10% couldn't identify anyone, the figure has raised today by another 8-10%. In the same time period, the online dating world has boomed to a tinder 'epidemic'.

I asked myself why there isn't a possibility to 'date' for friends? While Susan Cain brought the introvert advantage to the forefront, I still feel that the extrovert ideal is what we're measuring up against. I am a conversationalist introvert finding it difficult to find friends in Ch (Zurich) as an expat. I work in It but my background is in psychology & literature, so befriending co-workers didn't quite work for me. Meet-ups is something I'm considering, but given the group format that's a bit of a hurdle for the less modern (extroverted) person to overcome. The first thought is that you're weird and inadjusted, but somehow I'm having a hard time really buying that. I am surely not alone in my conundrum. And dating at 33 just to find a potential friend has a wrong premise for me to start with and is probably a bad premise for others too (or for bad relationships :)).

So I'm just curious, how have others navigated the befriending aspect here? Esp the more introverted, not sporty, more like reading & movies types of persons.


Je souffre d’avance avant de parler avec tous mes amis français fans de foot.




...Fernbedienig, zum uf ORF umschalte.

Figg di SRF, was isch das für e scheiss Werbig.

Edit: Und die scheiss sound effekt wo die benutzt hend chönd grad zur höll fahre.


I was wondering what everyone else here in Switzerland use.

Swiss shops offers many alternatives, credit cards, debit cards, other banking solutions (Postfinance, Sofort), wire transfer, the problem is mostly with foreign shops.

I don't particularly like credit cards, I have seen many debit cards and I have tried the Swissbanker one, I like that you don't have to pay every year something like 50 francs but the commissions for every operation is absurd.

I've tried with Paypal and for example it allows me to buy stuff on Ebay, but they have their currency exchange which is very different from the real market.

I have found Revolut and it seems exactly what I'm looking for, modern and convenient, but the account is in the UK and so it's expensive to transfer money, I know there are way around this using Transferwise but in the country of bankers one would image that there would be many solutions.

So what do you use Reddit?

EDIT: Thanks for all the replies, I think I'll try with the Revolut card and see how it goes.


Hi all,

When I take the train, I often see either one or more beggars at the train station asking people for money. This is a controversial topic, so let's move on: one of the beggars is possibly underage and I'm wondering if there's something one can do for people like her.

Begging in general doesn't bother me, but when a 14-year-old (she looks 14 but again, I have no idea) spends 4 to 6 hours just asking for money from everyone without supervision, something's wrong and there has to be someone I can call, right?

The thing is, I have no idea who to tell. I also know that we don't necessarily have laws against begging and, more shockingly, no laws against begging teenagers. I was going to call the children's protection office, but I don't even know if they can do anything. I have 0 idea what to do.

But children are supposed to go to school, they're not supposed to beg for 4 hours straight in the afternoon. Basically I want to notify authorities that can investigate and help, and not just fine everyone or kick them out.

Any help appreciated.

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