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Bitch Mommy tried to make me lose weight

Be me, 1100 pound good boy. Fast asleep in my crib after a long night of watching loli hentai before my step sister Stacy wakes me from my slumber. "Get up! We're suppost to be at the hospital in 1 hour!" I awoke to Stacy's face and let out a mighty ree "REEEEEE GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM STACY" before I fell out of my crib and falling on her. "Anon, you fat fuck get off me!" I let out a big poo in my Toy story diapie before I had Chaddy Daddy lift me up while Stacy limped up and started breathing too loud. "Oh god, everything hurts.." she said with my poo stains on her. "REEEEEE MUMMY CHANGE MY DIAPIE" Mommy walked in my room to see Stacy limping covered in poo. "You're 32 years old! Don't you know how to use the toilet already?! Stacy, are you ok sweetie?" Fucking bitch put Stacy before her precious big boy. Stacy showers my poo off before we head to the big hospital. We were in the waiting room before a group of nurses approach us and take me to a room. I dont like this. I lay in a bed and am forced to breathe this sleepy gas. I dream about my beautiful waifus Fluttershy and Kotori Minami giving me blowey joeys and feeding me tendies on my throne in my very own McDonalds play place. A few hours later I awaken to see my family above me and me in a hospital gown. "How was the surgery?" Wot. Surgery?? I get up with the hospital gown still on me. I can feel the dried shit in my buttcrack from earlier. "Yes you are very morbidly obese and had fat removed from your body because it was unhealthy and dangerous" Did Bitch Mommy really call her precious baby boy unhealthy!?! I let out a mighty ree before waddling out the door in my poo covered hospital gown and demanded I be taken to Wendys for my daily 20 tendie meal. "No! You are very unhealthy and are being put on a diet!" A diet!?! I let out the biggest ree my body could do and aimed my butthole directly at Mummy, Stacy, the doctors and nurses and Chaddy for denying their big boy tendies. Mummy sighed and I could hear her crying "Fine..." Yaaaaay! Mummy, Chaddy and Stacy had cleaned themselves up and I ended up getting 40 tendies and 500 gbps for my surgery and spent the night jerking off onto my Chiaki Nanami figure that night and quickly regaining my 1000 pound figure.


Dear Michael,

Your mother and I are very worried about you, even though you're just mere feet away, I feel this is the only way we can contact you. When you were child you are such a sweet loving young boy, now you're 35. And only once had a job for about a week.

Now all you do is sit in your room and play videogames, if I'd known teaching you how to build computers but put you here Id never even even show you how to do it in the first place. Please at very least dump out your bottles of Urine, semen and feces. I'll give some of those "points" that your mother gives you if you want.

Next let's try using our words to communicate as opposed to that screeching we here at 2 in the morning, you're grown man if you need something just let us know (or better get off your butt and do it yourself) lastly lose weight. You're 600lbs and can barely squeeze through your door. (Is this why you're defecating into bottles)? I think we should cut down your Mountain Dew intake and then move from there. Maybe instead of eating six bags chicken tenders maybe slowly move on to 2-3 bags?


Sincerely your loving parents


Greetings M'Goodboys

My name is Tendiana Jones, I have decided to embark on a grand expedition to Chad to learn about their culture and find their weaknesses so goodboys everywhere can better defend against their evil.

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Tendies: For good little boys Must have AT LEAST 100GBP. No normies allowed.

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