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I watch That 70s Show every day. Anywhere between 4-6 hours. Mostly as background when I game. I’ve seen every episode at least 40 times. I know, it’s sad. But I do love this show.

I want to see if I can answer other fan’s trivia questions. Please ask anything. I promise I won’t google. If I don’t know the answer, my pride isn’t too big to say I don’t know. I hope I don’t make a fool of myself. Lol.

Let’s do this!


In the first Halloween episode, it is revealed that Kelso is a year older than everyone, meaning that (in the 70s) he could have bought them beer. In S3 E23, they go to Canada to buy beer, why didn't they just ask Kelso? I'm probably missing something lol


In my honest opinion, I think he’s annoying, whiny and so full of it. I just hate his scrawniness and Donna could do a lot better than him. He’s not a good person in real life as well. The crew of the show has said before that he’s difficult to work with because he’s got a huge ego. I get that he’s the glue that holds everyone together in the show but he’s just so annoying. I cringe every single time he tries to be “sexy” ugh. His replacement wasn’t any better tho.


Personally my biggest problem with randy is that he literally has no worries in life. Yeah that's a good element to the show. Let's add a character who has everything going for him. He's smooth with ladies, he's good looking, and the gang accepts him almost instantly. I would've much preferred someone like Charlie, who actually has some personal problems they could've written some episodes around. You might has well have made casey kelso the new guy.


i just wanted to say that i hate mitch and his whole character and every scene he is in. i can watch the first 5.5 seasons in what feels like a day but fuuuuck it’s so hard to finish the series when shitty characters appear!!! like randy and laurie 2.0 but that’s a given


I’m sure this question has appeared in this sub but the question lingers in my mind.


I can't find the episode where Kitty is jealous that Red made out with a girl at the theater when they were young.

And Red says something to the effect that he respects Kitty too much to do that.

Details are fuzzy. Can't find a damn thing on it on the internet.


By 'recurring' I mean character a who was in several episodes in a relatively short timespan hanging out with or somehow associating with the gang. So far I can think of Angie, Brooke, Caroline, Nina, Annette, Big Rhonda, and Casey. Charlie was in a circle but that may have only involved beer. Joanne and Pastor Dave weren't, but they also part of the older crowd so I don't count them or any authority figure, though the circle doesn't seem to have an age limit and has included people such as the INS agent and three high school teachers.


Was anybody else always waiting throughout the seasons for Jackie and Fez to get together? For some reason I always wanted them to get together


Watching the show for the 100th time but there's an episode in the 6th season where Fez is super creepy. And as much as it creeps me out I still love him. It just gets me to giggling cuz I realize that if someone made joke similarly it wouldn't be okay.


I mean it was good but with all the changing around of people and all the different relationships I never really got attached to any of them as much as I do with other shows that actually have an ending.

Posted by
Donna Pinciotti
9 days ago

Jackie is my favorite. She's the character that showed the most development throughout the season. I like how she's superficial in humoristic way. I like Red's jokes too !


For some reason, I would have wanted to see a tad more of Kitty's sister. She kind of seems fun? lol


I absolutely adore this show, I watched it a lot on tv before they added it on Netflix, but after they did like, a month or two ago, I think I'm on my biggest binges ever. Since I finished hs I have so much time to burn and BOY.

It's hard to actually stop watching it sometimes, it's so enjoyable. And since the episodes are pretty short (which, suprisingly isn't an issue like with Silicon Valley) , I'm guilty of telling people I watched many episodes in a row, just today I marched through FIFTEEN, and it still seems like nothing. I'm at the first episode of season six, actually now there are more episodes that never aired on tv here, so I'm even more hyped, though I think I'll leave it for today.

It's so hard to say Good Day to this show.

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