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510 - "The Warriors Will" was written by Julie Benson & Shawna Benson and directed by Henry Ian Cusick

Growing Pains

Fleeing Polis, Clarke pulls over to try and get the creepy AI full of ghosts out of Madi, who freaks the fuck out. They have a fight, because Madi is upset that Clarke left everyone else to die and now that she's commander I guess she's going to be a pain in the ass about it. I'll wave my Team Clarke flag, everything about the commander tradition is fucked up and trying to bring it back is a mistake. It didn't work to keep peace before, why will now be any different? And rightly, Clarke doesn't want to see Madi's life wasted the way Lexa's was, serving as the patron saint of bloodlust and lost causes.

Clarke and Madi hit the road again, but not before throwing out all the worm eggs, which I think constitutes as littering. Good luck whoever hikes that trail next.

Meanwhile, Pax is rooting through Diyoza's journal to get a spoiler on the finale, and then remarks on how sick Abby looks. MacCreary tells Abby that she'll break before he does, and says she can have her pills when she cures him. Abby calls on the most lovable serial killer in town, and Vinson comes to her rescue. Vinson delivers Abby's pills and then murders her guards by ripping out their throats with his teeth. This was the unexpected delight of the season. (Why is he so weirdly adorable? Help me.)

Forests and Trees

Back at Polis, Miller reveals that half of Wonkru won't march because they still believe in Madi as the true leader, Miller says they can still take Eden, but Not-Cooper points out they can gain followers by throwing the traitors in the fighting pit. Octavia then goes to confront Indra about her betrayal and begs her for a solution. Indra says there isn't one (besides surrender) and promises that she'll kill Bellamy and then let Gaia win.

Octavia doesn't want to see Bellamy die, so she goes to see Monty, and Monty tries to convince her that algae will bring peace. He says in a few years he can grow them a new valley and they won't need Eden, but for some reason Octavia rejects his offer, and in return Monty refuses to go and see Bellamy to help him win the gladiator match. Octavia sucks it up and goes to see Bellamy herself, and Bellamy tells her he isn't going to fight, so she can either make a deal for the valley or let him die.

Family Matters

Back on the road, Madi is having a screaming nightmare reliving what turns out to be Becca's memory after she came back to earth, where it turns out that Cadogan burned Becca alive at the stake. I'm bummed about this because it implies Bill is likely dead and my Bicca dreams went up in smoke, but if the woman who burned down the world with an AI came to pitch you another AI, you might burn her too, it's a very poetic ending. Man, Becca is such a fascinating character, what a well-meaning megalomaniac she is.

The dead commanders continue to plague Madi with horrible terrible visions of how much being commander sucks, all the way back to the valley, but Clarke decides she can't take out the flame and destroy it because it's San Diego Comic-Con this week and WB doesn't need another PR headache. She promises to rip it out the moment Madi gets any delusions of grandeur though.

Clarke and Madi make it back to the camp, but they find Abby has ODed and is unresponsive, it's unclear whether she accidentally overdosed or deliberately tried to kill herself to prevent Pax from being cured though. We'll see. Madi's also starting to exhibit some spooky personality shifts, so things are looking troublesome for Clarke right now.

In the pit, Bellamy and Indra put up a good fight, both Indra and Bellamy are trying to stop Gaia from assassinating Octavia for different reasons, but when Gaia throws her spear, Octavia just tosses it back in to continue the fight. BUT! Monty bursts into the room, showing Wonkru the apple blossoms he's been growing and reveals that Octavia knew about them. Wonkru is upset they were lied to and breaks down the fighting pit. Could Algae really be how they get to peace? Is that message way too beautiful for this show?

Yes. Yes it is.

So Octavia decides to burn down the hydro farm. I was sort of on board with the tough leadership thing up until this point, but it got me thinking that there were probably similar motives to burning Becca too. It raises some interesting questions about the nature of control and unification, one leader being the only option for people's survival is definitely culty, but does it work long term? Could the two groups have lived peacefully on either side of the desert? And why is winning Eden so important to Octavia? Something to chew on.

TL;DR Vinson is the hero we deserve. Abby takes a tumble. Your own death is not a great bargaining chip. Monty is supergreen. Seriously Bellamy's hair. Clarke and Madi go home. The saga of Bicca rises and falls. Octavia sets hope on fire. Wonkru march on Eden.

This and that:

  • Every now and then I have to stop and marvel at how much damage Becca did to the planet. Like...fucking wow, gurl.

  • For all its frustration and gloom, this episode was beautiful, well-directed and stunning with its visuals and music. Kudos to you, Henry. Big props.

  • Sorry for anyone who missed me last week, totally not my fault, this one goes out to all the lurkers!!

  • What's better? Crocodiles or sharks?

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Hey Gang,

It's that time of year again, where death and destruction rain down on our characters heads and they find some way to hopefully survive for one more season. We have been creating a crowd-sourced drinking game since season 2.

Here is Season Two.

Here is Season Three.

Here is Season Four.

We would prefer to leave off things that we have already done before but for our /u/jonske94, we will include My People for the sake of tradition.

We'll keep this open until I feel we have enough suggestions to make a new list. If we run short, the mod team will fill it in for the sake of expediency. I'll close it out once we are done and update the post.

Thanks for being such an awesome group of fans and for making this community such a joy to be a part of <3


Today I just made the connection of the names Kane and Abby, a la Cain and Abel. Can't be a coincidence! Love this show!


I love this show and I am happy they got a season 6. I am just wondering where else can they go with this show. Earth is a mess so I think season 6 is going to be some kind of of star trek arc.


Bob and Eliza have both said in multiple interviews about how emotional the finale episode is and how people cried on set. What are your predictions of what's so emotional about the finale or predictions about the finale in general?!


I may be the only one, but... I DO understand her. and propably would even have done the same things.

  1. Protecting Maddie Maddie is like her doughter. They have been together for six years. In a world were everyone can die any time. Clarke herself killed children at Mt. Weather. There will have been a lot more dead kids at Maddies age she has seen. In a world where a single live means nothing it's definitly: my own child at all costs!

  2. Leaving Bellamy When she couldn't take carre of Maddie anymore, because she was arrested, he promissed her to protect Maddie. And then he did the one thing that makes her a blinking target with the worlds "kill me" on top. Why should she risk Maddies live afterwards to save him from the consequences of that? No way!

  3. Dumping the worms The worms already live in the wasteland. Wonkru was possibly chasing them. Definitly coming for a war. And Octavia would kill Maddie, when she finds her. So throw at them/her what you have!!!


No mention of it for a while. Did she loose it during the 6 years on the ground?

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So Monty and Octavia have had a unique relationship this season. To me, the burning of the farm and Monty's suggestion of killing O instead of Cooper cemented my belief that Monty is gonna snap and kill Octavia at the end of the season, after all "what's one more?"


The Dark Year episode is coming and since 99,9% of the fandom seems to be sure about the cannibalism theory, I was just do you think they choose who they ate?

  1. Voluntarily: "All of me for all of us".
  2. Death by Arena: maybe they honor the dead right before the fight starts because eventualy those those who died became food.
  3. Death by Disease: I find hard to believe this one because it would be a really easy way to make others ill.
  4. Death to the Warriors: "The farmers won't save the world Monty, the warriors will" - if you think about it, it makes sense since they were the strongests and healthiest, providing the best sustaince. Also, there were plenty of them and always more on the making.
  5. Population Control: could be a full circle for Octavia here, being force to execute mothers and fathers for those who don't follow the rules about procriation, as happened to her own mother. I don't see them killing and eating babies and kids because would be way to dark and wouldn't be enough for all the adults.
  6. Leave it below.


If they did all of this and it turns out to not be cannibalism I (and a lot of people) would be pretty bumped. I mean, it's something that makes sense in their story, it justifies all Wonkru acts and how they can't stand someone give them shit about it because it was truly their only choice. Let me know what you think.


Are there any other siblings in the100 universe we know about other than the Blakes? Presumably there would be grounder siblings somewhere


wanted Bellamy to win the arena fight and specifically gave him tips on Indra’s weakness, or would it not matter since Indra was focusing on getting Gaia to win anyways? I feel like it’s a bit different since Octavia is attached to Bellamy and Indra, and Indra is only attached to Gaia really.

Also how convenient that Bellamy knows how to fight with a sword now AND Octavia has seen that already.


i feel like people don't understand why clarke's so hell-bent on protecting madi that she'd do really anything to keep her safe, so here's an explanation.

clarke's lowest point was at the desert where she put the gun to her head and almost killed herself. she had lost literally everything at that point, her mom, friends, home, her lover, everything. she was alone on an irradiated planet that had been destroyed. once people reach such a low point, once people get to that point where they're so full of desperation, where they're so traumatized, broken, and alone, it's very easy to develop a codependent, terrifyingly sick connection/addiction to something or someone. people in clarke's position usually don't have enough emotional strength left in them to heal, so they rely on something else to distract themselves. when it's a person, all of that hurt, trauma, loneliness, every emotional connection you have with anything, is projected on to that person, their wellbeing, their relationship. their happiness is dependent on that person, that thing. when clarke broke, she had no time to heal on her own, perhaps if she found madi a year or 2 later, she would be better. but she didn't, and everything, all of that trauma and hurt and loss and sadness and guilt was projected onto madi. madi was everything to clarke, she kept her sane during those 6 years. clarke developed an unhealthy emotional attachment to madi to escape dealing with her trauma.

clarke thought the only way things would be better again was if everyone came back from space and out of the bunker. that was her hypothetical solution to her trauma. she didn't need to fix or work on it, she just needed them to come down and out of the bunker and she'd be okay again. but that didn't happened. her friends grew into a family she wasn't apart of, her mother is god knows where and is a drug addict who has gone fucking insane, and what was once her home for the past 6 years, is now a battlefield. there's another enemy, another war and it's just like before. she quickly realized her "solution" was just a pipe dream. so now, she's just got madi. she's only felt okay when she's with her. while bellamy and the rest of her friends had each other to rely and depend on, she had madi. madi is all she has left, and she's everything to her. she's been the only thing to keep her sane during those 6 years, the person she's ever interacted with for 6 fucking years. madi and madi's well being is clarke's top priority over everything else, the only thing that matters to her.

most people addicted to substances use that substance to not feel whatever they're feeling, and in clarke's case, that's madi. madi is clarke's whiskey. with her, everything is okay, good, amazing. take her away, and now you have 6 years of unprocessed, intense emotional trauma that hasn't been dealt with. not to mention, clarke cares about madi so much - more than anything. she's raised her, she'e a motherly figure to madi, and you know how hard it is for a mom to lose their child, you know that whenever they feel their child's safety is being threatened they will do ANYTHING to protect them. whatever it takes to keep them safe. so of fucking course clarke is willing to do go to extremes to protect madi. of course when she feels as though madi's safety is in jeopardy, she will do things that not even she would expect of herself. it's her motherly instinct. it's her human instinct, to protect someone she loves. so even if it takes shooting random people who come as a threat and throwing glass jars of parasites on the ground like it's a can of processed food and leaving the guy who betrayed her wishes by putting madi in danger to die to protect madi, to keep her safe, clarke will go through with it, and honestly can you blame her?

i know it's tough watching our clarke make these irrational, wreckless decisions for seemingly no reason, especially after she used to be the one who weighed all possible outcomes and made the best decisions she could based on the options that were possible. it's hard not to want to slap her across the face and hate her. but you HAVE to try and understand where she's coming from. you have to understand she's not making these decisions for no reason. so that's it lol i hope at least someone reads it. and i know this is super long but i have nothing better to do than over analyze a character on a tv show soo.

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Has this music been released at all yet? In the last episode, there was music playing when Octavia was looking in the mirror and drew blood for her face paint. It was really cool, hoping to find it online somewhere but I wasn't sure if it was even released yet.

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Jo is out this week so Shahin is joined by both Bubs AND CC to discuss The 100 510 "The Warriors Will"

/#NoteKru will have her updates soon.

As always, come yell at us on the SMs:

Theme music is “Discipline” by Nine Inch Nails, used under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States


So the people from the AMPC are from earth originally as we have learned. But what was the purpose of sending the ship up their if they would’ve been in cryosleep for a minimum of 107 years?

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I don't have much reason to believe this, but I think Shaw's role as an Eligius employee will play into a new understanding of the Flame, as a tool for survival. We know Shaw has some information about tech that Becca developed for Eligius (or that Eligius used) and that the relationship was important enough that Becca's company's logo was on Eligius IV. He's fairly comfortable with computers. And the Flame, beyond having religious implications for the Grounders, is really just a program.

I just can't quite figure out what role exactly Shaw could play there. Maybe I'm just being hopeful that he isn't just a pretty chew toy for Raven (although she really deserves one).

So, does anyone have any idea how Shaw could play into a Flame plotline?


I just finished the S03 finally and holy crap I love this show. So pumped to start Season 4! This is my first time to post anything, but I do have a question, what do you think you would have done in Clarke’s position...use the kill switch or send everyone to the City of Light? Just curious what everyone’s thoughts are :-) Have a great day!!

Jus nou drein jus daun!


Okay so this show started off goofy and teeny boppery with the pilot and the soundtrack, I gave it a few more episodes and grew to like it.

I loved the dynamic between Kane, Jaha, and the adult crew and the decisions they had to make early on (such as suffocating innocent people), there was a lot of gravity to every decision it felt.

Fast forward a bit and the city of light stuff kinda dragged on but I enjoyed it. I really liked the grounders and how they were tribesman and had a whole history and interesting lore with the commanders and the flame.

Then... They decided to do the prime fire and just... Delete it all? I was immediately worried this wouldn't pay off when I saw the direction they were going in with that decision, and this season has been slowly cementing that feeling for me that the show is really going downhill now.

Why erase some of the most interesting points of your show? All of the interesting grounder tribes, lore, and cool characters like Lexa and Roan. Only to destroy the possibility of any other characters like that with interesting history, and replacing them with a prisoner ship that literally came out of nowhere.

I mean damn, it's like a reverse Deus ex machina, it's like a problem that came out of thin air rather than a solution. And what happens after this season? They can never reasonably introduce another tribe or interesting characters unless they pull it out of their asses again and say "oh yeah these guys have been living in the sand/underground for 100 years also!"

Not to mention this entire season has been an incredibly dull deadlock imo. Between Abbey's completely random drug addiction plotline which is adding next to nothing to the story, and that every episode has been "we're gonna attack them soon!!!" then they... Don't. Like they're just NOW marching and it's the end of the season. I feel like nothing of note has happened at all this season aside from developing Diyoza's character and killing the one bunker woman in command of the worms. It's like after the first 3 episodes of this season it's just been a complete drag.

There's also these awkward writing moments like in the last episode, the crowd chants "no more bloodreina!!!" And next thing we know, she burns the garden and they all rally behind her for the march? Really? No one is going to be pissed about that? I was expecting someone to outright shoot her in the face upon that discovery but they decide to follow her? If this isn't addressed at all in the next episode then it's nothing short of a poor writing choice.

I mean I'm entertained enough to casually watch the show every week, and I'll probably see where they take the next season, but I'll be teetering on giving up on the show at that point. I guess we'll see.

TL;DR: Prime fire was a mistake in terms of writing, it literally burned away some of the most interesting lore and tension of the show. Only to replace it with a random prisoner ship and poor writing decisions.


Can someone please explain to me what was said about Eligius 3? I must have missed that, all I know is that it has to do with the night blood

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there haven’t been any spacekru flashbacks at all!!! jason said the show would primarily run on flashbacks and yea we’ve got the dark year and the red queen and ofc eden but we have no clue what happened on the ring which is why the development is so hard to believe for most people.

also the season’s almost over and raven and murphy haven’t met clarke yet. i hope they get a proper reunion bc it seems like raven’s the only one who gives a shite about clarke and how she saved them lmao.

also WHAT HAPPENED ON ELIGIUS III!? i’m so curious i hope they answer our questions in the upcoming episodes

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