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The Americans has been nominated for the Emmy for Best Drama

Keri and Matthew have also received nominations in both lead actor in a drama categories. Well deserved.

Edit: The series finale has also received a nomination for Best Writing in a Drama series. Sadly Noah Emmerich didn't receive a nomination for his heartbreaking performance.

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31 points · 1 month ago

They should add - Best hair on Tv nomination specially for Keri Russell

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And Best Sigh goes to Matthew Rhys.

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Best Droopy Shoulders

level 2

*Best Supporting Forehead Vein

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Luckily she doesn't have to compete with Jon Hamm

level 3

*Best Lead

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We bout to eat boys, we sweepin the Emmy's

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Rhys HAS to be the favorite. I think Keri has stiffer competition but deserves to win as well.

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Original Poster17 points · 1 month ago

I like your optimism.

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We bout to eat, boys, we sweepin the Emmy's

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21 points · 1 month ago

I hope they will win! Truly deserve it

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It's about freaking time.

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I think they were nominated for Best Drama, Actress and Actor last year as well. Unless you're saying it's about freaking time that they win one, then yes.

level 3

I didn't think they were nominated for best drama last year. Maybe.

level 4

Ah sorry I was wrong about Best Series last year. Nominated in 2016.

level 5

Didn't realize it was ever nominated. They better win this year damnit.

level 6

Margo Martindale was busy taking all the Emmies.

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I don’t know how the garage scene didn’t get Noah Emmerich a nomination.

level 2

Agreed. He got robbed.

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My theory is that most people hadn't watched the whole season because they weren't sure it would be nominated. They can write in as many people as possible for the Emmys but Noah had a smaller role in s5 and they didn't think of him when writing in the nominees.

I think the Americans was actually nominated as a show because others weren't eligible (like better call Saul, or house of cards) as I suspect many Emmy voters like it but last year other shows got in the way with the new nomination rules (unlimited write ins) which favor popular shows over niche ones. For the record, I think the Americans is far superior to the other shows.

They will probably watch the season and probably regret not nominating Noah.

Just a theory because I think his acting was very good and more deserving than other nominees.

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55 points · 1 month ago

If Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, or Westworld win, I'm going to lose my shit. I know it's just an awards show, but they don't deserve it.

The Americans earned this win, and I hope they get it.

level 2

Stranger things is ok, but it’s popularity stems primarily from nostalgia. Your downvotes can’t hurt me.

Season 1 of Westworld was awesome though.

level 3

Westworld is the most overrated show on television, I don't understand the circle jerk about it. Nearly every scene doesn't hold up when critically thought about.

level 4

I think the first season was extremely underrated though.

level 4

I don't know. It's a very very well thought out show. What doesn't hold up?

Edit: I'll add that I think the second season goes so far to be complicated that it loses its thrill. But I still think it holds up.

level 5

Basically every scene has something which doesn't quite fit, is overdone, or just plain dumb. The moment you start to critically think about the why and how is the moment the entire show falls apart.

level 6

I think the problem is Season 2 fails from a story-telling point of view. They started adding mysteries, answering one question to only add more questions. They changed the rules so you could no longer trust anything you watched - was that host indeed in the same body? Were they even in the physical world?

There's a way to do paranoia about reality ala Phillip K Dick. This isn't the way to do it. It just made me stop paying attention. It felt like the show was just teasing the viewer.

level 6

I hate to sound arrogant and elitist, and I really really people who say this, but seeing as how the show deals with multiple timelines, corrupted memories, and deceptive personalities, is it possible that the parts you say don't quite fit, is due to not understanding what the show was trying to do. Again, please take this comment respectfully.

If you're referring to cinematic choices however, and not plot details, then I can argue with you because I have really analyzed that. Westworld is not the greatest show on Earth or even in the last few years, and I recognize it's flaws, but I think tell

level 7

No, it is not anything to do with understanding what the show is trying to do. There are just so many things which don't logically make any sense.

For instance early in season two, SPOILERS, all these hosts are starting to rebel and kill innocent people, everyone knows that these things have the potential to be far more powerful than regular humans. So there are a few scenes where they're trying to control the rebellion inside the park, and they're riding vehicles towards the rebelling hosts, but why the hell aren't there drones, or helicopters to just take these hosts out?

There are some cinematic choices that annoy the crap out of me as well, they baby feed the viewer on a regular basis, as in they will show you something in episode one, then again in episode 3, then again in episode 5, then it will pay off in episode 7. When I see the same exact scene 3 times, I start to get annoyed, I've yelled at the show "I fucking get it!" more times than I can count.

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13 points · 1 month ago

The problem is that the spectacle of Game of Thrones makes people overlook shitty writing, making them think it's great. It's not horrible, but The Americans is, all around, a much better show.

level 3

Oh longtime Game of Thrones fans have absolutely not overlooked how horrendous the writing has become over the past few seasons. Even casual fans are like "Wait why are they going north of the Wall again?".

level 4

SO WE CAN HAVE UNDEAD DRAGONS FIGHT FIRE DRAGONS!! Hahaha the more special effects plox!!!!

level 2

If Handmade’s Tale wins I’m going to lose my shit. Possibly the Crown too. To me they’re the Emmy version of “Oscar Bait”

level 3

I can’t comment on the quality of The Crown, since I don’t watch it, but it does strike me as something made pretty much for the sole purpose of winning an Emmy.

The Handmaid’s Tale I like as a nominee, but I don’t see it as being worthy of actually winning, last year when it won, or this year.

level 4

The Crown is a really good show, especially if you're interested in the royals, but it doesn't deserve to win this time. I feel like Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys had to do a lot more "heavy lifting" as actors than Claire Foy and Matt Smith did. (However, you're not wrong about it being made for the sole purpose of winning an Emmy.)

level 2

Honestly, I already prepare myself for big disappointments regarding the Emmys.

It would be too good to be or both of them would win

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Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

I at least can live with Stranger Things, it's overrated but the show's got some heart at least. I like Thrones and Westworld, but if the rushed mess that is season 7 of GoT or the convoluted mess that is season 2 of Westworld win it would be a travesty. I can't comment on Handmaids Tale season 2, or the Crown as I've yet to see either.

level 3

I haven't seen The Crown or This Is Us, so I can't say anything about them. The Handmaid's Tale is a worthy nominee, but I don't see it as a worthy winner.

level 4

This is Us is pretty good, but it is good by network drama standards -- see Friday Night Lights (same showrunner, I think) or Parenthood (also) or Good Wife. In that tier, and a real tear jerker.

Not better than season 6 of the Americans. It is not close. I love GOT, Westworld, but neither series had a better year than the Americans (both were better in the seasons prior)

level 2

Stranger Things was very good. Impressively so, given that the first season didn't seem to invite a sequel.

level 2

Westworld is great; I don't think that's quite fair. The Americans isn't for everyone.

level 3

I’d say Westworld was great. Season 1 is tv that I’d go to bat for any day. Season 2 almost completely lost me though.

level 1

Also Best Writing nomination for the episode Start

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9 points · 1 month ago

They better win. Best show of the nominees. GOT worst season , handmaidens and Westworld had sophomore slump. Netflix 2 shows were okay not mind blowing. The America went out with a classic final season that was satisfactory in every aspect!

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Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys also nominated.

level 1

Well deserved. They should win but the Emmys can be a popularity contest.

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Funnily enough I've watched all the nominated shows except This Is Us. And I like them all but Westworld, Stranger Things and Handmaid all peaked in season 1 so I doubt it's them. Game of Thrones is there because it is, I think it will sweep the pool next year for the finale season. For me the standout is The Americans, and I don't say that just as a fan. It really was a great season with a perfect conclusion. If it doesn't win then I really hope Matthew and/or Keri win at least.

level 1

if they don't win we riot.

level 1

It also got a nomination for writing

level 2

And it's deserved.

Although, I'm a little disappointed that Margo Martindale didn't get a supporting or guest nomination. She deserved it for Claudia the whole way along.

level 3

The snup is Noah Emmerich.His performance in the finale was as good as anything I have seen on the show. I am irate about this. The rest are well deserved indeed.

level 4

Nearly as bad as Michael McKean getting snubbed last year for BCS.

level 5

Yes! McKean managed to play a character that I both hate with a passion but ultimately felt sorry for.

level 1

I'm so happy this TV show finally has some recognition, but sadly they are not gonna win :/

level 2

Best Drama? No. I do think Russell has a genuine shot at Best Actress, though. Rewarding shows and performances in their final year is a thing, and the casting news and rumours about her show that her (phenomenal) performance has turned heads. I think a lot of voters may be thinking "woops, apparently we were meant to be watching this!", and a last-moment award for the breakout star seems like a good way for them to feel good about themselves. Particular since she's not up against a really unavoidable winner - Moss is critically acclaimed, sure, but she already won last year and her show is more admired than loved, I think. [whereas it'll be hard for Rhys to beat the This Is Us guys, I suspect].

level 3

Part of me wants to root for Tatiana Maslany even though I've been gnashing my teeth for years about Keri Russell. They're both amazing actresses who play multiple characters flawlessly episode after episode.

Just don't let Elizabeth Moss and her perpetual look of concerned constipation win again.

level 4

She already won though...

level 1

Noah Emmerich's nomination was taken away because of Peter Dinklage's popularity. Dinklage wasn't given much to work with in Season 7 (unlike in earlier seasons) and he's become one of those actors that are receiving nominations based on past work.

level 1

I think they fully deserve the win. The season was perfect.

level 1

It's going to be really hard to win against Game of Thrones. The only thing I could see against GoT sweeping everything is that it was so long ago that maybe the hype from the season has died down.

level 2
Original Poster7 points · 1 month ago

Yeah, it's a shame because imo at this point all GoT has going for it is hype. There was zero character development in season 7, it was all about furthering the plot as quick as possible to reach the endgame, and everything was very rushed as a result imo. Exciting moments, no doubt about it, but it's not the show I loved in the first four seasons, and it'd be a real shame for a season as excellent as The Americans' final season to lose to that.

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