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"I'm sorry to hear that, Roger. Try not to wake me when you come home"

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„In,“ not „home.“ Sorry, for the correction, but I can’t have you bungle our exit signal.

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I still say that would have made for a great episode - either P or E bungles the code phrase a bit, and the rest of the episode is E in a wig and disguise someplace in the middle of nowhere, chain smoking furiously and frantically checking her watch when finally she calls P from a payphone and says 'P, I got your message and I've been waiting at the location for 2 hours now, where are you?' and he is home with the kids and replies 'Sorry, did I say "the magnolias are in bloom'? I meant 'The petunias are in bloom, I needed you to pick up a quart of milk is all, sorry".

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Who says you're privy to all the signals? 😉

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And it's a pistol, not a gun. I'm expecting precision here.

(Wrong show but I couldn't resist)

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I appreciate this very much

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FWIW: After I read the latest indictment I thought the same thing: Instead of making a Topsy Turvy call, Trump just blurted out: HELP FIND EMAILS.