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[Season 4 - Spoilers] Question about Oleg and Beeman.


I just finished episode 11 of season 4.

When Stan Beeman and Oleg meet stan casually says that his bosses have been pressurizing him to blackmail him. Does Oleg know before this that Stan has been reporting these meetings to his bosses?

Also does Arkady know that oleg has been meeting with stan regularly?

Also stan says that his bosses are telling him to blackmail him using Nina or his brother? I didn't understand that. How was that possible?

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3 points · 1 month ago

This statement by Beeman is ultimately what gets Oleg to give him enough info about William Crandal (Dylan Baker’s character) to find him within one of the bio labs. So on one hand you could argue Stan B. knew that blackmail wasn’t going to work on Oleg (as he stated) but that telling him he WASN’T going to blackmail him WORKED. On the other hand Stan was fed up at this point and I believe he honestly didn’t want to see Oleg go down. He believed Oleg was a good person and more could be accomplished by keeping things less combative. Whether Oleg knew Stan was reporting on him previously was left for you to decide but Oleg never thought Stan was his friend- so I do believe Oleg would assume so. When Stan first mentions he’s sorry about Oleg’s brothers death, Oleg deadpans “what are we going to be friends now?” BTW Oleg was already blackmailing Stan to give him surveillance reports to keep Nina safe. I do believe Arkady knew Oleg was meeting with him, yes.

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