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Wow. I suck.
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We don't have a specific date/time yet. We just know that the show will be moving to Fridays and season 6 will be premiering in January.


I stopped watching the show after the mid-season break of Season 4 and since then have not continued watching. I’ve always planned to catch up but now I’m not fully sure whether I should. Should I still keep going? Does the show get better after the first half of season 4?


Just think how many times he mentioned about sea and those fish or captain stories. Also he maybe liz's real father too. The bloody shirt Cooper cutted was actually Reds. Its possible.This red losted his family especially his daughter years ago most likely was 1986 since he went to see ballet every year on 22, march that secne. Since liz was born1985, so that ballet girl maybe red's lost and dead daughter.


No one faking to be someone's father would risk their empire over and over and over and over for years. If Liz ever died, no one would ever think Red was a fake. If this really happened. Red should've just turned himself into the CIA or some other agency. Everyone and their mother keeps telling Red, hes the reason Liz is always in danger. If he is really a fake -- why go the FBI and request her.


So I'm re-watching the show, and I started trolling the casts social media accounts. Am I the only one who feels like the cast doesn't like James Spader? They never take pictures with each other, nor do they interview with him. And Boone, and Spader's chemistry seems non existent on the show! Thoughts????


If the guy who we have been watching for the past 5 seasons truly is an impostor, why would Dembe, Mr. Kaplan, Oleander and everyone ells just buy into it?


“Reddington had grown so rich, he wanted to retire. He took me to his cabin and he told me his secret. 'I am not Raymond Reddington' he said. 'My name is Ryan; I inherited this organization from the previous Raymond Reddington, just as you will inherit it from me. The man I inherited it from is not the real Raymond Reddington either. His name was Cummerbund. The real Reddington has been retired 15 years and living like a king in Patagonia.”


Like many, I'm open to anything that points away from Red-rina - but it's hard to deny that virtually everything points in that direction. the other option seems to involve an identical twin - to explain the DNA. Maybe there was a good Red (RIP) and bad Red - but wouldn't that have been known to the Navy and FBI.

Also, the DOM character's reaction seems consistent with grudgingly accepting the actions of a family member, not a son-in-law. The Kaplan we saw was loyal because of Liz - but in requiem we saw enough to know that Kaplan would have been equally loyal to KR even without Liz.

The clues point to Redrina - yet I'm alomst certain that is NOT the answer. We'll see a very different show from this point on.


The cliff hanger at the end of season 5 was nothing shot of a jaw drop, that *almost* shatters the entire view point developed through out the series.

However, After that mind boggling end of season 5, I restarted watching the series, and right now I'm at episode season 1 episode 9. At the very end of the episode when Anslo Garrick points the gun at Dembe's head and Dembe and Red both start reciting a verse from Quran, at the very end Red tells dembe the following line in Arabic: "Sallem Ala Akhi" : which translates to "Pass my regards to my brother". I think it's possible that Red had an identical twin and it is his bones in that duffel bag.


I recently posted something about Kate's plan: That her plan involved 3 previous incarnations until the bones were unearthed as the contingency to plan C. Plan A was the whole incarcerate accomplices if they did not turn on Red, take all of Red's money, and poison Red trying to frame Dembe for it. Plan B was to unearthed 86 bodies, incarcerate the Task force including trying to force Aram to turn on the rest and hiring Krilov to get rid of Ressler, and steal Red's immunity deal as proof that he was an informant. Plan C was to testify herself, provided with an immunity agreement and jailed the lot of them, while she took Agnes. So the bones were Plan D, give them to Liz to "give her the truth". They came in a suitcase with a label with humidity stains, her name and a strange address. Tom was the delivery agent, and he was supposed to notify Dennison about it. Dennison gave Tom a clue about Oleander.

Now in 3.11 we are told: "we can't disprove it with DNA because there's nothing on file from 1990 when Reddington disappeared." So that is conclusive. Cooper knows where he can find a DNA sample in a old secure evidence warehouse, but he is playing along. And if the comparison was made to Jennifer, then the sample is not submitted as belonging to Raymond Reddington, but to Jennifer Reddington for identification of missing relative.

So the DNA is extracted from the bones (pure luck) and is identified as being Raymond Reddington, which as seen above, can only be done by Garvey from a familial match from a woman he believed to be Reddington's daughter, hiding in utter fear from him: Jennifer.

But, and this was not noted by me, but a user by the name VentingBlacklist in tumblr, we have conclusive proven that according to the laws of that TV land CODIS, a match to Liz's DNA was not made as a missing relative, and we know Liz's DNA is in the system, as she is a convicted fellon:

The blood on this shirt from Raymond Reddington has been sealed in an evidence locker for over three decades. I procured a sample and submitted it for a DNA profile. Yours was already on file.

So all we know is that Jennifer's father is dead. He might be the original RR, but by the time Liz was conceived (1984) it was Red who using the identity, so if Jennifer was born in 1984, then this substitution was done between 1983 and 1984, with the US Navy and whatever organization Red is a covert agent's full knowledge.

because Red would not have surrendered if any DNA sample could have disproven he is Reddington. Or if his blood type would not match, or the prints on record would not match.

And Liz is not the skeleton's daughter.


In one episode of the blacklist in season 2 there was a DOD agent called Jonathan/John Everett Reese that wouldn't be a reference to person of interest would it ? Could be Mr Reese's real name in person of interest so could anyone please tell me what your thoughts are on this


I want to be like Reddington. Before I continue, not the criminal side of Reddington. The way he speaks and carries himself is... Mesmerizing. His subtle pauses in his speech are placed so perfectly to create interest in anything he is talking about. He carries himself with such confidence regardless of who he is speaking with from a child to a terrorist from another country. I understand that some of his speech can be learned by studying language but what he has seems to be born with him. James Spader himself also has this way of speaking, but it shows beautifully through Reddington.


I mean, they're both chilling in off-screen land now, but who do you think got the most screentime?


Out of curiosity I looked up "Raymond" and it can mean "protector" which I think fits well.

Katarina means either "each of the two" or "torture" or even "pure."

Dembe apparently means "peace."

Elizabeth/Masha and Christopher (or Tom/Thomas) all have names that relate to religion, especially God or the Christ. No idea if there's any interpretation here.


Ha ha wow what a clever play on words that would be. No better way to pay homage to our Red Reddington. I'm crazy about this show and can't wait for season 6. Last halloween me and my girlfriend won our costume contest at the local watering hole as we posed as our beloved Red and Liz.


After rewatching all of the episodes. I have taken many notes. Please read through to follow along. Here is the proof that if the writers dont end up the story with "Red" being Katarina, then they have a lot of plot holes to fix.

Please bear with me.


Red - Everything about me is a lie

Red - If anyone can give me a second chance, its you

Red to Liz - everything you believe about yourself is a lie

Red - we never really know anyone do we

Liz - Why me? Red - Because of your father. I wish the answer was as simple as the question

NSA Access, used for Keen to get answers on Tom. Red stated he is in it for the long play, the future

Red - Someone thats willing to burn the world down to protect the one they care about, that is a man I understand

Red to Liz- You may not like me, you may not understand why I do what I do, but I am here because you want answers to questions you haven't even thought of yet

Red to Liz - You don't believe that Raymond Reddington could cease to exist in 60 seconds, I offer that to my clients. (Provide the bones that were in the suitcase proving Reddington is dead)

Red - I spend everyday trying to forget what happened here (the old house where the fire was).

The plastic Surgeon (Andrew Dice Clay) to Red - you look great.. the elasticity...

Red - who knows about the work I've had done? (plastic surgery to change Katarina into "Red"?)

Liz - Are you my father? Red - No

Red - The alchemist can change DNA. If you can find the alchemist you have a chance to resurrect the dead (Did "Red" have his DNA changed too?)

Diane head of the Kabal - I know the truth Red, about that night, about what happened to your family. Do you want to know the truth.

Red - If you know the truth, then so does somebody else

Liz - You've said, there's always something your not telling me.

Red - I have never lied to you

Devry - hook us up to a polygraph test and ask us the only important question. Are you an impostor? Red never takes that test.

Red to Liz - The daughter of a legendary spy master, the secret keeper that disappeared. The secrets she took with her could compromise any number of players on that map. Liz - You told me she was dead.... (Alluding to the fact that she isn't dead)

The Vehm - Red - I'm a violent man, I've taken on a life that requires it ***(This person is not Reddington)***, I hurt people, I kill people, and each time I do in that moment another part of me dies with them.

Liz - My mother, was she still alive when I was placed with Sam?

Red - Yes. Why did she do it... NO ANSWER

(The better question here is, was my father still alive?)

Red to Liz - You think your life is to dangerous with a child, but what is your life without one? Not much, I can tell you from personal experience.

Lady Ambrosia - Red - Your parents loved each other very much, the cold war was hard, too hard for your father, when the Soviet union was collapsing, he took you from her. She gave up everything to follow him, to follow you. (Confirmed later when Kaplan has her own episode Requiem)

Liz - The night of the fire, that is what they were arguing about??

Red - Your mother, despite what he'd done, she wanted him back. she wanted them to be a family. As much as it pains me to say it, he was probably the only man she really ever loved.

Liz - And I shot him.

Red - It was an accident.

Liz - Tell me I need to know.

Red - Your mother was never the same after that. (Katarina changed into Red) The man she loved, killed by the child she had adored, it was, just too much, two months later, she went to cape May, left her clothes on the beach, walked into the ocean, and was never seen again.*** (How would Red know this, Reddington was dead already***)

Liz - so that night I killed both my parents.

Red - You were a child, there should never have been a gun for you to grab. Looking back, I'm not sure I shouldn't have raised you myself. I don't want you looking back with that kind of regret. (Reddington was dead. How could he have raised her, the only way was that Red is Katarina)

Red to Liz - Its all just pieces of a much larger puzzle, it wont make sense to you until all the pieces are in front of you

The way Sam told the story was that one night an old friend showed up at his door scared, "HE" told Sam he was leaving town, he was in danger, and that he needed someone to take care for a little girl, that her father had died that night in a fire. (It is later proven that Mr Kaplan brought Liz to Sam. Not Red)

Liz - I remember him pulling me out of the flames, saving me.

Red - knowing his identity would put you in grave danger

(Reds back is burned from the fire... was he the friend that pulled Liz from the fire, or her mom that was in the fire?)

Red - Liz I am telling you with NO uncertainty your father is dead, he died in that fire.

Red to Naomi - You look so different,

Naomi to Red - not as different as you

Naiomi to Liz- He wants something from you. Its a game, a manipulation, hes made you feel a connection, like you matter. He's not who you think he is.

The doctor that helped Liz remember told Liz that the people in the events of the fire may have been there but in different roles. Someone else blocked her memory of the fire.

Red to Liz - I understand what its like to be drawn to something that is unhealthy to a part of yourself that you are afraid of

Red to Liz - I knew her as Katarina Rushtova, one of her many names, she was a KGB agent, You were born in Moskow, your parents, a father, they were both in foreign intelligence. I'm not going to tell you what happened.

Liz remembers shooting the person that was arguing with her mother. She asks if he is her sin eater, he said he wanted to be. Red tells Liz that he never wanted her to be like him.

Red to Liz - There was a time in my life that I was quite sure that I knew exactly what happened to Katarina Rostova, but after all these years I am not sure I have any real sense of how or why she disappeared (Katarina turned into Red?)

Liz - She was a Russian spy who I never knew.

Red - No you didn't, but that doesn't mean your mother is gone. I see her in you everyday. Shes as much a part of you as the air you breath.

Red to Liz - When I look at you I see my way home

The caretaker -

Cooper - I learned the hard way, some secrets are best left in the dark.

Red - Mine certainly is.

Velouge tracked Katarina to a hotel on Prague after she disappeared. She left in a hurry and left a picture of Liz as a kid. (this was after Katarina went into the ocean)

Cape May - The entire episode is Red reacting to Lizs death by thinking back to the day Katarina disappeared. How would he know about this day if he was already dead?

Katarina - Its not that he died or the way he died, its what I said to him before he died.

Katarina - Tell yourself, say it out loud -

Red - It was a hob-sons choice, the woman or the child, both were doomed, Both would die, I could either save one or lose both. I chose the child. It was the worst thing I ever had to do in my life. The worst by far. I was arrogant. I presumed there was an order to things, that if I nourished, taught, and protected the child she would be safe and happy. No matter what I tried to do it brought her misery and ultimately death.

Katarina - Now your dead. Nothing about you is obvious. You were here before..

Red - Once a long time ago, I was a very different person then.

Red - Why did you go in the water, what made you decide

Katarina - You said you never killed anyone that didn't deserve it. Have you ever spared someone that didn't deserve to die?

Red - There was a woman I loved, she was my life, my heart, and she died, she left behind a little girl, One last precious peace of herself. I would give anything to be part of that childs life. A man made it clear that I would never see her, hold her, watch her grow, and I knew in that moment, that I would never be part of that little girls life, because

Katarina - He was her father

Red - To harm him would be to harm her, her mother is gone, the father is what she has left in the world.

Red bought Katarinas necklace from a guy who dug it up on the beach. it was given to her from her dad.

Katarina - You had no choice it was me or Masha, you did save me, through her. It was the only way, You chose well. (this is Fact #1 - Reddington was dead already for 2 months. Red is Katarina talking to herself)

The Artax Network

Red to Dom - Your granddaughter... shes... Im sorry

Red knew where to look for things at Katarinas fathers place. Spent time looking at things from when Katarinas childhood.

Dom - She gone because of choices you made for both of them, first Katarina, then Masha.

Red - We had to back out of Mashas life because of the collosal mess you made of everything.

Dom - When Katarina died, I crawled into the woods like a wounded animal, I hid in the house with no reason to go outside

Red - You have always had a reason to go out. (The reason - Red)

Red constantly talks about the government, as YOUR government, not mine and YOUR country, Katarina is not american.

Mr Kaplan - To keep elizabeth safe just like you asked me to all those years ago when you first put her in my arms as a baby girl (Fact # 2, Reddington was not around when Liz was a baby. Kaplan didnt meet Reddington until months after the fire as established earlier. Katarina was the one that put the baby girl in her arms)

Kat's Journal - Katarina was assigned to Reddington, then had an affair with him and fell in love with him. Red assinged Tom to Liz the same way

The Thrushes

Red - I have never lied to you. Just because he was your mothers husband does not make him your father.

Red tells Kirk - Elizabeth is my daughter. He never said he was her father.

Right after Kirk tells Red all about Katarina, he tries to kill red, he says "there is nothing that you can tell me to change my mind". When he puts the needle in Reds neck Red whispers something and Kirk stops. They both leave. (Red told Kirk he is Katarina)

Red used the doctor and patient to save Kirk.

Kaplan watched Liz when she was a baby. She starting "cleaning" when she was working for Katarina before she met Red

Kaplan to Katarina - I have a pack with your daughter and I will do everything in my power to keep her safe. Said before she met Red.

Red abducted Liz when she was 4.

Katarina showed up with Liz after the fire to the hotel where Mr Kaplan was staying. (Katarina showed no signs of being burned). She left Liz with Kaplan.

Katarina told Mr Kaplan to leave Liz with Sam. Kaplan brings Liz to Sam.

Katarina calls Kaplan from the beach from where she walked into the ocean (Cape May) and disappeared and told Kate she had to go away.

Red sent Sam to get Mr Kaplan months after Katarina disappeared.

When Kaplan meets Red he asks her to work for him.


Kaplan tells Red, I dont know you. Fact #3 This contradicts what she said about Red putting Liz in her arms as a baby girl. Liz was already 4 or 5 years old

Cooper ran the DNA from Reddington from the old case file.

The DNA test shows that Reddington is her father.

Liz confronts Red and says he lied to her, showed him the DNA test. Red nevers says that he is her father. Liz never asks him either.

Dembe - You didnt deny it? Red - Not yet

Dembe - Then she thinks thats Kates secret. Red - Yes

Dembe - Raymon, Im not sure Elizabeth will ever be ready to learn about what you did to Katarina (Fact #4, Reddington was dead. What could he have done to Katarina? Katarina turned into Red)

Katarina supposedly walked into the ocean. Red couldn't have done anything to her, unless Red is Katarina, and changed her appearance.

Red is Katarina


It just disappeared sometimes between seasons 2 and 3.


Once again, some thoughts about season 4 this time.

Season 4 episode 1:

Kirk: You were my entire life. You were all your mother and I ever cared about. Now… you don’t know any of that because Reddington took you away from us when you were just a little girl. He and your mother had an affair. For a time I thought maybe he was the father. But I’ve proof that he’s not. He’s just a spiteful, evil man. Couldn’t accept it. Katarina broke off the affair. One day I came home and you were gone. He’d taken you. I never thought I’d see you again… until there you are, in the news, you and Reddington. The most wanted fugitives in the world.

Liz: If you cared so much about me, you wouldn’t hold me hostage.

If Kirk came home to find Masha gone, it means Katarina was gone too. That means Kirk wasn't at the house when the fire happened. He probably came back to an empty house since Katarina gave up everything to go after Raymond. Maybe they lived all three together for a while, like it's been suggested.

Season 4 episode 2:

Kaplan: Do you remember what I looked like that night lying in the street with my head torn open? Annie’s body in front of me?

Reddington: You know I don’t know what you looked like. I was away.

Why would Kate ask that when she hadn't officially met Reddington when she was with Annie? The one person who "was away" at that time, that we know of, is Katarina.


Kaplan: I’m not sorry for what I did. I betrayed you for the same reason I just betrayed Nikos: to keep Elizabeth safe. Just like you asked me to all those years ago when you first put her in my arms as a baby girl. Only now she has a baby girl of her own and your existence in their lives puts them in constant danger.

The one who put Masha in Kate's arms was Katarina.

Season 4 episode 3:

Katarina: Seeing Masha with Constantin makes me think of my own father. I wonder what he would say now about the choices I’ve made. Look at me. In love with the man I was send to seduce and betray. An American. Raymond wants me to run, take Masha and disappear with him, but how could I do that to her? She’s my entire life. She’s everything.

The last words are reflected in Raymond's actions towards/for Liz. That of a parent with unconditional love for their child.

Season 4 episode 6:

Reddington: Honestly Elizabeth it astounds me that you could be hornswoggled by something as simple to fabricate as a DNA profile.

Works for any theory, I guess?


Reddington: I have never lied to you.


Cooper: You must’ve known there was a chance she’d discover Kirk was her father when you put him on your list.

Reddington: He was never on it. He never would have been if he hadn’t come after her first.

Cooper: If anyone belongs on that cursed list, it’s Alexander Kirk. Why the hell wouldn’t you put him there?

Reddington holds no ill-will or resentment towards Kirk before he involves himself in Liz's life.

Season 4 episode 7:

Reddington: I’ve been disappearing for over 25 years, I don’t need your help to disappear.

That speaks for itself.

Season 4 episode 8:

Reddington: What do you want me to say? Yes, is that what you want me to say? Yes, Elizabeth is my daughter.

Notice how Red never ever says "I'm her father." But he admits (under duress, sure) that she's his daughter.


Reddington: Tell me about Katarina.

Kirk: And why would I do that?

Reddington: Because we both miss her. Because after all these years I’ve forgotten what she was really like.

Kirk: You remember what she did, and not how she was…

Reddington: Remind me.

Kirk: When we first met, there was this house, near where she lived. A case study house built by this famous mid-century architect. Over dinner one night, she said she wanted to look at it. I thought she meant look from the street. But when we got there, she jumped the fence. The lights were on. People lived there. But she didn’t care. I stood there, frozen, angry, nervous… Then I felt this rush of exhilaration. I climbed up, looked into the yard… and she was just…

Reddington: Dancing.

How does he know? Do we think Katarina would have shared that story with him, her lover? Doubtful, but not impossible I suppose.

Season 4 episode 12:

Reddington: You said something before. “The truth doesn’t matter.” That the only thing in this world that matters is just the appearance of truth. I fear you might be right about that. Lately I find that the truth has become so elusive. Often imaginary. But in the end, it’s all we’re left with, isn’t it?

Season 4 episode 13:

Reddington: Leave the past in the past, Tom. Nothing good comes from digging up secrets.

Foreshadowing the season finale.

Season 4 episode 17:

Kaplan: Work for you? I don’t know you.

Reddington: I’m not as unknown as you might like to believe, Miss Nemec.

She doesn't know him but he affirms that to some degree she does know him.

Season 4 episode 19:

Reddington: Dr Bogdan Ivanovich Krilov. One of the few people who have mastered the science of memory manipulation.

Liz: Science or science fiction?

Reddington: You of all people should know the answer to that.

Liz: I understand suppressing memories, helping someone to mute out a traumatic experience, but manipulating them?

Reddington: The memory of an accident, a tragedy, a fire in which a four-year-old girl killed her father.

Liz: This man, is he the one who erased my memory of that night?

Reddington: That’s how Kaplan knows him.

Season 4 episode 20:

Reddington: I haven’t loved many people in my life. Kate is one of them. You know, as much as her betrayal hurt, what really hurt was… knowing what I would have to do in response. She was wrong to think Elizabeth and her child were safer without me in their lives. But in the end, she was… she did what she did out of love for the little girl she swore to protect, what seems like a lifetime ago.

Season 4 episode 21:

Reddington: If I don’t come back—

Dom: You always come back!

Interesting statement from Dom who keeps being a moody lil shit (I say that with love) but always begrudgingly tolerates Raymond in his home. They know each other well.


Reddington: I’m sorry.

Dom: For what?

Reddington: All of it. I wish I’d been the person you wanted me to be.

Weird statement that I can only imagine a child saying to a parent, or a mentee to his mentor.


Kaplan: I’ve been his cleaner, keeper, and confessor for thirty years. And I’m prepared to tell you everything you need to know.

30 years in 2017 takes us back to 1987 when Kate was working for Katarina.

Season 4 episode 22:

Kaplan: I swore an oath to your mother that I would protect you with my life. I fear I failed you.

Echoes the statement Red makes in 4.20 about Kaplan swearing to protect Liz what seems like a lifetime ago.


Dembe: Raymond, I’m not sure Elizabeth will ever be ready to learn about what you did to Katerina.

A number of possibilities here that have been debated on the sub before. "What you did" is ominous in any case. Be it because he killed her, he keeps her somewhere, or he obliterated her when he became Reddington.


She wanted Agnes away from Red, and while it didn't exactly go as planned, the baby is now in off-screen land for who knows how long. Good job with unearthing that suitcase, Kate!

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