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Characters are including from movies, TV shows, and Video Games.

It includes humans with capable of using technologies, humans with cybernetic enhancements, and cyborgs

Which any of them you like to see Kiera interacting and teaming with?



Kiera is sent by Robert Dewey to eliminate Bourne
Kiera with no technology gadgets and gears
Both are Bloodlust
Fight takes place in the sewer from the final fight scene in 2016 Jason Bourne
Win by Death or KO


Just a few episodes into season 3 and my biggest question now is, how did Alec's backward journey immediately cause Kiera to be killed? (Among other things) He hadn't even done anything yet.... unless I missed something? Also I'm totally mind blown by the idea of a double. I'd never considered the idea - why wouldn't the one person just still be the one person? Crazy!


The CG Soldier suits were just laughably bad and at times took me out of the show.


So I'm late to the party, I know. But after watching Travelers (and waiting to hear abt season 3) many from that sub recommended Continuum. About half way into season 1, I kind of started second guessing who I thought the bad guys were. I mean, it doesn't sound like Kiera's future is one we want, and so the fact that she wants to keep everything the same doesn't seem quite right. The Liber8 crew are way too violent, but it seems like their cause is more legit? Did anyone else feel that way? I've tried to avoid posts that might have specific spoilers, but I'm OK with general spoilers - will things become more black and white as I keep watching? Or just a deeper shade of grey? ;)


Personally, I really enjoyed the ending, it was both happy yet very emotional.


How come Kiera which she is from 2077 and the Soldiers are from 2039 stronger than her. It makes no sense, she should be destroying them it doesn't makes sense at all. Even tho they have suits, in 2077 Kiera uses those suits against Liber8. So basically if the people from 2039 go against people from 2077 they'll win? I'm in season 4, Rush Hour


I love it. I’ve been binging since Monday (it’s now Friday) but the character development and just the twists and turns irritate the living shit out of me. Alec was my favourite character and now I want to punch him in his face everytime he comes on.

I’m about to start season 4. Let’s hope it gets a little better. Judging on the season finale of 3, I’m guessing it won’t.


I love sci fi. I figured I would like this one. But, it just seems too cheesey for me. The whole intro makes me cringe. Doesn't seem very realistic at all.

Does the show change and get better? I see it gets high marks on rottentomatoes.

I tried to watch the show twice now(first time finished 1 episode then quit... this time I'm done 3, and feel like quitting). Whenever I feel like I'm getting into it, I hear some stupid cringe dialogue and it just makes me want to turn it off.


Overall I really enjoyed the show, I think the background and story + characters were well executed.. I enjoy sci-fi / time travel shows, and I was really happy to hear that this show had 4 seasons as opposed to most shows like this that only last 1 season (see: Terranova .. a great show, but only 1 season).

I was upset to see that Season 4 only had 6 episodes, which didn't give the writers much time to fully flesh out everything so that's a bummer, because I had so many questions.

  1. What was in Jason's note to Alec?

  2. What happened to Garza? (loved that character)

  3. What is the new future like? Obviously no CPS.. but curious what else has changed.

  4. Did future Alec have kids?

  5. Would have loved to learn more about the traveler and the Curtis organization a little bit more.

  6. More information about Kellog's future self coming back would have been interesting.

I thought Kellog was a great character, plenty of laugh out loud moments.. although I was expecting to see him looking up at a dinosaur at the end.

I know the creator of the series talked about continuing the show in other mediums possibly in the future which would be awesome, but I'm pretty sure it won't happen :(

Can anybody recommend shows that are similar?


When the kid crossed to another timeline, their original one collapsed right? Did I miss the reasoning for that? Why did it become unstable?


In this show, why did they make Emily 13 years older than Alec?



Why didn't Kellogg (2040 version) send Brad to the point when Liber8 and Kiera first arrived and have them killed (all except for the young kellogg), and then have him shape the future from there?

I'm guessing the writers didn't think of that, but was there any particular reason he sent Brad and the other 2040 soldiers to that particular moment in time?


Just saw Alec/Erik Knudsen in Killjoys season 3 episode 2 (A Skinner Darkly). I don't know yet if he's going to be a recurring character, but we can hope.


I love the show, but I do want to harp on the ending. It's not that it was a terrible ending, I like how they brought Kagame back, but it was obviously a setup for a sequel movie that never happened.

Just so we're clear, the sequel movie ain't happening, right?

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Time Travelers



CPS Protector Kiera Cameron (portrayed by Rachel Nichols) is transported from the year 2077 to 2012 when a group of terrorists from her time escapes execution by fleeing to present day. In order to track them down and stop them from endangering the past, Kiera joins the local police force and uses the skills of a young tech genius called Adam Sadler who is destined to be one of the most powerful men in the world in Kiera's time.

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