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A note on spoilers: As this is a discussion thread for the show and in the interest of keeping things separate for those who haven't read the books yet, please keep all book discussion to the other thread.
Here is the discussion for book comparisons.
Feel free to report comments containing book spoilers.

Once more with clarity:

NO BOOK TALK in this discussion.

This worked out well in previous weeks.
Thank you, everyone, for keeping things clean for non-readers!

From The Expanse Wiki -

"Fallen World" - June 20
Written by Dan Nowak
Directed by Jennifer Phang

Drummer and Ashford find themselves trapped with few options for survival; Anna tends to the wounded masses as Melba continues to hunt down her prey; the Rocinante crew struggles to survive as Naomi reunites with her true family.


Detím da belɒt im ere da wɒl, sasa kemang to xalte wit?

“When The the blood is on the walls, do you know who you hold with?”.

It implies violence in the tunnels of a belter station, inside a ship, etc. When the killing starts, do you know which side you’re on?

“Gaunt Belter” mentions it to Miller in 1x1. “Miller” says “Blood’s on the walls, beratnas!” In 1x10 to rile up the CPM guards against the Earther Protogen soldiers.

But after the massive deceleration incident, there is blood on the walls for a different reason.

So when Ashford sends the widebeam announcing that the Behemoth has spin gravity & that all the wounded are welcome, he demonstrates several Belter sayings at once. The “blood on the walls” is an easy one. But also remember what Dawes said to the OPA conclave:

”The more you share, the more your bowl will be full; This is the way of the Belt. Those who will not share are welwala. And if we are all welwala, everybody will die.”

Ashford is being a true Belter; because those who live in space know that you have to help your neighbor; Hospitality has to be a cultural trait,

Because survival. But also because beltalɒda na anyimal (“Belters are not animals”).

Posted by
#WeSavedTheExpanse - The Expanse Wiki Addictministrator
3 hours ago

Episode 11 "Fallen World" had the best live viewership of season 3! 670k! That hadn't been so high since the premiere of season 2!

Let's get the number higher than even that! Let's get the final episode to air on Syfy to be 700k! Only 5% higher than this past episode.

The final episode is likely to be a huge spectacular! Two final episodes are going to be aired back-to-back COMMERCIAL FREE!!

Encourage your favorite YouTube podcaster channels to do JOINT TEAM UP promo videos in the next couple days!



Gotta say a few things... 1. It's nice to be able to watch at my own pace. It ain't a binge but I don't have to wait a week if I have time for the next one.

  1. It sure is nice knowing there's another season coming. I hadn't started before the cancellation and I was dreading watching the last season of a dead show.

  2. Damn, they make this show look purty. I've always been amazed at the work they put into sets that may not be around for long. Remember the Cant? "No, they couldn't have blown that up. The set looked very expensive!"

  3. I do think the pacing is much improved over season 1. I'm a sucker for anything with spaceships but I wouldn't have recommended it to the casual audience because the story threads were a bit murky and the pacing was a slow burn. They've improved on this a great deal.

  4. As a personal note, I just wish modern editing took things a bit slower. There's so much going on in every shot, I don't really get a chance to drink it in. I would love to see see a fan edit trying to cut the pacing down a bit. Compare Wrath of Khan to the latest Star Trek movies, I think it was a factor of 3 for length of time between cut and number of cuts per minute. I keep rewinding and pausing to take it all in.

I'll leave comments on specific characters and interactions out of this cuz spoilers but I like seeing groups who hadn't had much interaction coming together and seeing how the sparks fly. It's like with Thrones and how (to those who never read the books) you'd never have imagined Arya getting paired up with Tywin or the Hound but it sure made for some interesting television. (Same for Jamie and Brienne.)

So glad to know we've got another season coming.


The betters have the tattoo around their neck because the old helmets use to burn the necks of the wearer. Daws has the scars on his neck and has the break in between the burn, just like the tattoos.


I'm only vaguely aware of the book series but I know everyone is really positive about it. How far into the book series has the show made it and how closely does it match the book series? I kind of got the impression this was sort of like Game of Thrones and it's book series. Is that accurate?

Also, if anyone wants to give me a sales pitch for the books I'm all ears. I love the show but I'm lazy and content to watch it unfold as a show but not opposed to reading the books. I've looked at them on Amazon a few times but never pulled the trigger.

Are their audio books and if so, how is the performance? I have an audible account and some surplus credits.


Mi was sick and nigh to death

Tili go, Tili go

Mi was sick and nigh to death

Tili go

Mi was sick and nigh to death

And mi vow’d with every breath

Fo go wit wisdom’s we

As I sail

The pirate’s daughter got Captain Kidd as a lullaby.


I got into The Expanse about a month before current season premiered. Binged it and loved it. I have to say , the Drummer character awesome; probably my favorite character. I really hated her when the first few episodes that I saw her in, but she has gradually become my favorite. The character development has been superb. Kudos to the actress playing her!


So there is now two methods of marking spoilers

One is the old method

[Book Spoiler](/s "The Actual spoiler")

This would look like Book Spoiler

Then there is the new method which comes with the "Fancy Pants Editor"

>! Actual Spoiler !<

Actual Spoilers

The main issue that I think currently is present is the fact that the new method does not fully work on Mobile Reddit App; Only OP's Text gets "spoilerized",

While any reply to the thread doesn't have the functionality work as intended for the Mobile Reddit App. Which is probably where most complaints maybe coming from.

One of the other methods I actually like is

>! Light Details, [Book Spoiler](/s " but deep spoiler in here") !<

>! Light Details, Book Spoiler !<

The old one doesn't seem to any longer work, but i actually liked it on the mobile client.



I'm curious how the Nauvoo would have worked as originally intended because if they put soil on the inside of the drum, and then accelerate with thrust gravity when leaving, won't all the soil just pile up on the end of the ship into a giant mountain and potentially damage the craft? Especially if it's .3g or more.

Gravity would be at odd angles if the drum rotates and the ship is accelerating. I can only see this working if they accelerate at very low G. Back of an envelope thing suggests gravity would be at an ~80° angle (instead of normal right angle) if drum is spinning at .3G and ship is accelerating at .05G

It would be a bit like taking a farm field today and then tipping it on its side. Imagine seeing a two kilometer strip of farmland peel up towards the center of the cylinder and fall towards you.

My take on the Nauvoo:

Acceleration: They painstakingly store all the farming stuff before thrusting and all inhabitants then live on the central hub for now. They accelerate for 1G or more for a few months to get up to a decent fraction of light speed. Then they unpackage all the soil and start spreading it around once the engines cut and the drum starts spinning.

Coast (overwhelming majority of trip): Obviously put the farms and housing in the drum with the sunline down the middle, live like on Earth with Mars G for a few hundred years.

Deceleration: . Then after the coast they pack it all back up to prevent another tsunami of soil from accumulating on the ends of they cylinder. Drum is stationary, everyone moves back into the central hub since the drum's floor will become the wall during deceleration.

EDIT: I vaguely recall in the books someone mentioning soil shipments to the Nauvoo

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