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The soundtrack to this TV show is truly a masterpiece, I haven't found a soundtrack to a TV show that is so ideal for so many scenarios: working, concentrating, relaxing, walking, running, reflecting on your day. Do you guys feel the same way and are there are other TV shows whose soundtracks inspire you and are excellent for those things I listed?

If no, what is the best song from the Leftovers soundtrack if you could choose only 1?


Every other show just seems so dull now. Where do I go for my wacky out-there entertainment fix now?


Wow. Did not expect Patty doing that. Talk about commitment. And the revelation that she orchestrated the stoning? Makes Glady's cries for it to stop all the more harrowing. Man this show really amped it up by episode 5. I am torn on If I like the Holy Wayne stuff. I mean it's interesting, but can someone be a fraud and a magical prophet at the same time? Or is it one or the other and we just haven't figured it out yet? Don't tell me, just writing out loud. Can't wait to get home and continue.


Two Boats and a Helicopter is one of the greatest episodes of any television show I've ever seen. I remember it being the episode that got me hooked, but even rewatching it fills me with such anxiety that I'm literally sweating after seeing it again. The Preacher is such a tragic figure and this single episode puts an exclamation mark on what this series is all about.

I don't know if this sub is still very active but it was so incredible I had to come back and give a hefty stamp of approval.


I found these on Youtube after finishing season 3 this past weekend. They explain a lot of the background mythology and psychological references that, frankly, flew way way over my head when I watched the show. Take a gander if you're interested:

The Leftovers Analysis: The Psychology of Kevin Part One

The Leftovers Analysis: The Psychology of Kevin Part Two

The Leftovers Analysis: The Psychology of Kevin Part Three

The Leftovers: Easter Eggs


Kevin goes to the other place to find the song his dad needs to sing, but he is told there is no song.

So was his dad just crazy or did he somehow stop the flood?


I may have missed it but can someone explain to me why there were all the love notes in the bucket that had come from the doves?

The notes were there before the wedding. Or was that a kind of business that Nora had where she lent the doves out to weddings and they let them free?


Hey. Just wondering why it seems to be so hard to find seasons 2 and 3 of the leftovers in the UK. I'm living in Ireland and can't find it in shops but a search online seems to turn up French or German or American copies. I don't understand why it is so hard to find. Anyone know?


Hi all,

My reason for believing that Nora Durst was lying in the finale is because she stated that when she met the couple. Having just gone over to the 2% Earth, the man told her that he was in a supermarket surrounded by people when they all suddenly disappeared. The Sudden departure happened at 2pm EST on the 14th October meaning that it would have been 5am in Melbourne 15th October.

Would this man A.) Have been in the supermarket? and B.) Been surrounded by people?

Thoughts of on a postcard.


Rewatched the series with my girlfriend recently and I forgot how much I loved meg. Obviously with a show this well written you get lost in all the character arcs which nearly every one was handled so fuckin well (kev, Matt, Nora, John, Laurie, etc) but the few meg centric episodes ESPECIALLY Ten Thirteen she knocked it out of the fucking water. She went from a secondary character in the first season to a full fledged villain in the second. The use of Wade in the water and White Lines was so good.

I loved that she came back in the third, but damn I forgot how entertaining her character was.


What are healthy and unhealthy ways Leaftover fans have coped with loss?


Just here to point out that Kevin killed everybody in the Other Place purely because he felt it to be an easier alternative to any form of self control with regards to returning there.

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Subreddit for the critically acclaimed TV show on HBO based on Tom Perrotta’s 2011 book.

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