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This may already have been mentioned (apologies if it has) at 00:38 seconds of episode 1 as Prairie looks over her soldier before jumping off the bridge you can see five birds flying in the background. Those five birds are also in much of the art work (thumbnails, insta posts) as well. Just a small observation.

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Huge thanks to u/kneeltothesun for inspiring this and helping to flesh it out. I'd wanted to develop this stuff into fully formed theories but I ran out of time (so please forgive any inconsistencies). So between that, the fact that it was turning into a hulking behemoth of a post, and dying to share: splitting it all up seemed like the best solution. Love where it's going though. Oh and sorry about the mess.

"The Many Worlds Theory..?" | ...not exactly. (Hᴀᴘ ᴀɴᴅ Lᴇᴏɴ, ᴄʜ.6)

The multiverse. The "Many Worlds" theory. This interpretation of quantum mechanics holding that there are many worlds which exist parallel at the same space and time as our own.

However, how does the soul fit in? Does each version of you have its own unique, indivisible soul, or are all these different worlds/lives/dimensions merely echoes of a primary source? A primary self? I believe this is, at least in part, what the show is trying to communicate.

Here's how I think they're envisioning this idea:

Imagine a beam of white light, when aimed through a prism it becomes refracted into a spectrum of colors. Great video on how this works Now, imagine that white light as the soul/spirit; the truest core essence of an individual. With reality acting as the prism with which it becomes refracted. Every wave within that stream journeying through that prism [bends and] becomes its own separate "color", yet - while each appears different - they remain fragmented iterations of a single unifying source.

Right on top of each other, but..inaccessible.

Each of these colors is a different life or life's path - only on an infinitely more diverse, cosmic scale. Each one a creature apart: *"[...] on another frequency, you know.~"

So then where does the soul reside, within the many?

While you're reading this, you very well know that you are YOU. You remember your life, Your choices. The path of possibilities that brought you here, to this moment in time. Yet, in a parallel dimension, there is a you that is not reading this. A you that's made of different choices and chances. Is that version of you still a part of "you," or...something else? More importantly, do these other incarnations have a soul/spirit? Or, are they merely holograms. Fractal echoes of your primary self. Your TRUE self.

  • If so, perhaps there is a so called 'destined' path, inhabited by whatever the soul IS and these "echos" are merely a by-product of a higher dimensional being passing through a 3 dimensional space. With entire realities cascading throughout creation inhabited by ghosts of who they truly are - but will never be.

  • Perhaps the echoes are akin to ripples in a pond, emanating out from a prime mover. Where one ends, another takes its place. Different, but the same, but different...but the same.

  • If not, perhaps each version of you is only a piece of the whole. Separate waves that have split from the prism (i.e. reality/planes of existence). Or, further still, maybe it's that each wave, each color, has echoes themselves?

Like rain falling on a pond, there are thousands of millions of these echoes rippling and colliding with each other. Ripples created from other souls or even from their echoes. Connecting with one another and manifesting as possibility. Junctures that change the course of a given life.

Fascinating thumbnail I found on Netflix a while ago that seems to lend credence to this

Side note: The color purple is what our brain sees when there is an absence of green. Video on how this works

Now, if you think back to when Prairie first sees Homer she mentions his eyes. Their color.

"Because your eyes are GREEN - as HONEST as you are.."

Could this mean when we see purple - we're seeing a product of her imagination? Not necessarily dishonest, but rather, an illustration of her brain filling in the blanks? ...hmmm.

Amnesia & The Music of the Universe

What happens when you travel to another world: which one survives?

I believe this is where the 'trans-dimensional amnesia' comes into play; with force of will likely playing a huge role in which version remains.

If you think of the body as a radio, and consciousness as the signal, when she enters a different 'radio' she has to find the will to keep the music of her other life from changing stations.

Side Note: This is literally what the universe sounds like - sound familiar? Maybe that's because we hear something, eerily similar when Nina awakens on the beach after her first NDE.

Speaking of music - consider the multiverse. Each individual reality resonates in its own unique frequency. Like a musical key.

E.g. World A, resonates in the key of A - World B resonates in the key of B - World C in the key of C (and so on).

Making consciousness a collection of notes being played within that key. All resonating in harmony with its reality. With the brain acting as a sort of tuning fork for the soul. So when you adopt another reality, it syncs the mind up with whichever reality it currently occupies. Your memories become the "notes" that lead your other-self to this point in its song.

In the context of The OA:

When we first see her in Ch.1, she was in the process of fighting against her mind from ...changing her tune.~ Imagine the mind as a string on a violin - she might be "tuned" well enough to be played but she's slightly off-key. As in, she's retained enough of her original "key" to remain slightly out of tune and now has conflicting memories of both this world and the one she left.

Her mind is trying to sync up with her song from this new dimension. This new reality, playing songs in a key unknown to her - and she's struggling to hold on to the music from before. The music that will lead her to Homer. The song of The OA. The books, the clothes, even the video camera. These are attempts at surrounding herself with the notes she knew; from a faraway song she can't forget.

"I could find you amidst a million violins, if you only played but a single note. Maybe 3, no more."

More to come!

     [probably even too much, lol]

I mean in each and every frame in the entire season there is something purple or someone wearing purple either in the fore or background and since this show is full of hidden meanings and symbolism -obviously, it's there on purpose- so I was wondering if someone knows what that means


I finished watching season 1 a day or two ago, so I went on here to figure out when S2 came out. After reading, all I can think now is, "Damn, this sucks...Well, I might as well watch it again."


I have been puzzled by the cellphone recording in the opening scene of ep1. What bridge is this? What license plate(s) (MO?) is visible on passing cars? How far along the bridge had the OA been running? I have glanced through previous threads that speculate about the bridge and St. Louis Hospital. I wonder if my observations about the recording may raise questions and/or insight.

It seems the recording captures the cityscape headed eastbound on the Williamsburg Bridge entering Brooklyn, passing by a C+C Apartment Management Property. I captured a Google Maps screenshot that shows C+C's contact number, which remains their contact info today. Please compare with this screenshot captured at 01.11.12 via Netflix. Next, the recording captures the inner roadway of the bridge's eastbound lanes (with a brief pan to the left revealing the central subway tracks). Thanks to doots' post, once the scene cuts to traffic (at 1:40) it seems the suspension bridge tower design is VFX not resembling the Williamsburg Bridge. Do you think the tower design is meant to resemble a specific bridge? Is contemplating this design resemblance important or significant?

I have wondered if these are subtle clues that the cityscape is Brooklyn/Manhattan or intentional choices to confuse the viewer about OA's location--is this Missouri (as some license plates distantly resemble MO), New York, or elsewhere? Perhaps this location filming incidentally includes C+C's advertisement? I am having difficulty reconciling the composite artistry of this bridge with the suggested significance of the Golden Gate Bridge during Homer's NDE in Part I and the announcement video for Part II. I have also wondered if the composite artistry aligns with OA's composite narration that encompasses alters/personalities/selves. What do y'all think? What do you notice about this recording?

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Steve and Homer banging their heads in the shower. If the shower has a door instead of a curtain it is actually a miniature version of OA’s cage - complete with running water.


I'm rewatching the first episode and this whole part with her Father is just striking me as so odd.

First, she has vivid dreams/premonitions that make her nose bleed, so her dad takes her to a cold lake and makes her jump in? He's trying to make her face her fears I guess, but it just doesn't quite add up to me. Of note: in the scene where she gets in the lake, she is wearing a violet nightgown.

The next scene they are cracking eggs into glasses of milk, apparently to eat for breakfast. Literally wtf. Flowers on table are violet, Nina's father's shirt is violet, but Nina is wearing light blue.

The whole feel of her time in Russia just seems off to me. What do you think?


I've had a theory for a while that maybe The OA has undiagnosed DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). I've watched a lot of videos about it on YouTube but the language in this one (in comments) is similar. "Original" can be used to describe the first person in a system (the community of alters).

My theory is that the captives are all Prairie's alters and the cages are in the "headspace" (the term used to describe where the personalities live when not out front). If you watch more videos about DID (there are a lot on YouTube) it becomes more and more possible that this might be it. In a DID system, the others can be based on people one has seen or heard of in real life or in fiction. For example, Wyn (whose video I linked in the comments) has an alter based on a character from Sense8. This could hold up the theory that the OA potentially saw Homer on TV before being captive and essentially created an alter based on him.

The other thing I found interesting is that alters can have abilities or disabilities that the host doesn't have. For example a channel called, Multiplicityandme, on YouTube has an alter who needs to wear glasses. When she transitions, her vision goes blurry until the alter is fully out and puts on his glasses. Is it possible that Prarie/Nina/OA had a blind alter that was out (co-consciously with her) for years making her think she was blind? It's a fascinating thing to learn about and if you're interested in psychology I would look it up on YouTube. I would love to see the show tackle mental health in this way if it does go down this path.

(Edit: in the video is Wyn's alter, Daniel).


In episode one, she says she was born in Russia in 1987. What year is this set in? I mean if it's 2017, she's 30?? I always thought she was younger. I suppose from being in Haptivity for seven years, maybe she's mentally younger, or she just acts younger than she is.

Also Brit Marling is beautiful and looks like she's 22. But she's 35.


Some interesting similarities between things in Theos room the brown mug and the striped linen to what is seen in Prairies second NDE ... they are not identical but pretty close .... and the and the same nde where both the mug and the stripes appear and disappear...

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