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Good job on completing your challenge. I commend your stardust investment in some non-meta Pokémon to get this done. If I might offer a critique, it makes more sense to dodge CC at the beginning with Gardevoir than to be forced to dodge with Wigglytough and Clefable. When I didn’t see you dodge, I thought you might not be able to because the time is so tight at the end but you had enough time for 1 dodge. Dodging 1 CC would have let Gardevoir do more of the heavy lifting to ease the clock a bit. Regardless, congratulations.

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Original Poster8 points · 3 months ago

Thank you, and of course you are right. Dodging with Gardevoir would have made it easier. It is probably necessary against the other movesets. It was my first try against a machamp with this particular moveset (I guess the easiest) and continued just to know how close I would fail. I was surprised it was enough.

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