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CHILLS throughout the whole episode. Kudos to Peter Parnell for the story and of course Aaron Sorkin for bringing the story to life. Definitely my favorite episode thus far.


Let me just start off by saying I love Charlie and his relationship with the President is great to see mature. But in the beginning of the show, we learn that his father is gone, his mother was killed, and that he takes care of his little sister by himself. How is he able to stay late at the White House and go on trips with the President all the time?? Who's looking after his sister? Didn't he apply for a messenger job because he needed to stay at home? It's a small detail haha, but something that bothered me.


After rewatching the West Wing for the nth time, one thing that stood out quite a bit was the rudeness and arrogance of the press. Demanding that the President or candidates answer questions, interrupting them, asking extremely convoluted questions and trying to trip them up. And then there's the following them around and shouting at the top of their lungs "MR PRESIDENT!!!!!! CJ!!!! CONGRESSMAN!!!!!!!"

I have never seen the press act this way in real life. What's up with that.


Personally I like to think that Leo, through being friends with Noah, has known Josh his whole life and was an influence in getting Josh into politics.

I also like to think that Sam played a big part in helping Josh during his recovery, tag teamed with Donna.

headcanon. Noun. (fandom slang) Elements and interpretations of a fictional universe accepted by an individual fan, but not found within or supported by the official canon.


So expository dialogue is where the characters are explaining something purely so the audience at home are informed about it for the benefit of the plot. It's a problem a lot of movies/TV shows have but I think The West Wing is most at risk due the complexity of what they're talking about and the fact the characters are written to be very smart.

I was rewatching the end of season 4 where President Walken recounts the start of WW1 and it always felt a bit off to me that he would need to explain that to people who work at the highest levels of the White House.

Although the weirdest one is when CJ Gregg, Press Secretary for the President, doesn't understand what the census is. Josh/Donna has this a lot too. Season One seems to have many examples.

Have any stuck out to you?


Just spent the past hour reading about the federated states of micronesia. Thanks again ww for making me more worldly


What is the episode where Josh, Toby, &co. (Can't remember exactly who is there) where they're sitting on the steps of Josh's townhouse/apartment drinking beer? I remember it being shortly after Josh was shot, maybe wearing the ridiculously large pajamas? But could be wrong. I need a screenshot of it for...reasons. Thank you!~


So Bartlet is looking for a pen that is a everyday worker, that he always found in his pocket. We see the pens during one scene. I was wondering what kind of pens are those and were can I find some.


I spotted something I hadn't seen before.

Watching S5E8 - Shutdown. This is where we meet Marina. I may be wrong but I think she isfirst introduced in this episode. She goes into the war room picking up garbage because her "program wasn't affected" by the shutdown. She exits and comes back moments later asking, "Does anyone know where the dumpsters are?"

Isn't that a recall to an earlier episode where we see Ryan Pierce offer to call Leo's office and then moments later comes back when he can't find Leo's extension.

Both of these characters are similar... in ways I find hard to describe. Can anyone help me?

EDIT - Maybe I'm not being super clear - the joke in both of these instances follows a formula of "I'm going to do this favor, I'll be right back," followed up a "I can't do this thing I offered, how silly of me."

It's a banana peel quality joke and I think it's interesting that this joke is used on two different characters who are guest actors on the show. Also, both of them aren't like the rest of the senior staff -they're trying to push their way into the "club," either as an intern or volunteering during a shutdown. What is The West Wing showing us about these character types.


Bear with me here. I'm a huge fan, re-watched many many many times. I've never understood the Sam S4 exit plot.

Okay, so Rob Lowe wants to leave the show. Sad, but what are you gonna do? So we start seeing some interesting things start to change. Sam's gonna run for Congress. Will Bailey starts to exist, and maybe will be a natural replacement for Sam. Makes sense, I'm with you.

But Sam loses. So where does he go?

I get it, he went to Mandyville. Sorkin obviously doesn't care much for goodbyes and continuity. Except in this case he took several episodes to set up the fact that he's leaving. But....he didn't knock the pins down. There's no reason for him to leave.


I'm trying to remember the episode when Toby goes to a sheriff's office to get a Judge out of holding.

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