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When Rebecca is singing Moonshadow in Kate's dream, Randall is the piano player! In a season 1 ep he mentions he is going to start piano lessons. I thought it was funny lol he must have kept up with them enough for it to happen in Kate's dream!


Or just a memorable one for you.


I'm convinced 'her' is Rebecca. They have said it is a piece of the puzzle for ending of the entire show! My guess is the show ends with Rebecca dying of old age with all of the family by her side. Heartbreaking but not tragic like Jack's death.

Maybe she is on life support and that's why they 'aren't ready', because it's the day they have to turn her machines off. Or may she gets dementia and they don't want to see her because it is progressing fast. Either way I'm CONVINCED it's her.

Who do you guys think it is? What scenarios have you come up with as to the circumstances?


OK. Aside from S2E14, "Super Bowl Sunday" -- I think that affected nearly everyone who watched it. I was also so deeply moved by S2E7 "The Most Disappointed Man".

But the one episode that has had the greatest effect on me was S2E17 "This Big, Amazing Beautiful Life".

Seeing what has happened in Déjà's life brought out my own experiences from when parents got divorced and how it's affected me the past 40 years.

After watching it, I sobbed so hard as I talked to my wife. It's as though I finally had words to say what 6 year old me couldn't say.


FYI, Mandy was interviewed for about 60-70 minutes on Howard Stern this morning. You can catch a replay of it on the SiriusXM app (if you are a subscriber).


So we all know that the writers changed style, a bit, and made season 2 lighter in tone, more humor, and less emotional manipulation on average....... (before you yell about Jack's death, and the fire revelation, I said "on average"). They even stated such in some interviews.


so my question is, for season 3, do you want it to be lighter like season 2, or back to the hard-hitting all drama season 1 style? why?


also: would keeping the show in the season 1 style for the next, say, 3 years, be a bad thing, where the impact of the heavy drama would not be as powerful anymore?

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This Is Us is a television series on NBC. A group of people born on the same day, including Rebecca (Moore) and Jack (Ventimiglia), a married couple expecting triplets in Pittsburgh, and Kevin (Hartley), a handsome television actor growing bored of his fly bachelor lifestyle.

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