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Hi everyone!

This is the June 2018 discussion/feedback thread! I know what you're thinking: "but where is the May discussion thread?!". Well, I forgot.. I'm sorry! Do you all want to keep it a monthly discussion or every other month?

Anyway, let us know what you think and if you don't have any feedback, tell us something fun! Thanks for your input and as always, I hope you're all having a wonderful day! :)

Previous threads:


Essentially a male redditor is taken into a dark basement during a party and is introduced to a girl he doesn't know as it's dark. He subsequently begins to makeout with her, then when the lights turn on, he realises that it was his siter, to his great shame. The post was fairly long, and was highly upvoted. Thanks


I saw it on Twitter, and I think a parody of it. Original post said something like "my brother hit on this girl playing call of duty and he got this reply from her boyfriend." It was so hilarious I want to share.


I remember seeing this short film as a kid (so around the late 80s to early 90s), so my memory might be off, but it's been bothering me and I'm not sure where else to look.

This was a live-action short film and it was NOT gory despite the topic. It may have been shown on cable. In it, a young boy is afraid to go to the barber shop because he thinks the barber will cut his ear off. The film ends with us seeing that the barber is dropping a human ear into a jar of barbicide. But I don't remember there being any blood or gore in it. Anyone have any ideas?

Note: I have already gone to imdb and searched by keyword and year range, so I'm starting to think I just dreamed the whole thing...


I saw this movie 6-7 year ago. It was non-english, the cast looked Mongolian. I remember one particular scene. It takes place in a yurt situated at a deserted place. There's 2-3 guys who visit the yurt to fix marriage of one of the guys. But the girl rejects him saying his ears are two big. They never show the girl. Then one of the guys shows Prince Charles' magazine cutting saying he too has big ears and he is a prince. This lead to the father of girl trying to convince her. Before showing the cutting to his daughter he asks them, "Is it African Prince?". Then the guy corrects him saying "No, American".


It’s has a bit of a C&C Music Factory or La Bouche vibe. I know there’s a soulful woman singing either ‘back it up,’ ‘rack it up,’ or ‘pack it up’ in the beginning of the chorus. Then there’s some rap break, I think, with a lyric like ‘If I had the power, and you had the bass? place? face?’

That’s all I have to go on along with the tune but that doesn’t translate here.


There was an image in a book (my guess: a Ripley's Believe It Or Not) I read maybe a decade ago. The image looked to have been from possibly the late eighties or early nineties and had an old, white man with grey hair, aviators and a shirt visible holding a potato that had grown into the exact shape of a biplane. The potato-plane had it's four wing connected to each-other downwards, but a propeller with the center joint and two nearly perfectly parallel blades. As for the rest of it, I either can't remember or I couldn't tell because the man was holding the plane forwards towards the camera.


I am looking for this song. I heard it in a bazaar in southern spain on the El Palmar beach, and although I've found the original song I can't find the remix featured in the video, which contains an intro composed of the percussion instrument which can be heard at 0:13, 0:18, and 0:23 in the video. The original is called Mariposa en Havana, but I NEED the remix cuz I was jamming harder than i ever have when it came on.


I clearly remember that there was 3 or 4 different "pods" which was completely isolated from the rest of the world in a warehouse, and that each room had a person of a different age, young to old. And I also remember that one of the contestants was a comedian in Japan. Does this sound familiar to anybody?

I also remember another episode (might be a different show) where a bunch of contestans had to follow a interviewer and an interviewee in different disguises, one of which was a giant safety cone. They all complained that it was really hot in the disguises.


Hey guys, here is a more obscure request since I do not remember much about this cartoon. Hopefully this will be enough info to re-discover the childhood memories that are drilling my mind with uncertainty.


  • There was this koala-like snitch minion character that was small, fat and yellow, I drew a rough sketch. Many other characters were taller and humans, albeit with magical abilities.

  • I saw it in the 90s, before 1997

  • Drawing style was similar to Conan The Barbarian animated series

  • The setting was fantasy-like.

  • It was either a cartoon series or a longer movie divided and showed in segments.


  • There was a flying ship with sails

  • The villain was a witchy lady

Debunked/Unlikely versions so far:

  • She-Ra and He-Man

  • Blackstar

  • The Pirates Of Dark Water: The Saga Begins

  • Dungeons & Dragons


Hi guys. My memories about this movie are very hazy but I know if anyone can figure it out, it'll be Reddit.

I saw this movie in America some time in the early 2010's. Genre: drama maybe? Set in a near future.

Two girls and a guy, young adults, are long time friends. There are a bunch of new futuristic drugs including one that is supposed to let you meet God, but there is 100% chance of death. The three friends spend a weekend partying and becoming closer. There might be a mind reading drug involved. The movie ends in the death of one friend, as a result of the God drug. She walks out into the water at sunrise and never comes back.

I remember being struck by the minimalist and brightly colored set design. I think there were very few other actors or even extras in this film. Also I've associated the color orange with this film. I'm not sure if it's in the title, or if it's a characters name. Possibly even a character's hair color.

I know this isn't much to go on. Thank you.


Centering on a group of teens who like rock music, the teens see west Berlin tourists looking over the wall at them, later on they urinate from a balcony over the wall. At one point the teens are at a dance at a youth hall and rearrange the German word for "main hall" (or something) to make it the German word for "Foreskin" In the climax of the film one teen is shot but survives because the bullet hits a vinyl record he has hidden under his jacket.


My GF remembers the following about this manga she read like 5-8 years ago.

The villagers use their lifeforce (crystal on their chest) to do their daily chores. This village girl finds an unconscious man one day. She decides to help him, he was a noble?? royalty?? A few days later the king? comes to the village square and calls everyone to the square. He drains them all empty to extend his life. The boy, the village girl had saved told her not to go to the square, and so she was saved.

That was all the information she remembers.. She thinks the manga had something like 'crown' in its name? Also the volume cover was a person wearing a crown she thinks..


The video seemed to be a clip of a livestream . The video starts with a young black teen talking to the camera. After a few seconds his friend comes up to him (off-camera IIRC) and asks him to commit a murder with him. The one livestreaming then says he won't do it, and that doing that will lead to prison.


Hey All,

I'm trying to pinpoint this pretty recent (probably last several years) Pop Song where there's a strong female voice singing in the beginning for about a minute then the song transitions into a very EDM type beat for the rest. The song can be described as upbeat and probably around 80-90 bpm (approx).

Thanks for the help!

It's a fairly popular/mainstream song, I've heard it many times going out or even at a bowling alley but cant make out the lyrics.


I read this book a decade ago, and it definitely has a Chinese version, or it may originally be written in Chinese. It is about a (genius?) boy who somehow gets a machine that helps him read minds. He uses the machine to great effect, garnering a tremendously famous name for himself. However, it is discovered that without the machine, he cannot operate at the level he could before- he had become dependent.


Okay, I can’t seem to find anything about this online, but I remember watching this commercial when I was a kid.. I was either in grade school or junior high, so the it could either be in the late 90s or early 2000s.

From what I remember, and this is most likely subject to mandala effect, is that some pudding cup company (I’m not sure if it was Jell-O.. could have been snack packs) aired a commercial introducing these three (I think) new pudding flavors. At the time, I didn’t think there was a lot of variety with respect to flavours of pudding cups.. so I though the raspberry and banana was really cool.

I seem to remember everyone eating them at the time.. I’m about 99% sure banana was one flavour, about 90% sure raspberry was another, and I can’t even slightly recall what the third was, but there were three of them

I specifically remember the commercial with cavemen trying these pudding flavours, or something.. I know it I combed cavemen

Anyway, I’m in Canada so it would have been on a Canadian station, or possibly many stations

Thanks guys!


I think the music video was for either The Prodigy, or Pendulum, but it might be a similar band. I'm afraid I don't remember the song. Apart from that there were people running blindfolded with their hands tied behind them, through a car park, I think, at night. The music video ended on one person reaching the end, on a grassy area, with I think a car, as the sun rose


I believe I’ve seen it make the rounds on Facebook. When the boy gets upset, he says “She’s not Jon Snow, I’M Jon Snow!”


So i this books they two or three guys invent a time machine. They are able to miniaturize it and use the technology for everything from shower heads to transporting themselves. (They lived on an island so they don’t have fresh water until they “time machined” water there) I’m pretty sure there was a dinosaur on the cover.

Edit- This is adult fiction.


My sister and I are trying to remember a movie we watched together (most likely a romantic comedy) about a man who meets a woman in an empty bar where she is singing.

After this, they meet up again somehow and she tells him that she jogs with a group of people and they take photos at the same time. Like a jogging/photography group. She invites him to come with her and I'm pretty sure he can't make it for some reason, and then a heap of other stuff happens, and then he makes it up to her at the end with something big (a public proposal/new camera I can't remember). I remember a final scene of them jogging together but this may not be correct.

I'd love some help it's driving me insane. Thanks in advance!


Played to a cover of Frank Sinatra's "Fly me to the Moon" with female vocals. One of those "abstract" type videos.

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