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The thing is, it’s no longer science fiction. Geneticists and biologists are already implanting technology into the body, not just to ease pain or repair limbs but to enhance human strength. Might raise some old-fashioned ethical issues, but do we have other options? We're heading towards life of rough and demanding climate conditions, political tension and terrorism. People will have to evolve with the rest of it. What are you most worried about with the new technology?


TLDR near the bottom

Another way of putting this would be: if one were aiming to make progress towards the goal of immortality, should they study a biomedical related field or artificial intelligence?

At the moment, I see two options for achieving immortality. Immortality will become possible only after we have advanced significantly in many different fields, so the first option is for humanity to make considerable breakthroughs in numerous fields, such as gerontology, epidemiology, and many others.

Note that by achieving immortality I'm talking about achieving it through trans-humanism and overcoming our mortality either by making fundamental changes to our biology, or becoming non-biological altogether. I'm not talking about mind uploading or other theories. Whether or not mind uploading counts as immortality is a topic for a different post (and it's been discussed before).

The second option would be create a super intelligence. It's safe to assume that once the super intelligence was created, it would take a trivially amount of time for it to make immortality possible in humans. Although, something to note is that there are many many implications and concerns when it comes to the creation of an AI that is more intelligent than us, such as whether we'll have control over it or whether it'll result in a revolution/singularity. Immortality will only be one of a myriad of doorways it opens for us, assuming that it'll be serving us and not the other way around. But that's not what this post is about.

What I'm wondering is: which of these two things will happen first? Will humanity make enough progress in the fields of biomedical technology to make immortality possible before we create a super intelligence? Or is it more likely that the AI comes first?

As far as I know, there are many people working on advancing both biotechnology and AI, but I don't think this question is as simple as which option has more researchers dedicated towards it.

Edit: I'll define "immortality" here as "extending your life indefinitely while staying in relatively good health".

Edit: When I say "super-intelligence" or "AI", I'm talking specifically about: the bare minimum level of AI that would be needed to make immortality possible in humans. No one knows what the "bare minimum" looks like, but my guess is that a mere human-like AI would not be able to make immortality possible in humans, but a "super-intelligence" would be able to.

TLDR Which will happen sooner: we are able to achieve immortality (likely as a result of advances in many different fields), or we create a super intelligence?

All opinions are welcome.


Hey, I’m AnShinto, I’m a budding amateur sexologist and historian and I’ve been trying to find a question to this but I haven’t been able to get any answers

If humanity had the ability to mind upload into say android bodies eventually, how would sex evolve? Of course in a immortal machine body reproduction would be likely unnecessary or impossible, but sex plays such a fundamental role in peoples lives and I would hesistate to imagine that people would abandon it even if its biological purpose no longer served a role. Would we become asexual machines? Would the feelings that create sexual pleasure be mimicked within a robotic form? Maybe there would be options. I’m not sure how to word this well but I hope I’m making some kind of sense. I’m more seeking to figure out how things would change or stay the same than anything else.

Thank you once again in advanced and I hope this was the right place to post this.


I understand the fear that many of the political and religious icons, as well as skeptics have about transhumanism. It's a terrifyingly blasphemous concept. You're giving the power of damn near infinite intelligence, to several billion people. The part I think that is hard for many of these people to grasp however, is that people (Not just me...) are emotionally invested in this future. Yes, some of the subtopics can sound a little bit culty... Especially when it comes to the idea of individuals being given the opportunity to become "God" in some sense or another. A few different religious sects even want in on that, which actually scares me more than the Grey Goo scenario. My reason being that organized religions haven't exactly been historically tolerant of people who are of different faith, color, or what ever... I worry about any single individual or group stealing the technology and using it to suppress others rather than it being open, and widely available to anyone who wants to use it or needs it.. Whether it be for medical, psychiatric care, simulator design, or what ever reason. Ultimately the decision whether to stay baseline, or become ( partial / fully ) cyborg should be left up to the individual. Which is why other people trying decide for others what is good and what isn't scares me so much.

People on the outside are fixated on the immortality portion of it.. but I doubt they've given any thought as to what they would do with it. The applications are endless, you can build entire other realities for people to inhabit.. Whether it be fighting for or against the empire, flying down the Meridian Trench of the Death Star, living out the roles of your favorite characters, building starships or mechs, hell.... Landscape entire Solar Systems, walk on the Surface of the sun, Recreate a few days before the KT Extinction. Even build your own stories, and share them with others who want to actually live them. It sounds silly but.. it would basically be the ULTIMATE sandbox game, and the possibilities are truly endless.

Personally, I do plan on merging my consciousness with that of an AI and uploading "Ourself" to a private system in conjunction with artificial avatars for "Physical Reality" if at all possible. I'll buy or build a nice house for my parents, and let them live out the rest of their days in peace, trying new foods or seeing new places and returning home ect.. because if this pans out how most of us hope that it does. Eventually I'm going to have to say goodbye. It's their decision to stay fully human, despite that little voice in my mind wanting to take them with me (Yes, I've asked them.). That would go against their wishes though, and I will never put either of them in a situation where they were forced to have immortality in some form or another..

The Singularity as a concept is such a profound event that it could either destroy the human species as a whole, all Life on the planet, or it could mean our ascension. I don't think the outcome will be so black and white though. I believe that if all of our hopes and dreams come to fruition with this, it would be our responsibility to take care of humanity. I have a feeling that in that sense we would.. not so much surpass humans... rather just sort of be around after they some how manage to evolve themselves into extinction. I guess that's why I feel like if all of this works, we should take care of things until then. Bring on world peace, end world hunger, home the homeless... ect.. give them good lives ya know.

I just wanted to get some thoughts out there... Thank you for listening.

I don't think we're cultists... but I do think that this is a future that a lot of us are emotionally invested in.

also... Don't misunderstand..

If anyone tries to threaten the future that I want for myself.. They will pay for it.. dearly..


I need stories and “proof” of trans masculine folk being harassed for just “wanting to escape being children and a slave to spouse”

We go far beyond this, and I find it insulting when people ask “are you choosing male because “*it is easier?”


Stop functioning on a binary. Humans are so much more than that.....and it’s what makes us human and empathetic


I really enjoyed this article on about transhumanism and what it predicts for the future. Gartner says, that "Over the next decade, humanity will begin its “transhuman” era: Biology can then be hacked, depending on lifestyle, interests and health needs." And I couldn't agree more! If not due to curiosity and fascination, but as a result of the instability of our humanity and nature, we should explore the possibility of human transformation. Do you find transhumanism a natural path for human evolution??


I don't see a lot of talk about safely transitioning into the transhuman and post human societies we are striving for. I feel the community is still in a romanticized rose tinted glasses view of what the future will be like. I will get hate, but one thing I think we must do to ensure transhumanism works, is to kill the class system... The wealthy need to be treated like normal everyday people.

If you have the wealthy take control, you will have a world that Hitler and Stalin would have had wet dreams over. I'm not saying perfection will exist, but it will be more fair than letting corporations( monarchs) control these technologies. Neither should AI either. We need a collective democracy in order for this to work. Innovation and capital should benefit every single human.. Its not about a selfish asshole and his stocks or capital gain. Scumbags like Jeff Bezos need to realize their shit does smell and they're just meat bags like the rest of us.

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