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In season 1 they shot a scene where they showed what all of the travelers looked like in the future, but it got cut. Mackenzie talks about it briefly at around 16 minute mark (the entire thing goes for nearly an hour and was pretty great of them to do). The whole thing can be replayed until 2pm PST tomorrow at @trvlrsseries on Instagram.


I have just started watching Continuum and noticed that Lucas Ingram (Continuum) and Vincent Ingram (Travelers) have the same last name. Is that a coincidence or is there something behind it?


I forget which episode it is, but Grant hallucinates and sees what the other travelers look like. Is there a screen cap of that somewhere?


The cast and crew are currently shooting episodes 308 and 310 simultaneously, with Amanda Tapping directing. Lately, various members of the cast have been putting more content on their insta stories than ever before. A couple of days ago, Eric McCormack and Leah Cairns did an Instagram live on the official Travelers account (with Patrick Gilmore filming) that went on a tour of the studio with the sets that have been rebuilt at a new location for season 3. Kat's trendy apartment is right next to David's, and that handrail-less staircase that leads up to the loft looks positively dangerous when it's being used.

On Sunday they took over downtown Vancouver for a day and we saw a pensive Reilly Dolman looking exasperated at a taxi. They've also been filming in a variety of beautiful locations on the water this season, as well as an alleyway that Patrick Gilmore said was close to his heart. We've also seen Jared Abrahamson horsing around and Reilly Dolman being extremely shy. I think he might have a man-bun this season. Also, J Alex Brinson is a damn workaholic, spending every waking minute not on set at his other job in some kind of creative marketing agency thing. Of all the accounts putting out videos and pictures from the Travelers set, here are the most prolific ones in no particular order: @nmarlee (Nesta Cooper), @mackenziepmusic (Mackenzie Porter), @patrickgilmore, @jalexbrinson, @iamleahcairns, @ken_kabatoff (Ken Kabatoff, writer) and of course the official account, @trvlrsseries.

The next big day of Insta stories will probably be Wednesday, when Patrick Gilmore and Mackenzie Porter aka DARCY will be doing a takeover of the official account. Recently, the season 1 Blu Ray was released, but it only contains the episodes and no special features, so these little insta stories are really the only window into the behind the scenes stuff that we really have. It's the ultimate 21st century arrangement.


It's probably getting into "Altered Carbon" universe territory but it seems to me if you can transmit a consciousness, you can also save it in memory. Trevor says he's been reanimated into different bodies in the same timeline so we know it's possible for bodyswaps.


I just binged through this show over the last couple of days and the one thing that sticks out more than anything as a mistake is Protocol 5. The travelers take over a host's body just before their historical death. Their death would remove them from the events of the world. Just resuming that person's life would cause huge butterfly effect ripples. Like Carly's kid, for example. Having her in his life will profoundly affect his childhood, his formative years, and will undoubtedly completely alter the course of his life for better or worse and there's no way to know. With Carly dead, he may have grown up to be an alcoholic abuser like his father, not really affecting or doing anything important, but with her there he might become a successful engineer and invent something that completely alters the course of history. Or vice versa, maybe he is inspired by his mother's death to make the world better and without her death he never reaches his potential and the world is far worse off because of it.

Protocol 5 should be to remove themselves from the world. Socialize and interact with only other travelers except where missions require otherwise. Be effectively dead. They should cut all previous host relationships and possibly even fake their deaths where possible so that they preserve as much of the timeline as possible. Yes they're there to change things, but the more unchecked variables there are, the more ripples they create simply by continuing to exist past where the host died. By continuing their hosts' lives, interacting with the people in the hosts' lives, the more ripples they're creating, ripples that will alter the outcomes of their missions in completely unpredictable ways.


It's been a while since I watched season 2, but the thought just came to me, and I can't believe I haven't thought of it before. When it comes to shows like Travelers, I often think of ways I can write in-world stories. Essentially, fanfiction. One of the ways that I like to play with the idea is through a variation via film. It'd be a story of a new Traveler team trying to accomplish Mission ABC. So my question is this:

What kind of central story would you want this original team to follow?

What sort of events would you want them to change/alter/prevent, if historical?

Who would fulfill each team role (Historian, Tactician, etc)?

Where would they be operating from?

And would you include other Traveler teams in your story?


Was getting into season 2 of travelers, and about a week ago, it seems to have been removed. Right now, it only lists the first season. This makes little sense to me since it's a Canadian show.


I'm on the 6th episode and I'm pretty hooked, it's got a good plot. Only thing that's kinda lacking rn is the characters. Is there gonna be an episode where it shows them before they were a traveler, like a backstory episode? Or any episode that shows the future itself? Thanks in advance y'all.


I feel like Brad Wright is a time traveller sent from the future to make relevant TV shows. What are your favorite episodes?


TL;DR - Traveler001's hedge fund would have an unfeasibly high valuation based on its performance, in the high 100s of millions at the very least, most likely billions.

It's always interesting to see when finance is brought up in popular media. This isn't a criticism, but I'd just like to add some color, as I am a finance nerd:

87 mil is fucking nothing for Traveler001's hedge fund. Lets dive in:

1 Quick explanation of how we look at funds

A hedge fund is just a pool of other people's money that you invest. They pay you fees in the hope that you can make more money than they can. Hedge funds are generally judged by 3 generalized metrics: Return, Volatility, Beta. That sounds complicated, but it's really not.

Return is the amount of money you make. A higher return is better. This is the top-line figure you'll hear reported if someone does really well or really badly.

Volatility is the amount that your returns wiggle about. The more they wiggle, the less happy investors are. Why is that? Well let's say that you make 100% one year and then -60% the next year. Sure, you've made net 20% per year, but investors cannot be sure where there capital is going to be at, and can get into very bad situations if they are unlucky.

Additionally, if we want to get advanced, investors can borrow money to invest. This means, that they can increase returns on their own terms, but they can't touch volatility, making lower volatility strictly preferred.

Beta is just a byword for the correlations your returns have with the market. In laymen's terms, if market goes up, how likely is the fund to go up? If market goes down, how likely is fund to go down? A lower Beta is better, because the investment lowers the Volatility of your overall investments when taken as a whole.

Traveler001's Fund by Standard Metrics

OK so Traveler001's fund is actually a magical christmasland fund. As in, we would suspect fraud because it's way too good to be true. Lets go over his performance by our metrics:

Return: Really Good (theoretically) he should just return some market beating amount every year, given he knows key trends before they happen. I'm talking 30% a year. Imagine you give this man your money and you have twice as much money after 2.3 ish years.

Volatility: Absolutely insane. Consider that Traveler001 essentially never loses money on his trades. Forget wiggling. His returns are literally just a curved line upwards. It is hard to overstate how ridiculous that is. Imagine you had the ability to invest, how much capital would you put into a fund that had literally not lost money, and had never been wrong on macro trends.

Beta: Also insane. Traveler001 could avoid every crash, every dip, and every slowdown. His returns are almost completely independent of market

Total Possible Profits

OK, you say, but he can't impact the market right? So it's actually not worth that much? Please, no. A market impact is much harder to generate than you'd think! I won't go through the literature, but in order to generate a systemic impact which lasts on the order of days it would take trades of ~USD 10 mil + for an SP500 stock. This means the total possible daily trading value of such a fund is enormous. Let's say that you know oil is going to go up in price. There are a total of 33 oil stocks, or at least 300 million in tradeable assets PER DAY in the SP 500. Building up a position of say, a billion dollars in oil over a few days or even weeks is trivial if you know months in advance. And that's just oil. You could build positions in metals, mining, biotech, finance, etc. All of those sectors have the potential to make you 30%+ in a given year.


Summarising, Traveler001 essentially has in his hands the best fund of all time. If I were asked to value a quant fund which predicts macro trends very accurately and months in advance, I would find it difficult, simply because the value of such a fund is so ridiculously high.

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A subreddit for discussing the Showcase/Netflix science fiction TV show Travelers. In Travelers, hundreds of years from now, the last surviving humans discover the means of sending consciousness back through time, directly into people in the 21st century. These "travelers" assume the lives of seemingly random people, while secretly working as teams to perform missions in order to save humanity from a terrible future.

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